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    Hey guys! I'm working and traveling around Denmark. Now, I'm in Skanderborg. Let's share experiences, knowledges and good moments! See ya :)

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    Denmark - von Apr 2022 bis Jul 2022
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    Hey hosts and travelers, what's up? 🤙

    I'm Leandro (@leandrof87), born and raised on the São Paulo/Brazil's suburbs and, since January 1st, 2021, my life is being totally remodeled!

    I left behind a few material possessions that I had, I stopped having the daily contact with my family and friends and I started a journey through this world, without a defined itinerary and without a specific date to return to Brazil.

    With no money in my pocket, I WANT (AND NEED!) TO WORK HARD throughout my journey, whether to earn some money or in exchange for accommodation, food and, of course, exchanging experiences with other travelers through the Workaway community. And everything is being done with just a backpack on my back, supporting only the weight of the few things I can carry.

    And yes, this is a GREAT LIFE PROJECT! Because it's so imposing and transformative, I imagined it would never get off the ground. Then, for many, many years, he was forgotten inside a drawer of my past. But, since 2017, after several changes in my mentality and in ways of seeing the world, the project was being developed in a way that it was possible to make it a reality in the beginning of this year.

    The purpose of this trip has a main focus, which is: LIVING EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES! In order to enjoy this new phase as intensely as possible, in 2020, I quit my last formal job, starting to dedicate myself exclusively to the jobs I'm performing along the road.

    I opened a YOUTUBE CHANNEL to record and share the events of my life while traveling. The videos are being recorded and edited by me. Some of them are already posted, including what I tell my story and show some parts of my preparation before leaving Brazil.

    In parallel, I'm also producing a PODCAST, called: “O QUE VI POR AÍ” (which means: "WHAT I SAW AROUND THERE"). In all the episodes, I tell about the backstage of the trip, while I also address several other random subjects.

    I also started my WRITER'S CAREER by publishing my FIRST BOOK 100% independently. It's called: “ANTES DE MAIS NADA” (which means: "FIRST OF ALL"), and in it, I narrate several events in my life even from a distant time when I didn't even imagine that I would be able to put this project on course, until my last day on Brazilian soil, in December 31, 2020. Next, I'll continue to write and publish more books, however, already fully focused on reporting my experiences during that expedition.

    Maybe, I'm not the most talented guy in the world, but I'm certainly the most dedicated, committed and disciplined guy you've ever seen! I'm absolutely willing to LEARN and, if possible, also teach something from the little I know. I'm currently fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and I have a good proficiency in English. I worked for several years in the financial, legal and administrative areas. I have also worked with arts in general, playing bass in a band, or as a DJ, music producer, event producer and photographer. I'm looking for work exchange opportunities in these areas or in entirely different roles. I'M FULLY OPEN TO NEW AND ENRICHING EXPERIENCES!

    I chose Colombia as my first destination and, on 01/01/21, I landed in Bogotá, where I stayed for 2 weeks, starting this new career and a new cycle of my brief existence. Currently, I'm living in Skanderborg, Denmark (close to Aarhus) doing another volunteering while I do my personal work of recording and editing videos.

    I look forward to meeting you soon, so that we can experience many good things together!

    Below, there is a link to access my Linktree page, where you can find and know EVERYTHING that I'm producing at this moment. From now, I thank you for your attention, wishing you much peace, love, joy and success.

    And then I go, hanging around to see that I find myself ... 🌎 ...


    My links: https://linktr.ee/leandrof87
    E-mail: leandrof87@yahoo.com

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    I attended 2 colleges, one of business administration and the other of insurance law, but I didn't finish either. I have a degree in music production / events production and I graduated in personal finance and investment analyst.

    I worked for several years in the financial, legal and administrative áreas. I've also worked with arts in general, playing bass in a band, or as a DJ, music producer, event producer and photographer. Now I’m looking for workexchange opportunities in these areas or in totally different roles. I'M FULLY OPEN TO NEW AND ENRICHING EXPERIENCES!


    Asistí a 2 facultades, una de administración de empresas y otra de derecho de seguros, pero tampoco terminé. Soy licenciado en producción musical y producción de eventos y me licencié como analista de finanzas personales e inversiones.

    Trabajé durante varios años en las áreas financiera, legal y administrativa. También he trabajado con las artes en general, tocando el bajo en una banda, o como DJ, productor musical, productor de eventos y fotógrafo. Ahora, estoy buscando oportunidades de workexchange en estas áreas o en roles totalmente diferentes. ¡ESTOY COMPLETAMENTE ABIERTO A NUEVAS Y ENRIQUECIDAS EXPERIENCIAS!

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    I wanna learn French, Italian and improve my English

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    I like guava :)

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