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    05.09.2020 - 20.05.2021

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    I am a 25 year old graduate of BSc Biochemistry from the University of Bath.
    I graduated in 2019 and have since been working in a café and on a vegetable farm in Cheshire, UK since September 2019. Since the start of Covid-19 I have been working on the farm picking veg, packing veg boxes and delivering as the café shut and work on the farm increased considerably. I had planned to work for ~6 months after graduating and then take some time to travel but due to Covid-19 I have been working full-time on the farm since March.
    As the world starts to open up again, I am keen to start the exploring that I haven't yet had the chance to do in 2020, and extend this into 2021.

    I am very active and find the most enriching feelings in life come from being outside, active and dynamic. I am a keen and experienced cyclist (and an occasional triathlete) and have explored the UK a lot by bike, as well as venturing to Europe a number of times, covering parts of France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. My favourite destinations are anywhere with mountains (Alps, Pyrenees etc). I have also raced a lot but have never got as much enjoyment from this as trips in the mountains, although if a race came up in the mountains....

    I have completed the Ronde Van Vlaanderen and Paris Roubaix sportives, staying around to watch the pro race the next day. I loved the feeling of taking off in the middle of the semester to go on a mini adventure and complete a long, tough ride then get to enjoy the hype and excitement of watching the pros the next day.

    Chase the Sun (South and North editions) were epic 200-mile events, riding from sunrise and beating the sunset riding the full width of the country from East to West on the longest day of the year. The trip was made all the more epic by my friend Adam and I carrying all of our kit for the trip with us!

    My biggest solo adventure so far was 'The Big Zag' in August 2019. I cycled across and up ('zig-zagged') the UK from Land's End to John O' Groats, covering 3947km in 21 days, averaging 186.5km a day. I am proud of this self-driven trip and loved the freedom and sense of adventure I got from it. I mainly used Warmshowers for my accommodation and met some great hosts, hearing about their adventures was awesome and being able to share experiences with them made the trip even better. I know that participating in workaway will provide a similar sense of fulfilment and can't wait to meet hosts and share stories and experiences.

    I am motivated by getting out there and seeing the world, and this is when I find I am most happy - meeting people, enjoying the outdoors and good food, beer and coffee! I haven't been paddling for a few years but I am (was) also an experienced kayaker and would really like to get back to the water. I have kayaked in Suffolk, Nottingham, Northampton, Lee Valley, Northumbria, Cumbria and North Wales. I also love surfing and generally find being in bodies of water extremely therapeutic (and exhilarating if the waves are a good size or kayaking on white water!)

    I find myself seeking adrenaline opportunities and really enjoy pushing my limits to achieve all that I can in this regard. I have done a tandem skydive in Bedfordshire, a bungee jump in Suffolk and cliff jumping in Pembrokeshire. I would love to do all of these again in different parts of the world, as well as try all sorts of other adrenaline sports/activities on both water and land.

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    I am happy to turn my hand to anything, and discover, improve and perfect skills to help in any way I can on workaways.

    I have a great deal of experience in problem solving and carrying out jobs that require a high attention to detail. When on placement at University I was in a data analysis role that required extremely high attention to detail, sometimes identifying a single cell in a large spreadsheet. When packing veg boxes on the farm high attention to detail is also required to make sure the correct veg goes in the correct box, as well as identifying poor quality veg - attention to detail is required for this when there is 2000 orders going out every week!

    Since working at the farm I have a lot of experience in physical labour and enjoy having 'that' feeling in the body when you've completed a good, hard, physical day of work. Picking, moving heavy loads, packing boxes and delivering are all physically demanding roles that I was able to carry out day after day, week after week, month after month!

    I volunteered for 2 weeks in Tanzania where myself and a group of fellow uni students were renovating classrooms in Mangisabas Primary School, Moshi, Tanzania - 'The Big Build Tanzania'. We were carrying out very physical work during the working day and engaging with the local school children after work, organising games and activities for them. This was a brilliant experience and developed my teamwork skills, as well as the importance for keeping morale high when the going gets tough (and when the work truly doesn't stop til the sun goes down!)

    I have held various leadership roles and am confident leading a team if required. For example, I was responsible for leading my University women's bike rides every week - I created routes and led rides, adapting them to suit the group.

    I also have a great deal of experience in hospitality having worked in various cafes, pubs and restaurants before, during and after University. I appreciate the demands of this industry and know the importance of having patience and understanding whilst working efficiently under pressure.

    I pick things up quickly after being shown/having a task explained and will ask questions when I need to, ensuring I complete tasks to a high standard.

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    I love learning about the past-times from new places. After a day of work I can think of nothing better than sharing good food, drinks and the company of others playing a board or card game.

    I love to read and enjoy being immersed in another world with a book or film.

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