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    -I will be in Vilarnadal, Catalunya, Spain, near Figueres from from 25 April to end of May!

    -I’m currently searching for an host in some cold areas (not too hot weather) to spend summer months (June-July-August) WITH MY DOG!!❤️ (Read down for more info)

    Hello friends :)
    I'm Elisa, a 23 years old Italian girl.
    I would describe myself as an extrovert person when I'm around people, but I also deeply need to spend some "alone time" during the day, recharging my energy phisically and mentally.
    I'm a very understanding and sensitive person, most of the time I can understand people even when they do not speak.
    I try my best to be a good, positive and conscious person and I feel an instant connession meeting one.
    I'm not one of that young girls that likes to party all night and without knowing nothing about herself.
    My life journey has been quite difficult because since I was a child I been suffering with bad anxiety and that didn't allow me to live life as I should. This long experience put me on a path of self-knowledge much earlier than most of my peers and I'm proud of that. I see myself as different than most people, but now I've started to love this.
    But now that I'm okay (I haven't had any problems for several years now), I deeply want to use all my energy and love in having the best experiences of my life, meeting special people and learning so many new things.

    Some things that may help you to know me better:
    -I'm happier when I'm around animals and surrounded by nature
    -I love to spend time with my beloved dog and do some training with her
    -I have always wanted to live in a place in the middle of nowhere where I could be always connected to the real world (without all of this material things I've been growing up with)
    -I'd like to be autosufficient (with food, growing vegetables ecc) one day.. but for now.. I dont know where to start!
    -I love plants, trees, flowers even though I should start to study a little bit to recognize them and growing them.
    -I love deep conversation and knowing the real story and part of people
    -I'm creative, I've always loved and enjoyed painting, drawing and all the manual work (even though in this last one I have not so much experience)

    My dog:
    Bella, 2 years and a half, Swiss Shepherd. She is well trained with various courses of training and education that we did togheter.
    Of course she’s still an animal so it’s not perfect but we are trying our best to be our best version ever 😀
    She is nice and okay with kids, cats and every sort of animals. As she’s still young, it’s possible that when she sees an animal running (that she still doesnt know yet) in front of her she has the instinct of running (not in a predatory way though), but with my recall she stops and come back.
    In our last experience in a farm of donkeys in Vilarnadal, Spain, she stays free and does not chase after sheeps, donkeys, nor the pig, so I’m quite sure that she can adapt to any kind of animals!
    She always listens to me and She’s really smart and want to make me happy.
    She enjoy staying with me while I’m working and doing everything with me. So the magnificent host need to know that 🙏🏼❤️

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    Heimwerken & DIY
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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren

    Bereits etwas Erfahrung vorhanden  

    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe

    In der Lage, anderen etwas beizubringen:  

    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
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    I love taking care of the animals (I have experience in a dog\cat shelter) and absolutely love every kind of animal.
    I am creative and I love manual jobs such as painting drawing ecc ecc
    I love gardening and I would like to know more about it (I won't say that I dont mind to get my hands dirty.. I'm gonna say that I truly love it!!!)
    I can also help you with social media, internet or other things related. I also love photography and I shot with my phone (last generation) if this can help your activity. But I'm absolutely not addicted to it.
    I am a fast learner and an indipendent person that can works by herself.
    I love to see progress in what I'm working on!
    I enjoy simple little things

    ➡️ In my last experience in a farm I learnt and did so much. From painting to building birds houses, cutting bambu with a machete 😅, taking care of donkeys, feed them and clean and many others things 🙏🏼

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    Hi guys! Looking for nice people to talk and meet. I’m Italian, I could teach you it and do some conversation. I would love to improve my English and French, but most importantly I’m looking for some friends all over the world, maybe to meet and do a workaway togheter! Ps: you need to love dogs, as Bella will be always be with me ;)

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    Currently I’m trying to find a place where to spend summer months (June, July, August!) with my beloved dog Bella. I prefer a place near mountains or that is not too hot (because Bella and I don’t like it🤣).
    We would absolutely love to work in a farm with other animals! But also enjoy so much renovation work etc.

    Also, in September I’m starting my online studies in university and I would like to find a long term host where to work in the morning and study in the afternoon.

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      I’m starting to eat vegetarian, but it’s not a problem if you like/cook/eat meat often!