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    10.08.2020 - 02.05.2021

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    Good Workawayer

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    Hi there 🙂
    My name is Dejan and I have been living in Croatia for my whole life. But in the summer 2019, I've decided to change that and to turn new page in my life. And Workaway was a great platform to start up. Probably you are asking yourself: "But why did he want to start new life?"... No worries, I will tell you that right now... so, short version is:
    After I graduated Mathematics and Informatics at University of Rijeka, I've immediately started to work in the same institution as an assistant in mathematics. And I was working there for 10 years, till July 2019, when my contract expired and I didn't want to extend it. Now you' re probably asking yourself "But why didn't he extend his contract?"... Well, to be honest, I had everything what I need in Croatia - good job, finance, friends and a lot of free time. So I traveled a lot, in the beginning very conventional and later I've started adventurous journeys like hitchhiking and long cycling trips which I like the most. I like to be connected with local people so I used CouchSurfing and WarmShowers and met supercool people. But in the past few years something changed: I realized that static way of living doesn't satisfy me anymore and that I have to make the biggest change in my life: to leave the comfort zone and to live dynamic life not to be connected with one location. So what does it mean in practice? Using WorkAway, I live and work in one country for some period of time, see how the locals live and learn about the country and culture from the local perspective. Then move to other country and so on. My rough plan for 2020. is to explore beautiful France. Wait, I didn't tell you the best part: I am not going alone. My best mate, my dog Vučka is traveling with me.
    It wasn't so short story, isn't it? :)
    About my dog Vučka:
    Vučka(means Woolfy) is 7 years old medium size dog (there are few pictures here). I took her and little Charlie from the shelter 3 years ago. Charlie is with my mum and Vučka is with me. She is very friendly, smart and loyal. She goes with me everywhere - walking, hiking, shopping, meeting my friends in the pub etc. She lives with me in the flat, she is very quiet, listens to me and behaves very well in the flat. She is clean and doesn't have any smell. She doesn't have any problems with other dogs but she likes humans more. I have a lot of friends but she is my best one.
    And a few lines of my personality:
    I am very friendly, communicative and have a lot of energy. Always open to meet new people and make new friendships. I like deep conversations and discussions. I am very curious about almost everything so I ask a lot of questions. I love nature and I enjoy spending my time doing outdoor activities - walking, hiking and cycling.

  • Bereiche, die mich interessieren oder in denen ich anderen etwas beibringen kann

    Interessiert mich:  

    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit

    Bereits etwas Erfahrung vorhanden  

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    - Teaching - for the past 10 years I was teaching math and programming in University.
    - Bike repair and maintenance - Cycling is my favorite sport and in 2016. and 2017. I made two cycling journeys. First was from my hometown to Tallinn(Estonia) and second was from Atlantic coastline in France to the Black sea. So before those journeys, I learned some intermediate bike repair methods and maintenance.
    - basic IT knowledge - I am more into programming but I will do my best if you need any help regarding computer hardware or software
    - Cooking - I love it but I've never cooked for many people. Hope to learn more tips and tricks from various cultures.
    - House maintenance - I think there is no male and female part of maintaining the house. Man should know and do all the things that was traditionally "women's job"
    My previous workaway experience:
    1) 05.08.2019. - 19.08.2019. ---> Volunteering in the hostel in National park Tara in Western Serbia.
    2) 27.09.2019. - 05.10.2019. --> Cleaning and vacuuming the house in north Tuscany, near Florence.
    3) 05.10.2019. - 25.11.2019. --> Harvesting the olives in south Tuscany
    4) 27.11.2019. - 4.3.2020. --> Working in agritourism in beautiful Sicily (collecting the firewood, pruning carob trees, cutting the grass, making bread and cleaning and helping around B&B rooms)

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Croatian: Fließend

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    I don't have so much practical knowledge and skills concerning manual work (building, working with various tools, gardening) but I am very excited to learn something new and hope to become more skilled after every Workaway experience.

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