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    Irland, Italien, Schweden, Spanien, USA

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    01.09.2017 - 26.08.2022

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    I've found myself with a fascination surrounding travel and hard work. Growing up, I watched older folks around me go off on their own similar adventures and come back stronger, more patient, and more in tune with the immense variety in the world and thus the mindset to appreciate vastness that comes as a product of sheer exposure. I'm fully-prepared to work hard and adjust to new things in challenging and rewarding ways, experience and explore all that is new, and meet wonderful people at every step of the way. I did one workaway at an animal rescue in Greece back in 2017 and it was an incredible experience that I'm hoping to find more of. I did solo travel for my own personal recreation following that trip so I'm used to finding my way in new environments and taking care of myself. All in all, I would be delighted to forge connections of all sorts be it with surroundings, animals, or people.

    I'm a very easy-going person who is always looking to accommodate other people and will certainly bring that attitude wherever I'm going. Being born in raised in San Francisco, California will allow me to bring with me the perspective, experiences, and above all stories of a unique way of having grown up. I have worked a variety of jobs from social work to food service and several things in between so people skills are something I pride myself in. That being said, I do love moments to myself to recharge so I can be sure I'm fully present with others as much as possible.

    My primary interests fall in animal care, farm/ranching skills, building/maintenance, and learning sailing skills. Overall, I'm interested in working in a way that is physically and mentally gratifying in addition to producing something that is beneficial (or, of course, sometimes just plain cool! I'd love to learn about wine and beer brewing, for example). My current desires are to travel within the United States to experience something other than my home city and other major cities, I have experienced fairly little of non-metropolitan life here and would love for that to change.

    Extraneous interests include reading, exercise (weight lifting, hiking, some cycling, would love to get back into surfing or learn other water sports), video games (though this will not be terribly relevant during a workaway as I want to decompress from such things), a good board game night, and getting to enjoy the company of others over things like beers and a good meal!

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    I've had a lot of experiencing working with cats and dogs in various work/volunteer opportunities and have an extremely high level of comfort, confidence, and patience for all.

    Other more generalized skills involve being quick-minded and eager to learn, high logical abilities, empathy, and physical capacities for work. I also have worked in acute mental health services so I am able to remain calm under pressure, de-escalate intense situations, and engage with challenging subjects empathetically and maturely.

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    I'd be interested in improving Spanish skills if possible! I took it throughout high school but the skills have been significantly rusted over the years.

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    My purpose in seeking Workaway opportunities is to learn and experience something I don't normally get to. I will be pursuing my masters in the fall of 2022 to become a therapist and want to have some adventures outside of the hustle and bustle of San Francisco before embarking on that endeavor.

    I also wish to meet as many people as I can and hear their stories! We all have them and sometimes the world works in a way where we feel like it's not appropriate to share. I think it's a shame that we often feel can't always be open and honest, so I would hope to travel around and invite everyone to share their experiences with me. People fascinate me and stories fascinate me, and it's inspiring to hear what everyone else has experienced.

    Also, I am a queer trans man. Thusly, it's very important that I am in environments where this is welcome as I do not wish to hide my identity or worry about comprising my safety/being in socially uncomfortable spaces.

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