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    Hey everyone! :)
    I am Anita and I recently turned 26. I am half Hungarian-half Romanian, my home is in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania (no worries, I don't bite or transform into a vampire at midnight haha :D).
    At this point, I want to experience life in its simple, raw way and I couldn't think of a better way, than creating a Workawayer profile and get going :)

    I am quite a talkative human being, there is no "short story" when I start talking hahah :)), therefore I am going to try really hard now to bulletpoint a few things abut me and why am I here, as a Workawayer :D .

    *flight attendant for 4,5 years, so I obviously love to travel, meet people, share ideas, experiences and be out of my comfort zone

    *ballroom dancer for 14 years, so energy and good vibes are never missing from my pocket, always ready when a good song comes on...or even without a song :))

    *I am extremely patient with little ones, I love children and I raised 4 munchinks myself as a babysitter/after school-tutor while I was in highschool

    *my friends say that most of the times you'll see me smiling or laughing and end up laughing about the way I laugh: usually until I get tears in my eyes or a stomachache (my bestie will vouch for me in this:D)

    *I really love animals, (except snakes, which I am terrified of and spiders, whose bites I am allergic to), so expect me to stop every time I see a dog, cat or any animal and get all cuddly with it and call him/her beauty/sweetheart or tons of other super-sweet-loving names :D

    *I grew up in sports, my father is a sports journalist, so sports is a subject I really enjoy; we are both basketball statisticians as well, so yeah, you guessed, basketball is "the one", but happily watching/playing all the other sports

    *fitness is my passion, I love having at least an hour a day, where I go out of (breath haha) my comfort zone and give it all on the gym-floor or wherever I might be :D

    *not a foodie at all, moreover, quite a difficult person regarding that chapter, (I am pescatarian, I also don't eat dairy and I don't "like" a lot of things) but I am really working on this and have become much much more open these past few years to trying things, so if I say "no thank you!" for food, it is nothing personal, it is just me being silly

    I could probably go on and on, because as I said, I am a "chatty Cathy", but I am sure once we meet up, I'll answer all the questions happily :) Cheers and see you on the road!

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    *during high-school, I worked as a babysitter for a little over 2 years, with a little girl aged 2 and a little boy aged 1.5 at the time; I love spending time with munchkins: doing educational activities, challenging them to explore new things, seeing them grow up and develop was such an amazing experience for me, which I would do over and over again

    *I was an after-school mentor at a Hungarian family during my 4 years in highschool; in this time, our goal was for the girls (aged 7 and 9 at the time) to learn Romanian, become more confident in speaking it and overall to improve their knowledge; we did their homework and school works together and then went out and faced/created different real-life situations so they became more comfortable using the new language and not only; thankfully, our goal was achieved, both the girls learned Romanian and became amazing young ladies now, one of them even wrote her second book :)

    *as a flight attendant, I probably gained the most life experience: working in this environment with a different set of crew every flight, colleagues with over 120+ nationalities, flying to 100+ destinations was definitely a way for me to test my patience, adaptability and awareness; difficult and challenging situations, working under pressure were there on a daily basis, but so were unique people and experience to balance it out and make my almost 5 years up in the skies a blessing :)

    *for nearly 14 years now, I am working with my father as a basketball statistician, a job that has improved my focusing skills

    *I was the dance choreographer in my highschool for 6 years, teaching each generation of graduates a Waltz choreography for their Prom; together with my dancepartner, we were in charge of 36-54 pupils at a time

    *my jobs as a waitress at a wine bar and hostess during high-school also helped me learn a lot about the hospitality industry and adapt to each customer's needs as good as possible

    Overall, I consider myself a very open-minded person, eager to explore and be challenged :)

    As of now, I can't think of more things to write about here, but I am more than happy to answer any of your questions :)

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Hungarian: Fließend
    Romanian: Fließend
    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Portugiesisch: Grundkenntnisse

    Mehr Infos zu meinen Sprachinteressen
    I can share my knowledge of my two mother-languages, Hungarian and Romanian. I am also confident in teaching English, as it feels like a 3rd mother-language to me😁

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      spider bites

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      I am pescatarian (only eat fish/seafood) and I also don't eat dairy 🙈