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    We are interested in: gardening, taking care of animals, cooking/baking, craft projects, learning new things, maintenance work, making meals/food from homegrown food, charity work, learning languages!

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    United States - von Feb 2022 bis Jun 2022
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    Hello! We are Ashlyn & Jeannette. We met doing missionary work together and are friends wanting to travel from February to June of 2022!

    We are ready for a great adventure and ready to work. We'd love to adapt well to any situation that we think would suit our needs and desires. We're eager to learn new things and not afraid of hard work. We're two different people, but very similar in many ways.

    We both are very interested in the world around us & the people around us. We both love the outdoors. We both complement one another well in our personalities and you'll see the life that we bring to one another and also to your work away! Jeannette is very polite at the table, but you'll sometimes see Ashlyn act very rudely and put her feet on the table. Again, we can adapt however you'd like, haha! Jeannette is basically an English lady who drinks tea and talks about meaningful topics, while Ashlyn is more like a dwarf from the hobbit who isn't afraid to joke around and have fun. We both have a blast with one another and life is always an adventure.

    We both have a wide variety of differing skills.

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren

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    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
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    Jeannette's skills have come through many experiences throughout her life and also living with a family of 11 where it always stays interesting and lively! Her skills include being able to do maintenance/sanding which was learned working at her high school, painting, gardening, taking care of plants, taking care of animals, tractor driving, driving zero-turns, knowledge in working with tools, cooking/baking, crafting projects, cleaning, having 8 siblings have created many opportunities to learn how to babysit, knitting, artistic painting, photography, writing, and playing the piano (intermediate level). She is now a Catholic missionary and has learned leadership skills as well as created events during this time.

    Ashlyn's skills have been developed through taking classes, working at a non-profit, working, and 2 work aways. In school, she's been given leadership skills and has taken classes in teaching, cooking, sewing, woodworking, public speaking, debate, putting on events. Through working at a non-profit, she's learned about taking care of the community, charity work, fundraising, many office/business skills, public speaking skills, event planning. Through work, she's learned how to paint, how to talk to customers, take care of the elderly, lifeguarding/medical experience. Through work aways, she's learned some gardening, canning, taking care of animals.

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    Some of Jeannette's hobbies are playing the piano, artistic painting, cooking/baking, knitting, writing, reading, hiking, doing hair, dancing, listening to street music, going to museums, Catholic faith, outdoor activities, drinking tea, traveling, learning new things, photography, and taking care of plants, going camping, learning sign language, athletics, kayaking, and trying ethnic foods.

    Jeannette is interested in learning more about building things, gardening, craft projects, culture, and whatever skills/life skills a work away may have to offer!

    Ashlyn's hobbies are learning Spanish, playing the ukulele, going for hikes, learning about theology/reading, praying & going deeper into a relationship with God (more of a lifestyle), shopping at thrift stores, making new friends, meeting new people, trying new things, learning about new topics, eating interesting foods, dancing, sports/working out.

    Ashlyn is interested in learning about medicinal herbs, more about farming, gardening, home skills such as cooking & cleaning, sewing, and just picking up more life skills as well!

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      Jeannette is allergic to caffeine (however she can have caffeine in certain things), horses (some other animals), and avocadoes.

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