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    Hi! I'm currently in Amsterdam, so if you want to walk along and learn from each other, hit me up!. I could teach you Spanish if you want as well ;)

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    Hello there!

    My name is Andrés and I come from Chile. I am 26 years old.

    I am an open minded, talkative dude who wanted to start traveling around the world and nurture from everything that comes my way.

    To me, traveling feels like I'm the main character in a movie, going through places full of adventures, unknown sights, and interesting characters. And every new chapter keeps getting better and better.

    Each time I got the chance to talk to a foreigner, it felt like a window I could look through, and taste a little bit of their culture, history, language and knowledge, so eventually I wanted to become a traveler myself and discover the distant lands and peoples that I could only see in pictures and films.

    Music, art, films, photography, wildlife, history, farming...I'm an open mind willing to put my abilities to work and best efforts to learn.

    Aside from that, I love having long interesting conversations, as it's always an opportunity to share and exchange cultures in a natural and organic way. Personally, if I don't know anything about a subject, I'll be the first to admit it, and might ask 4 or 5 times to make sure I do it right, all I ask in return is just a little patience :) I like cooking with chilean flavors if you're interested, or just be of assistance in the kitchen, (especially if there's a barbecue or a bonfire involved haha).

    I hope we meet along the road, share stories, and have a good time!

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    Throughout my life I have also worked various jobs including gardening, construction, restoration of antique furniture, some dog training, a barista for Starbucks and also worked in a factory that made plastic pieces for various devices or machines. I went to film school for 4 years, where I worked at a couple of productions as a Sound Designer, and directed a short film as well.

    I would love to mention that during my teenage years I was a proud Boy Scout with enough experience to lead my own patrol, and the values I learned from them have become an integral part of me as well as the practical knowledge, like how to lead a group, appreciate and take care of nature, first aid, ecobuilding, camping, etc.

    In short, anything that brings and requires creativity, I'm all for it!

    Also, History and languages! I love sharing knowledge about the history of every place I go to, and learn/teach a language. My mother tongue is Spanish, but I also speak English and some basic Dutch.

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    For me, languages are a window to a culture's historical timeline. Like people, languages have some sort of personality, that adds up whenever an individual starts learning a new one. When two or more people teach each other a language, be it as a class, or in everyday life, they carve a new personality thread to each other, thanks to that exchange.

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    I enjoy reading, watching films, going on a photo trip, or just talking for hours. Music is also a big part of me, and I've played in a few bands before. Drawing has recently gotten my attention, and I enjoy passing the time inking my thoughts, especially during long trips. I love videogames but I don't know too much about them. If there's a chance to play, I'm in, though.

    I would love to experience talking on a podcast. Maybe one day, right?

    BTW: I memorized every country name, capital and flag of every country in the world, so anything map/flag/history related will be greatly appreciated!

    And I think any plan can be discussed around a bonfire, or barbecue/cookout, having a good talk, laugh, or both :)

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