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    We'd love to collaborate on b&b, cultive farms, tree collecting farms, client guidance and cleaning tasks.

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    England, United Kingdom - von Jun 2022 bis Dez 2022
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    We are Ailen and Valentin, two argentine friends that met up at work and one day we both realized that we weren't doing what we dreamt as children, due to we choose to be brave and do something different. So, we decided to visit Europe to meeting new people, enrich our minds and body with a lot of fun and challenging new experiences and have the opportunity to show you how commited and passionate argentine's workers are.

    So here we are, we want to travel, discover a different way of living that connect with others and allows us to share our culture, food, language and get the same from our host!!
    If you have want to know more, we'll happily waiting your message!!


    Hey there! My name is Ailen, I'm a 24 years old argentine girl. My passions are running, playing hockey and being outdoors. I really love animals and I do enjoy being with my dog Polito (Border Collie) all day long. Moreover, I love spending a lot of time with my family, friends and my boyfriend, because I'm a very sociable person and it's important to me to give and receive affect.
    Currently I'm studying Business Administration along with a job on a gas station.
    My dream is to travel the world and get new experiences, by the time I meet new people and enhance my vision of the world.

    I'm a very reliable person and responsible one, willing to help in projects like farms, wine yard cultives, b&b, help and care people, tourism or help someone to learn Spanish, I'd feel comfortable anywhere where I can learn new things.


    I'm Valentin, a 21 years old boy, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    My hobbies are cooking, working out, meeting with my nephews, reading about psychology
    I've been working on a coffee shop since 2019 and I really enjoy this job, but I'm tired of it, too.
    I'm a professional certified Coach, graduated recently, so now I'm entering this new profession with passion and enthusiasm, willing to become independent and work online.

    About me, I can say that I'm a very commited person and I'm open to the learning process and being taught how to do things. Also I'm very talkative and emphathic person. I really enjoy sharing my time with older people and listening to them about their life.
    In short, I would feel happy and very rewarded anywhere where I can truly help others.

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    Yoga / Wellness
    Heimwerken & DIY

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    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof

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    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe

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    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
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    I can cook meals and pastry, also desserts of all kind, the visual aspect of the dishes is very important to me, in addition I know how to use and make maintenance to an espresso coffee machine, froth milk, serve a variety of coffee (latte, flat white, capuccino, espresso, frapuccino, etc) and do some latte art.
    I also work out at the gym so I'm able to do physical work, and high effort activites.
    As a Coach, I have communication skills and conflict management abilities, moreover I have experience as cashier and with costumer services, so know how to work and attend people.
    I would love to collaborate in every area that you requires, willing to learn whats needed.

    I like gardening (although i want to improve my skills on this). Also I know how to swim and ride a kayak.
    I have experience in managing a store and cashering so i can help in your business without any problems.
    On the other hand, I have experience in a coffe shop, making coffe and food.
    I'd really like to improve my abilities in construction, painting, decoration and the use of new tools (such as drills, saws and heat gun)
    I've a nephew of 4 years old, so i have a little experience with children (he's really active so that keeps me on movement !)
    I can clean, help with cooking, gardening, take care of someone meanwhile i can help you to get a better spanish!.

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    We'd love to help you with spanish learning, mostly with the speaking. (It's a very complex language for sure, but also it's very romantic)We're excited for learn italian and french, and also german.

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    25 & 21

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    We both enjoy playing cards with games like poker, truco y karioka (there are two traditional argentine games, that we would love to teach you).
    We also love animals and spending time with them would be very productive.

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