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    Tätigkeiten, die mich interessieren:

    I'm in Cambodia next 5 months.
    I can assist you by run a GH,hostel or resort.
    I like cycling,animals and fishing.
    german,English and a little Russian speaking.

    Mein nächstes Reiseziel:

    Cambodia - von Dez 2021 bis Mai 2022
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    Update December 21:
    I’m in Cambodia for five months.

    Update December 2019
    Some changes in my life and new travel plans:
    I got rid of almost all of my material belongings and since April 2019 I'm living in a old ,but good van.It was an old dream for me .After four years iving in a community of friends in Odessa( my second home now,Одесса Мама), I became a van lifer .
    Beautiful travels between my different projects in Germany and south east Europe.
    Very special experience was working with a decoration team on a festival ,deep in ukrainian forest.Creating a dream place only with things,we found in nature.Would love to get more skills about creating with organic materials.
    After Christmas 2019 I will store the van in the garage of my friend .
    work and travel around six month in Madagascar and different countrys in southern Africa.
    Arriving 1.January 2020 in Mombasa.
    Feel free to contact me.
    Love and peace
    Привет !
    I am Tim, 53, from a village on Ruegen Island,Baltic Sea,Germany (former East Germany).
    During a road trip across Ukraina ,three years ago,I found my dream city Odessa or maybe Odessa found me.
    It was the right time to try something new.
    Now I'm deeply connected to my new place.
    I have a permission to stay and I'm not a tourist anymore .
    It was a good decision to watch out for a new experience .
    I love every single day here.
    I try to learn russian at ONP University and I work as a native speaker for german in two different schools in Odessa.
    As well I'm volunteering as chauffeur with my van for the oldest and biggest charity organization Дорога к Дому/ Way home organization .
    We care about street kids and unfortunately nowadays also about refugees from war zone in east of Ukraina.
    I am divorced and father of two adult sons.
    The connection to my big family is very close.
    Very important person is my best and oldest friend,we are like brothers.
    I know,I am a senior volunteer but I feel never to old to try and learn something new.If life experience counts for you as well,please read my profile!
    After school I was sailor on different cargo ships and since this time I havealways felt connected to all kinds of boats,ships,yachts etc.
    After sailing years I founded and ran my own restaurant almost 20years in Bergen, the small capital of the nicest and biggest german island.Our custermers are a mix from locals and german and international tourists.
    Ruegen Island is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Germany.
    My brother took over the business because i got a little tired after this many years.
    During winter is off season on the island and this was my time to travel as a backpacker,year by year,mostly in Africa,Asia and Easteurope.
    Trough one of my trips, i heard first time about workaway and It works perfect for me.
    I would like to stay longer in one place but not as a tourist.I want to see and learn more about the places and community's where I will visit at next.I could stay and work almost everywhere on this planet,only problems made by humans can stop me,like borders,visas,working permits etc.
    Far remote islands,mega city's ,a little village,jungle or deserts,that's all perfect places for me. This is a list of all countries I visited in my life,some of them 30years ago,some of them 2019.
    Its not just to show,I hope to increase the chance of invitation from you , because I have a connection to your countries:
    Cuba,Panama,Equador,Argentina/ Norway,Sweden,Danmark,Belgium,Netherlands,Austria,Switzerland,France,Spain,Italy,Poland,Lithuania,Latvia,Russia,Ukraine,Romania,Moldova,Transnistria,Bulgaria,Hungary,Slovakia,Czech Republic ,Georgia,Turkey ,Israel/
    Morocco,Tunisia,Egypt,Oman,Ethopia,Eritrea,Sudan,Djibouti,Cabo Verde,Ivory Coast,Madagascar,La Reunion /
    Sri Lanka,India,Bangladesh,China,Vietnam,Laos,Thailand,Cambodia ,Malaysia,Philippines,Indonesia.
    Always and everywhere I find good connection to people,I am helpful and polite and I love to stay in nature,I believe in love ,peace and nature.I am always curious about people,lifestyle and their cuisines.
    My hobbies are fishing,boating,swimming,snorkeling,cycling,cooking,hiking,reading ,camping,music and dancing. I am interested in architecture,history,ethnology,mysterys,new technology......
    Now I want to learn about yoga,try to find my kind of yoga and make it to a part of my daily life because I really feel that I need and want it.

  • Bereiche, die mich interessieren oder in denen ich anderen etwas beibringen kann

    Interessiert mich:  

    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten

    Bereits etwas Erfahrung vorhanden  

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet

    In der Lage, anderen etwas beizubringen:  

    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I have an international driving license for cars ,vans and small trucks until 7.5 tons,motorbike and boats as well.
    I can practise german (I am native speaker)and we can practise English as well.
    We should try fishing if it's possible near your place.
    I can work as deck hand or in a port,marina or yacht club,take care for charter guests and yachts.
    Several times I was the assistant/organizer for travelers who need somebody to realize their dreams of traveling .
    I like to organize things and make them work,I can handle stressful situations and solve problems with improvisation.
    I am always service oriented and obsessed about cleanliness - zero tolerance for any dirty corners.
    Thats my key to run successfull business.
    Provide good service with heart and soul and a smile plus the perfect product,this is almost the whole story behind a successful business with customers,guests,visitors,passengers etc.
    In Germany we say:Der Kunde ist Koenig-customer is king.Always.
    This is my simple philosophy about service.If you or your staff,employees or students need a person with this attitude,I am your man.
    To deal with locals and foreigners,to make them happy,creating good times (even if something goes completely wrong),make things possible ,this are my skills.
    I can assist you by running a lodge, hotel,resort,hostel,shop,bar or restaurant .
    Compiling music selections for your places would be a pleasure.
    Going with your dogs or play with your cats -always fun for me. I love animals.
    .Inquirys on internet are also interesting for me,I have patience for this.Also writing articles and upload pictures on Fb is no problem.
    Cooking(I am specialist for fish),shopping,supplies and provisions compile,take care for your house,boat,yacht,property or what else need to be done,I will do in your way.
    I love flowers and gardens .
    A couple of times I helped to organize and operate music festivals,what was a great experience and fun for me.
    I am open for all different opportunities and offers I will get in future.When I do start a project ,I give all my time,power and love to it.

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    Deutsch: Fließend
    Englisch: Fließend
    Russisch: Grundkenntnisse

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    As you can read,my english is simple.I would like to improve my skills and I hope to chat asap in this language as I can do it in german.Please correct me and be patient!
    My russian becomes better and better.
    I eat almost everything if there is no choice but vegetables,salad,poultry and fish are my favorits,I'm flexitarian.
    One important thing : to get,keep and give all my power to the daily task,to be fresh and in good,positive mood,I need a little privacy by night.
    Sleeping in dorm for weeks or month is not really comfortable for me.
    If I had to choose between dormitory or a tent- always the tent.
    If everything is nice,where I am,I like to stay long as possible .
    International health insurance I have.
    Probably I forgot a lot of important informations.Dont hesitate to ask me about what you need to know.
    Feel free to visit my FB account : Tim Pluemecke
    Thank you for reading!

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