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    I love playing no-net badminton, Hiking, Art, Cooking, Exploring, group games, learning new languages, karaoke and tons more. Basically, I’m happy to find other travellers to do cool stuff with!

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    Bilbao, Spain - von Aug 2022 bis Sep 2022
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    Hello beautiful world!

    Here’s the QUICK info about me:

    Originally from Brooklyn, now based in the south of France.

    After 6 years teaching in French universities, I am now a freelancer/digital nomad and seeking more opportunities to volunteer and explore the world again! I love working with my hands on big or small projects, so feel free to write to me if my profile interests you. I’m especially interested in exploring my artistic side and learning from other artists and artisans too.

    Updated 29 July 2022


    Here’s the DETAILED info - beware, it's quite long! :D

    I am an international, peace-loving traveler who operates as an informal goodwill ambassador through global volunteerism & cultural exchange. A friend-maker and hand-shaker of strangers with a positive spirit and kind heart; I tend to overcome language & cultural barriers to find common ground and understanding with people from all walks of life. I love making up and singing simple songs about Living a Loving Life. :)

    Below you'll find a very detailed account of some of the things I've done, what I like to do in life and what I hope to continue doing or learn. Please feel free to write if you feel we could have a good exchange.


    I've spent nearly twenty years as an educator and have created amazing and highly valuable experiences for my students. I've worked with as young as 2 years old to the elderly and students with varying emotional, mental and social needs including working with homeless, mentally disabled and formerly incarcerated youth & young adults. With my warm spirit and unyielding curiosity coupled with a desire to serve others; I can be relied on to bring unique and life affirming experiences to my students. I've taught nutrition, cooking, juicing, arts, farming, English, literature, reading, writing, computer literacy, and much more. I can teach just about any topic needed, because it brings me joy to teach others and I enjoy having deeper understanding of a topic. I am a life-long student myself!


    I've worked as a consultant to schools and organizations who needed someone to help them get from point A to B. For example, I was a consultant at a farm in Brooklyn, NY located on a school campus. I worked to build bridges between the schools and farm by developing curriculum, creating programs for student engagement, collaborating with teachers and gaining support from school administrators. With a can-do spirit and a not-easily-shaken demeanor, I've overcome many obstacles and consistently deliver on the desired outcomes by being creative about where I look for resources and building alliances and partnerships with community members, policy makers, activists and more. We increased participation from not only students, but also with the general community; created internships for youth and adults, and established ourselves as a model for integrative farm programs.


    In addition to program design & management; I directly taught classes, worked on the farm, gave tours to schools, donors and potential sponsors, and networked with the growing urban farming movement in NYC.

    As a resourceful program manager and an enthusiastic self-starter with extensive experience developing interdisciplinary education and environmental programs within socially, economically & culturally diverse communities; I enjoy sharing my talents abroad.

    I love problem solving, designing new businesses and creating programs to enhance the offerings of an already established business. I really enjoy taking initiative and working collaboratively and find that I excel at both. I can prioritize and manage a broad range of responsibilities while effectively supervising on & off-site projects.


    I’ve worked as a property manager for two multimillion dollar properties in Seattle, WA (USA) and was responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations, maintaining the property, collecting rents, communicating with commercial and residential clients, renovation, generating increased revenue for the company and more. I worked directly with building contractors to ensure my vision was precisely executed when remodeling apartments, landscaping or other projects. I have a fascination with old architecture and love hand craft skills like timberframing and boat building. My favorite part of the job was turning an apartment in severe disrepair into a stunning, highly sought after home for a new family to enjoy. There’s nothing like breathing new life into 100 year old hardwood floors!

    So if you need a girl who can walk you through stripping a place down to its studs and rebuilding it to a vision that will make your heart skip a beat, give me a shout. From wood finishes to types of paint to outfitting the whole house with the right furniture, I am your girl! I also don’t mind getting in the mix and getting my hands dirty. Sometimes, that’s the most fun – and again, that’s the best way to learn!


    I love to cook! With others, by myself, over a camp fire or in a well decked out kitchen, I just simply love to cook and am always looking for ways to expand my culinary skills as well as share what I know. I am all about nutrients (the more, the better) and eating fresh, whole foods – meaning I do not use junk, additives or flavor enhancers or any other trickery. Food is delicious on its own!

    As a self-employed travelling teacher, artist and cook, I enjoy learning about and using local ingredients and adapting menus for those I serve.

    Due to my work in education, serving immunity-compromised people, as well as working in kitchens, grocery stores and other work serving the public; I've had extensive experience in Food Handler's training and certification in Washington State (USA) as well as training in Universal Precautions, Food Borne and Blood Born Pathogens.

    ***Excellent hygiene and a properly run kitchen is essential and of the utmost importance to me. ***

    My heritage is Caribbean and I’m still learning how to perfect some of my favorite dishes from childhood. I spent a few weeks with my Grandma before flying to Europe to get a some of her recipes down. I’ve practiced a bit and must say the Griot is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to have you try it and get your thoughts. I have visions of one day opening a small little restaurant & café that feels like you’ve come home as soon as you step through the door.

    In addition to Caribbean and animal based foods, I’m skilled in making delicious, flavorful vegan and vegetarian meals as I’m quite influenced by macrobiotics, slow cooking, Asian flavors and just all around making a damn good meal that fortifies you and makes you feel better for having had it. I make a pretty smashing oatmeal porridge my Irish friends tear up for – they love it so.

    I can easily accommodate for any palate and/or dietary needs. I’ve helped people with minor and major illnesses heal and become stronger with my meals and have cooked for busy families or anyone in need of a highly nutritious, well cooked meal they can be confident has been prepared with love and with excellent ingredients.

    Cooking is an art that transforms the cook, her materials and those she serves.


    I have an absolute commitment to organic farming and the total elimination of food waste. I find I frequently think of ways to end the depravity of food waste when so many are starving. I've volunteered for Food Not Bombs for many years in Seattle and helped with other food rescue groups in the US and Europe. I find it a total disgrace and a waste of natural resources to see perfectly edible food discarded. Perhaps we can work together to create something! Even eliminating food waste on a small scale helps! :D

    I’m a beginning farmer and love digging around in the dirt so give me a garden to potter around in and I shall show you how to turn it into your very own medicine chest! Your backyard can be your foundation for growing nutritious food and healing plants and herbs. Not only will it be lovely to be able to go pick your own medicines, but it’ll be absolutely gorgeous to look at. It would be awesome to work with both experienced farmers/gardeners and novices who are ready to explore the beautiful possibilities of the land around us!

    I've also worked on farms with children and adults and brought the 'kitchen' to the field which is always fun and exciting for students young and old.


    In addition to the above, I just enjoy life and every opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I am a cook, photographer, bookbinder, writer, performer, filmmaker, dancer among many other things. I am exploring new mediums with my art as well as researching art schools and opportunities to apprentice with working/teaching artists the world over.

    I have an ongoing photo project that I will exhibit once I have a good body of work prepared. So if you see me snapping away with my camera during my off time and then quietly focused on my computer, that'll be me building my portfolio!

    I tend to volunteer with intentional communities because I have a vision of creating a community - a place where many gather to teach, share and learn from one another and offer our gifts to the world.

    So, I guess I'll end here: I am a city girl who loves the countryside more because of the connection with neighbors, the serene atmosphere, the mountain air and sea breeze. I like good people with genuine hearts who are fair, honest and kind.

    Take care & I look forward to talking and/or working with you.


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    Hi! I live in France and I would like to improve my French. I’m happy to help you with your English !

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    -Permaculture Design
    -Farming (beginner)
    -Fixing things
    -Healing Arts (beginner)
    -Bookbinding/Book Arts
    -Visual/Conceptual Art
    -Landscaping, Grounds & Building Maintenance (cleaning, repair, etc)
    -Stone/Bricklaying (floor work)
    -Computers/Internet (I'm excellent with computers/internet; however, I'd like to avoid spending too much time glued to a screen and more time doing more physically engaging work.)
    -I've driven a car a few times, but am unlicensed and would like to learn.
    -Double dutch
    -Hosting/Event Planning
    -Loads more. Pretty much, I will try my hand at any new skill.

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    We are beautifully imperfect, bumbling creatures on this planet. I would like to work with genuine, honest, good people with bright hearts and beautiful souls who endeavor to do their bit in the world to contribute in a positive way.

    My favorite thing to do is work with people in some labor-intensive project where we work hard and laugh harder.

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      Soy, gluten, beef, chemical additives/preservatives in meats, etc.

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      I eat organic, wholesome and nutritious meals whenever possible and avoid highly processed foods.