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    04.01.2019 - 20.04.2020

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    I'm a 39 year old Belgian girl. I quit my job to make my dreams come true : travel the world, work on nature and animals protection projects, reconnect with nature, speak and improve English and Spanish and live in South America during a few months. I know that this year will be amazing !
    As you will notice, I’m deeply in love with nature and animals. Therefore, I'm looking for some volunteer work related to nature and animals.
    I love speaking English and Spanish, travelling, discovering new things, helping people, learning about everything, taking care of animals, taking pictures of fauna & flora, doing birdwatching, gardening, tinkering and building things, doing / creating stuff with my hands, walking, going hiking, being in the nature and also enjoying the simple things of life.
    I took a veterinary assistant evening course 4 years ago and I’m currently in my second year of ornithology evening courses. It’s sooo interesting !!! I love it !!!
    I also took a course of permaculture. I still need to put into practice what I've learned and to improve myself at it.
    These are my different experiences as a volunteer :
    - I worked a few months (once a week) in a rescue center for injured wild animals (mainly birds) a few years ago close to my house.
    - When I was travelling around Australia in 2011, I did some wwoofing : in a hobby farm in Yass (feeding animals, clearing sheds / rooms, cleaning windows / verandahs, cooking meals, doing some gardening, doing data entry for a poultry auction, painting doors, clearing paddicks,…), in a cattle station in Bairnsdale (doing some gardening, clearing trails, helping to move the cattle to other paddocks,…), in a farm on Bruny island (collecting wood, cooking, doing some housekeeping, taking care of a baby wallaby, clearing the sheds,…), with a beekeeper on Kangaroo island (gardening, helping with moving the beehives, renovating the shower,…), in a farm in Adelaide Hills (milking the cow, planting trees, pruning fruit trees, doing some gardening, watering plants, feeding animals,…), on 2 culture tours (study and business) in Kakadu National Park and Arhnem Land (assistant cook, helping with the organization and photographer) and in a family at Hervey Bay (doing some housekeeping and babysitting).
    - I worked in a farm in Husey (east fjords of Iceland) with 7 other volunteers during a workcamp in June 2012 (repairing fences, building 2 big horse shelters (windbreaks), painting, planting trees, saving birds caught in nets,...)
    Other experience : I renovate my attic (from the insulation of a large empty room to the realization of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with electricity, water and heating).
    I truly enjoyed my volunteer experiences. I met heaps of nice people and helped people who needed it. That’s a great feeling. I learnt a lot of things but also about myself. That’s what volunteering is about.
    Helping people to protect nature, take care of animals and to improve eco-infrastructures makes me feel useful for our planet Earth and I love that.
    I’m willing to help for anything (painting, building, clearing, planting, taking care of animals/birds, gardening,…) which can be asked on a project as long as the aim of it is improving the environment in general and protecting nature and animals.
    I don’t like drugs and chemical products. I treat myself with essential oils and traditional medicine to heal.
    I hardly drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. I tend to be vegetarian. I apply the 7 "R" rule (refuse, reuse, repair, reinvent, rot, recycle, reduce) and I try to be zero waste in my everyday life.
    I'm a friendly, positive hard-working, motivated and an easy-going person who cannot wait to start contributing to your project.

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    I love ornithology (I could do birdwatching during hours) and taking care of animals / birds.
    I'm proactive, creative and organized. I enjoy thinking about problem solving (how to repair that ?, how to renovate / build this ?, which material could be used to do that ?,...).
    I love tinkering and building things (manual skills).
    I would love to put into practice permaculture.

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    English: Fließend
    Spanish: Fließend
    French: Fließend
    Dutch: Grundkenntnisse

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      I'm not allergic but I react more than normally to wasp stings (avispa roja)

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