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    01.01.2019 - 31.07.2020

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    Hello people :)
    As you may have found out already my name is Samuel Gutknecht but most people just call me Sam (like Frodos friend). I grew up in a little swiss Village on a hill with the next City being not much bigger. After the mandatory 9 years of school I did an apprenticeship as a Landscape gardener and for the next 4 years I worked for severals garden Companies. For the last 4 years I worked for the Zentrum Seeburg a social Institution which supports youths and adults with mental disorder and/or psycological issues in different phases of their live. My job had two different core points. One was to maintain the green areas around our external customers homes and the ten buildings belonging to the Seeburg, ths includes weeding, mowing, plantig, cutting trees and bushes, building new paths, ponds or walls and so on. The other one was to support our clients and trainees in their daily live by giving them routine and structure at the workingplace and to teach them new things to higher their self esteem and confidence. Next to my job at the Seeburg I attended the federal vocational baccalaureate on social work at the Inforama Rütti, in Zollikofen. With the vocational baccalaureate I am not yet allowed to enlist in University I'd have to make the so called Passerelle wich is another year of school. At the Inforama I could improve my skills and gain new ones. Especially my common knowledge in economics, law, history, german literature, english and environment grew quite a bit. I also learned a lot about sociology, the core themes where communications, cognition, personality and ethics.
    Next to working and studying I also have hobbies. I really enjoy to juggle with my Firestaff (at the bonfire but also at parties and weddings etc.) and I train historical european martial arts (that means I play with swords). I really like to socialize with people but also spend time on my own listening to music or reading a book.
    Overall I would describe myself as an open hearted and minded young man looking for a way to help to make the world a better place. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!
    Wanna stalk me on Facebook or LinkedIn? Here you go (LinkedIn isn't really worth it):
    And check out my pics on flickr:

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    Gardening, juggling with my Firestick, fencing, being critical, planning Projects etc. I am able to learn new things quick. I started photograpy in December 2018 I think my pics look okay (u don't have any editing skills yet)

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    German (and a weird dialect), english, i understand a little french

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    I found out that there are very different manners on how to greet each other around the world. In Switzerland we shake hands to be polite, to our friends we give 2 or 3 kisses on the cheeks or hug each other (I like the hugging more). If I come to your place, please tell me the appropriate way to greet each other because the first impression really counts and i don't want it to be weird :)

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      I eat mushrooms and seafood if the other option is dying