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    currently staying put:-) but open for contacts for future Workaways. Wish everybody a great time!

    "Workaways" are one of the best things I did the last couple of years. I really enjoy learning about different approaches towards life.
    My background is a bachelor of Fine Arts and an education in bodytherapy/massage. I had my own center and worked independantly before deciding to take a break from the city of Berlin and 2017 I travelled through Asia and Europe.
    Being at your place: If the weather allows it I prefer outdoors to indoors. I am good at patiently working at a given task, creative, reliable and keen to learn. All picture related work- drawing mandales on a wall, making a sketch for a flyer, create content for your website, shoot and edit a film- is very welcome. I am patient and don´t see it as "work".Stressfull situations are not "my cup of tea." I am interested in independant housing (not too basic, but enviromental friendly), as well as substainable ways to deal with ressources. I love animals and wildlife. During various housesits I took care of cats, dogs and geese. I definately enjoy to be part of support in animal rescue.
    Giving massage, or teaching you about massage, would be great. There is so much to discover in working with people. It´s a great topic to exchange knowledge about at any time:-)
    Furthermore I love adventurous stories of people who went out to see the beauties of this world. As a social person I prefer a lively atmosphere and am glad to share time together. I am looking forward to meet you.
    The attached video shows a work I did for a WA in Turkey. It's about the traditional cooking style of the hotel "Silva Oliva" in Bafa. It is used to promote the place. If you are interested in documentation you may want to have a look at my "making-of" -doc about the shortfilm by Nathalie Tafelmacher. You can find it on my vimeo channel.

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    - drawing/ teach drawing
    - photography
    - documentary film
    - taking care of pets (especially cats, dogs and horses)
    - massage
    - pain therapy/ treatment
    - language
    - horse riding
    - gardening/ all kinds of "putting it together"
    Artwork: (my blog)
    Vimeo: (filmwork)
    Flickr: (photos)

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    I normally don´t eat meat (because I dont agree to the way animals are treated and raised in our country), but it doesnt mean that I have a problem with others eating meat, or can not eat potatoes that were cooked with meat etc. If I am not forced to eat meat, or its the only thing served, there is no problem.

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      I don´t eat meat, but fish and eggs from happy chicken are fine.