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    Going from one place to another by car✌🏻

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    Dear reader, welcome to my profile..

    My name is Roel but since my journey abroad I also go by the name of Raul, my Southern European name :) 36 years young but to be honest I feel more like 19 hehe

    It feels like I'm going through an important period in my life. A few years ago I needed a big change so eventually I decided to mix things up; I got rid of my appartment and most of my stuff, saved up some money and set out on a journey early 2020 with only a backpack and the world at my feet. Since then I've changed. More than ever I'm opening my eyes to my surroundings and the many worlds within me. I'm experiencing joy, love for myself and others, learning what my limits are, soulsearching, developing a better understanding on many levels.

    What I absolutely enjoy the most is making and creating stuff, I've added some pictures of my projects thus far, check the photos if you want to see my dreamcatchers, painting skills or other handycrafts. Besides that I love being in the outdoors as much as possible, socialise but also just listen, participate but also take a step back and just be, curious, creative and open-minded. I can adapt quickly but also need my own routines like walking, some yoga/stretching, creating, reading, you know, the basics :) I'm reliable, sensitive, artistic, calm, loyal and resourceful.

    So yes, after a year and a half of doing this I learned so many valuable things, I feel blessed and happy that I'm able to do this. It has been a very special journey so far and for the time being I will continue to travel and expand my horizons, being in the moment as much as possible and sometimes fantasize about my own future.

    I'm looking forward to getting in contact with you to see if we have a match and find out if we can make or create something. You can read more about my skills and other stuff in the texts below.

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    I would say my skillset isn't focused on one area in particular, I'm a jack of all trades. I learn fast and have a good basic understanding of pretty much anything. As mentioned before, what I love the most is making and creating stuff, being artistic, creative, that kind of stuff (see photos in gallery). I would love to make more art pieces out of wood, big or small, paint murals, even installations, whatever is possible with whatever materials are there... Besides all this I also have skills in specific areas, you can read about them here;


    I have a good general knowledge of building/construction. I'm not much of a stand alone builder but if you tell me what to do with some guidelines I can find my way. I'm a fast learner and I have an eye for details ('the devil is in the detail' they say ;) I know my way around with tools and different materials.


    During every construction job I’ve also helped with finishing the woodwork. Using fillers, primers, sanding, painting everything from walls, windowsills, frameworks, plinths and so on. In the beginning of 2021 I also finished my first mural, it's a massive colourful mandala, you can check it out in the photo gallery.


    I helped with plucking berries, pruning different trees such as lemon, fig, olive and general maintenance such as mowing the lawn, clearing brambles and so on. In Portugal I was also in charge of cleaning a pool, which is a good thing because afterwards you can just jump in and experience the fruit of your labour :)

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Niederländisch: Fließend
    Deutsch: Grundkenntnisse
    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Französisch: Grundkenntnisse

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    I find language in general interesting and I'm always eager to know and learn the basics of a specific language. I've been learning Spanish with Duolingo for many years now, I have learned a lot and it provides me with a basic understanding. Hopefully in the future I will be able to learn more about this or other languages.

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    As you can see in my photo's, I love making dreamcatchers! I've been doing it for more than eight years now and it is one of my favourite hobbies to do in my spare time. Big ones, small ones, simple ones and weird ones, the only limit is my imagination or the things that I find. I'd love to make you one :)

    Besides dreamcatchers I enjoy woodcarving (walking sticks, spoons and other fun things to make and create), reading a book, drawing (mandala's for instance) and I'm a bit of a collector, accumulating findings that I can re-use for little projects (such as fish net rope on the beach for bracelets).

    I like being active, going for walks, do a bit of stretching or yoga, or ride a bike for example, but I also have a calm side in me that needs to chill out with a book or work on a woodcarving project. I don't mind rain but I like the sun more :) Things I adore are swimming, cycling and creating.

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