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    Bonjour everybody !

    We are two young cousins ​​looking for adventure and travel. For our second trip, we want to go to Lapland in November to take care of the dogs, see the Northern Lights, discover the fascinating Nordic culture that everyone recommends.

    Rémi (23yo) :
    I am a young man in awe of everything I see, everything I do. I love the unknown, fulfilling experiences and love to learn. Animals and nature are a great passion, travel and discovery too. My life: doing seasons all over France as a receptionist, doing unusual activities, enjoying my friends and my family. Coming from a family of musicians, the art of sharing good times is one of my roots. I am very motivated to discover different cultures and landscapes, and to do a different job from my daily life. Courageous and highly motivated, I can adapt myself anywhere and be happy all the time !!

    Mathieu (20yo) :

    Since I am a child I love Geography, I had the chance to make several trips; in England, Germany, Switzerland among others, but I don't intend to stop now.
    These experiences were very enriching and amazing for me and it made me want to travel a lot and discover the world! I really want to discover new people, new cultures, to share professional and human experiences, I need to learn from all these destinations.
    Currently I work in a center for people with disabilities as a night porter, which allows me to be in contact with people and this is something very important to me ! I really enjoy being in contact with people and do my best to help others.

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    Hello to you :)
    First, I am a young man (23yo) quite athletic, I work in hotel and catering so I know what is physical labor, and working under pressure. I did harvest grape, I can work by any weather and I like to work outdoor. About expertise, I'm quite good with computer science thanks to my job, receptionist. About children I have one little brother and one little sister, I don't have diploma, but I know how take care of children. I love cooking french "crêpes", and french cuisine, it would be a pleasure to cook for you if you need it. I was waiter for a long time in gastronomic restaurant, so housekeeping and cleanliness are acquired. Animals are a passion, I love them and I really know how to take care of them, my bestfriend (girl) is the dog I raised. I speak French, English, and a spanish a little, and I play guitar. I have driving licence for cars and motorcycles. But I think my best skill is that I can adapt my self everywhere I go. Last year I decided to leave France to live alone 6 months in the center of London, just to see if I am able to success. Every year I leave my family to try different experiences, and it was always amazing, beacause I always do my best to succed. If you need to see my CV it would be a pleasure to show you the different experience I had in past.

    Bonjour everybody ! :)
    20 year old young man,
    I think I'm can do anything you ask me to do. I am passionate about history and geography, music and cinema. Passing on knowledge of these subjects may interest you. Cooking is something I love, helping in the kitchen or with the housework will be a pleasure. Owner of two dogs and a cat, my eyes light up at the thought of taking care of animals in your country. As a night watchman, I know the safety rules and I am worthy of your trust. I am very close to people with disabilities, thanks to my job, my little brother and my grandmother: human contact is very important to me. I speak French, school English, and a little German. I have a car license, I love to drive, I love to do music too. My greatest quality is also my ability of adaptation, everything has always gone well during my various trips and my different jobs.

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