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    10.01.2019 - 12.11.2021

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    Good Workawayer

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    Hey there,
    So I’m a very independent, creative and deep thinker who has been trying to find out my part to play where I feel aligned in helping healing the earth and all her creatures.
    Here’s what I have got and found so far
    I’m deeply In love with being part of the growing of plants whether they be fruits, natives, vegetables. I have been regenerating the land where I live through simply thinking “how would nature do it”
    I have helped restore fertility to the soil through piling up layers of old leaves and green matter, manure, seaweed, onto sections of land, abit of aeration with a fork imitating roots, letting the grass be smothered and break down into the soil,making compost teas, hot composts from cafe wastes. I have also planted natives in hope to create a space for bees, birds and other wildlife to have a place to reside but am changing my thinking again to want to incorporate non natives swell, just find species that can thrive and grow in the environment and can fill the space- I think the more plants the better.
    I love movement- I feel it’s deeply vital for our emotional, physical etc health, I love walking for days or weeks or months at a time, dancing, swimming, climbing, riding
    I love learning and being part of practical skills- building, cooking; preserving, fermenting, sewing, weaving with flax, palm etc
    I live a plastic free life and pick up and collect plastic wherever I go... still trying to figure out art projects to use it all for!
    I love reading information books about the land, soil, agriculture and also recently our human psychology and the development of humanity. I feel myself more and more drawn to social change within ourselves and the people around us-turn off the tap instead of constantly trying to just mop up the mess.
    I feel our innate purposes have been taken away from us with all this modern technology ( but also know technology has got us to some amazing places) and I feel a lot of mental illness stems from that feeling of lack of purpose so bringing these beautiful and simple activities back to people may help with this global situation.
    I love reading about bees, permaculture, agroforesty
    I love people and that we are a constantly evolving and learning form like all forms of life, reminding others that we are of the earth as well is something I will always share
    some of my visions are to find land that has been degraded by humans and attempt to support the regeneration of the land and create an education centre and possibly schooling system. with this university degree I have started I want to collaborate and communicate with organisations and councils to LOCALISE the system- food growing, jobs ( ethical and enviro jobs), health-physical and mental, community support- BUILD RESILIENCE. im very into the transition town movement and social permaculture as I feel big change can be made in community level.
    I want to share stories, ideas, create things together with like minded and driven people.
    I love writing and quite a few people have said I've got a talent so im trying to work on that, so if you need any help writing I may be able to help!, art-clay, painting, drawing.. these beautiful human creative outlets
    I follow my present feelings call it intuition or other so that has taken me in some very wild pathways!
    I see so many connections between own personal process of healing and the healing of the earth so we must keep looking to ourselves and nature to find answers.
    I love life and no matter what happens it is utterly incredible that we exist and experience everything.

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    Gardening, permaculture design, art, ideas... writing,building, sewing, cleaning, cooking, caring, healing, loving, learning and growing new skills everyday..

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    English: Fließend
    Spanish: Grundkenntnisse
    Maori: Grundkenntnisse

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      Plant based , whole food, vegan but can adapt depending on location,