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    Hello world!
    My name is Pi, i'm 23 and i'm currently spending most of my time in my homecountry (Germany).
    I used to live in Berlin, but through my travels through south America, where i was working on self-sufficient farms and spiritual communities i felt the wish to get away from this huge city. Right now i'm living in a pretty big community in Brandenburg with around 150 people of all generations, most of them doing art, crafts (e.g. carpentry, smithery,...), musicians or nature-related activities (environment-pedagogy, tree-care, gardening,..).
    We're living in an old paper fabric territory and i see that place as an opportunity to learn new skills and to dive into different people's lifestyles, worlviews and to learn how to build up relationships and respect for one another.

    I'm currently studying "International Forest Ecosystem Management" as a result of my intention to protect the beauty of nature, especially of all these wonderful different types of forests.
    I love nature, i love plants, especially healing plants and edible greens . I started to discover this interest by getting into the spiritual importance indigenous people give to their plants.
    I'm especially interested in the culture of indigenous tribes, their rituals, their beliefs and their rhythms of living
    (inhaling, exhaling - sleeping, being awake - introvert phases , extrovert phases - menstruating, ovulating - physical work, mindwork -...)
    together with nature
    (sunrise, sunset - winter, summer - new moon, full moon - rain period, dry period - ...)

    I want to discover all possibilities and forms of being self-sufficient, survival techniques, living without money, and how to not be dependent on global capitalistic-orientated systems.

    I enjoy physical work more than brain-work, especially working with wood. Although i wouldn't be able to build up a construction from zero on all by myself, i definitely know how to use some tools and i have more or less an idea of how to do it. A few times i worked with carpenters and I really liked that way of using natural materials, planning, constructing, and the activity of creating with my own hands.
    I like to work hard and focused. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions when hosting me. I don't want to only do things, i want to understand what i'm doing.

    I see myself as part of the rainbow family, so i enjoy Yoga and Meditation, working with energies, singing ,dancing, hugging and everything that puts me into a state of trance, far away from this materialistic world.

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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit

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    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten

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    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
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    I'm a person with a lot of perseverance. When i notice that something interests me, than i'm feeling euporia and people often tell me that i have the ability to spread good vibes and happiness.
    I don't mind being outside in the hot sun or in the drizzling rain, i like to get out of my comfort zone. I enjoy putting myself to the test.
    I have a creative mind and a sense for spirituality, which i definitely want to broaden and widen.
    I collected some experience in working with tools in construction, as well as gardening (permaculture). I did an internship in a Waldorf Kindergarden, so i enjoy working with children as well. From them we can learn a lot about life.
    Last year my friends and me started the project to organize a sustainable, green festival. We started from 0, so we were learning step by step. Mainly i helped writing lyrical/poetic texts which i enjoyed a lot. I also gained some organisation skills by being teamleader of analogue marketing.

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    I'm vegetarian since i'm a kid so i strictly don't eat any meat. I sometimes try to eat self-fished fish but i can't get used to it. As soon as i mention that i'm vegetarian, usually people think i'm picky and i'm hard to handle, but that's wrong. I eat like every vegetable and every fruit i can think of and i'm used to eat the side dishes at a big meal so don't worry about me, i'm totally satisfied with that.

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