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    I try to live by a simple life philosophy. Find things that are fun and fulfilling.

    Obviously, the fun part is easy, but I find myself struggling to find something truly fulfilling. For me, if I can get outside and enjoy nature, work out, and also learn something new; every day. That is the beginning of living a fulfilling lifestyle. I'm looking to find something I'm passionate about. My hope is, with Workaway, I can meet interesting and unique people around the world that have their own passions and lifestyles, Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can catch a glimmer of why I'm here and what I'm meant to do with this life.

    Currently, I'm working on starting my writing career in Sci-Fi novels. It's been something that I've wanted to do for a decade now, but I've always talked myself out of it. I figure now is as good of a time as any. I'm not sure that I want it to be a life goal yet, but it is something to do in quiet times.

    ***Fully Vaccinated***

    List of Skills:

    Have Experience working with --- Pigs (as young as a month old), Dogs, Cats, Llamas, Alpacas, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and Goats.
    Weed whacking, lawn mowing (all sizes from push mowers to industrial), weed removal, and wood splitting
    I've operated fairly large vehicles (ones that needed a CDL) and I'm familiar with a skid steer
    I'm a decent painter, window washer, and overall cleaner
    I've dug out a french drain and laid pipe to help with drainage
    I'm pretty decent at egg hunting
    Lastly, I love physical jobs, and I love learning new things (I think that could count as a 'skill' right?) haha.

    Skills that I'm hoping to learn:

    More about permaculture
    Advanced carpentry skills/leave with the confidence to build something from scratch
    Off-grid living and what that all entails
    Plant medicines
    Meditation practices/how people calm their mind and focus
    And lots of things that I didn't even know I wanted to learn.

    If you would ask me to describe myself in one word...that's a tough one. I'm 'curious' I suppose. I'm curious about how other people live, the cultures, the languages they speak. I want to travel in order to feed the hunger that is curiosity.

    Cleanliness? I suppose if you had to rate it on a scale from 1-10 or from the room of an angsty, rebellious teenager to having night sweats wondering if you folded that fitted sheet perfectly...I would say I land at a solid 7.3. I like a clean area, I won't mess up areas that aren't mine, but I also don't start twitching if I see a picture slightly tilted to the side.

    I enjoy physical labor. I enjoy talks about the vastness of the universe. Are we in a simulation? What do dogs dream about? I like thinking about the things that might not have an answer (those are sometimes the best questions to ponder).

    I think I'm happiest when I'm just outside my comfort zone. I'm happiest when I travel and meet new people with new and interesting lives. I backpacked for four months in 2017, and it was easily the best thing that I have ever done. I realized then, and continue to realize, that there is so much out there that I don't know. People whom I have yet to meet. Experiences that I want to have, that I haven't even thought about that.

    I also realize that going from hostel to hostel was nice, but I never really got to connect with the locals. I never had a chance to give back to the community that I was visiting. I want to be able to do that, this time around when I travel.

    I would say that is what motivates me and makes me happy...The knowledge of knowing that there is still adventure out there, that there are still kind people, and there are ways that I can positively impact this world.

    I'm an open book, so ask me any questions, and I'll answer them!

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    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit

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    I worked on a golf course for 12 years that hosted a major PGA tournament for many years while I was there. I've used all sorts of grass-cutting machines. From large 11 foot wide mowers to your normal run-of-the-mill guys. I've weed whacked. I've cut and laid sod. I've worked with various flower beds, (although admittedly, I can name maybe two flowers...rose and tulip? beyond that, I'm clueless. Sunflower! bam 3.. Is that technically a flower?)

    I love physical labor, so anything that needs to be pushed, pulled, or picked up. I'm your guy.

    I'm excited about all the projects on this site, and even though I haven't worked directly in many of the areas, I'm a fast learner and ready to work hard.

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    I would love the chance to do a language exchange. My Spanish is mediocre (even though I studied abroad in Spain for 3 months)....(and was almost fluent, but have lost most of it since), and I just started learning Japanese. I have around 700ish hours in Japanese, so basically still a beginner. I would be more than happy to teach English, as well as I can, while I learn the native language.

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    Outdoor hikes through the woods are something I need more of, in my life.
    Board games and game nights in general are amazing.
    I am interested in becoming a part of the family that I stay with while I'm there. I felt like I had a second family when I studied abroad, and I would like to get to know my hosts and share with them who I am. (especially in the time of Covid).
    I miss staring up at the stars and getting lost in the vastness, it is something you simply don't encounter in the city.

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