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    Hello ! We are Matt and Gus. We are very fortunate in that there is a lot of things that we love in this world ! Me and my best friend Gus are both avid skaters, Matt also surfs and does most things related to freestyle really. He even started a skate school for kids, and also used to teach freestyle ski lessons a few years back! Both of our passions are very formed around these types of things. In the last few years we have moved around a lot, lived in Canada, to Hawaii as well as lived out of a van through most of western and Central Europe. we are both completely in love with this site, and the people that are on it we have only found to be very genuine. we have learnt so much about how little we really know! And we will keep taking these opportunities that teach us so much.

    Me and Gus, my best friend have been rolling together for a long time now! We even have our own Vintage shop in Liverpool which we've decided to take a large break from. we have lived a hectic life in the last few years, from owning a shop, as well as an events company, as well as starting a skate school for kids, we have discovered that our biggest talent is pushing ourselves too hard haha! we are hoping to leave that in our wake and start doing more of the things we love, and to learn more about the world from people we meet along the way.

    Matt writing about gus: Gus has one of the biggest hearts I have ever come across and it's why I believe we have stuck together for so long, always putting others thoughts and feelings before his own there's no doubt you'll love his company, he also has a very silly side, an incredible taste in music, and an admirable attitude when it comes to anything knew! He has some hilarious dance moves which I'm sure you'll no doubt see at some point. He is a caring man, and also a very funny one.

    Gus writing about Matt: Matt is a very very relaxed dude, he is rarely found to be anything else but smiling and you'll find that it's quite contagious. We have been more like brothers all of these years, and you'll see that we work really well together. He is very talented at extreme sports and plays the guitar beautifully, I myself play the piano so we often have jams. If it's possible you have to jam with us!

    If there is anything else you would like to know about us please don't hesitate to ask! We welcome all questions and will answer them to the best of our abilities. We will hopefully see you soon.

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    We are extremely adaptable! Like ridiculously adaptable, we used to co-run some of the busiest events in Liverpool, but we also have both lived off grid looking after a pig... So we really are open to anything. We have helped a lot of businesses out with their social media platforms and if we're taught something new, we will do everything we can to become better at it. The way we work together is usually by finding out which things each of us are better at and then using each other! We're no strangers to hard work, and we're definitely no strangers to the nice cold drink and laugh at the end of it.

    Once we started working together a few years ago we must have made a good impression, so much so that we started getting approached by companies to come and work for them as a duo! We are good at balancing work loads and pushing each other to exceed past what we thought we could achieve. This is how we ended up with out own vintage business, which we both adored, we love fashion, music, culture and we were able to bring all of these things together in the space we made.

    Other skills I think would be worth noting is that we are very calm, we love to listen, and have found that more often than not people end up opening up to us as they feel safe in our presence. This is something that from the bottom of our hearts we really appreciate. It has taught us both to be more honest with my our emotions and see a whole knew side to people.

    We are always up for anything, and tend to have a lot of fun while doing it. We can't wait to help out with whatever you need doing, and also to get to know your angle on life, and who you are and what you love doing!

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    Languages are so important and I believe that they show a level of respect to native speakers. Gus is currently learning Spanish, he has a lot of the basics as his mother is Columbian. Matt is hoping to learn Japanese as he has ambitions to one day explore Japan.

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    We LOVE to dance. Are we good at it? no one knows. Will you see it for yourselves? most definitely. We both love music and will often spend long periods of time fighting over which song is to come on next ! Matt is a lover of the sea, and even helps to run a completely sustainable kids clothing brand that is ocean themed. Gus spent some of his upbringing growing up in Thailand and has travelled a lot since. We both have a passion for people and we are honestly open to anything, we are just excited to get to know you and perhaps understand the way you live your lives for a moment.

    There is also a fantastic game called 'Tap' which we can definitely teach you, I will warn you though it gets very loud!

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