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    Andorra, Argentinien, Brasilien, Chile, Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Portugal, Schweiz, Spanien, USA, Uruguay

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    14.12.2016 - 31.12.2019

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    Hi! My name is Marco, I'm 36 years old, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and an Italo-Argentinian citizen.
    Is always a little bit hard to me to talk about my own personality, and I prefer let my actions or people do it, but I could consider myself as an easy-going, good-humored, extremely curious, enthusiast, active and friendly person.
    In 2015, after almost a decade of working in some big IT corporations, I decided to take some time off to travel through the world, starting in my own country, in an almost six months journey in Patagonia. After that I had the chance of travelling to USA, to perform a coast-to-coast road trip, crossing beaches, swamps, fields, the countryside, the desert, the mountains, big cities and small towns. But most important, to meet a lot of wonderful people and hear and learn from their stories.
    I landed in Europe in December 2016 and I have been discovering all Catalunya, Spain, since then. Also been learning Catalan (the co-official lenguage here in Catalonia, with Spanish) and after almost six months I consider I reached to manage it in a decent level.
    Now, I've took the decision of discover Germany and learning some German in the meantime, so as a new challenge arrived, I moved here since a year ago and have been funnily struggling with its language.
    After three years travelling, I have confirmed definitely that working/volunteering is an extraordinary experience and something which allows me to be in constant contact with local people, learning their language, embracing the cultural exchange, and the mutual enrichment.

  • Arten von Arbeit

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Hilfe mit Touristen
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Sprachen praktizieren
    Hilfe bei Kunstprojekten
    Sonstige Arbeiten
    Hilfe mit Computer / Internet

  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I really like the idea of been helpfull in exchange of some food and accomodation, it seems a very fair deal with the added-value of share moments and experiences with a lot of people from all over the world, at the same time I can travel and discover lots of places.
    Easy-going, relaxed, calm, tranquil and well-tempered, are the characteristics that allow myself to easily adapt to new places, situations and constantly changing enviroments.
    Deep-looking observer, very curious, and almost-obsessive apprentice, are my keys to be constantly predisposed to a voracious endless learning.
    Friendly, gentle, sociable and service-oriented, are some attributes that I consider to be ideal for volunteering in tourism, guesthousing, housekeeping, pubs and restaurants, social activities and any face-to-face task.
    One of the main things I'm chasing on this trip, is to learn several languages or improve the few I already know. I natively speaks Spanish, as born and raised in Argentina, and I'm bilingual in English, even better speaking than writting. In this two languages I like to have long, deep talks about life, culture, arts, society and politics, to teach Spanish to whoever wanna learn, and keep practising my english with native-speakers. I also understand Portuguese and Catalan, as well as speak them barely decent, but I should improve a lot. And most important for me now, start with this new challenge of struggling on learning German.
    Love outdoors, hiking, trail-running, trekking, camping and any related activities, and as an example, for me there is no other option than travelling with my tent, sleeping bag and basic camping/survival gear... just in case there could be some nice nature or landscapes wherever I go. So I will be so glad finding some volunteering related on something like this. And I would love learn to climb.
    Nowadays I'm consistently training for long-distance trail-running and I'm also a football lover (what someones call 'soccer') & not long ago used to be an amateur player. I also tried to start learning some yoga, but just on YouTube. So it would be awesome to find someone I can learn from. I'm a lover of sports in general, to watch, to play or to discuss about.
    I was always been very interested in any technical or maintenance stuff, from home electricity and plumbing, to carpentry, building techniques, car mechanics, or computer repairing, so I self-learned and adquired some skills about this. Also very intuitive and solution-oriented, fixing something is always a challenge.
    Some call me a musician, but I'm just a pretender, or very exigent about myself to realize I got some skills about this. I could play some rhythm guitar, bass, and drums or percussion. As a former student of Design of Image & Sound in the University of Buenos Aires, I have some knowledge about arts in general, films in particular, and video and sound editing.
    And last but not least, all my experience and expertise adquired in almost a decade of corporate office-working, in business, sales, administrative and financial areas in some mayor telecommunications and technology companies, can be very useful for any of my hosts. I have a very strong experience and solid background on sales operations and business administration, commercial bids and service proposals, contract preparation and registration, financial forecasting, invoicing execution and revenue recognition, accounting, marketing and business development.

  • Gesprochene Sprachen

    Spanish (native) / English (bilingual) / Portuguese (advanced) / Catalan (intermediate) / Italian (beginner) / German (beginner)

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  • Nationalität

    Argentinian / Italian

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    Beside all what I wrote above (and a huge thank you! for reading if you did it all) , if you still wanna know something else or if you as a host have found my profile and consider that I could be useful in your proyect, please feel free to contact me and please do not hesitate in asking me whatever could be your interest about me.

    You also can find me on:
    Facebook: Markis De Viaje |
    Twitter: @MarkisDeViaje |
    Instagram: |

    Thank you a lot!


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Awesome mountain landscapes.
Gas station on the road
Death Valley - California - USA
Navajo Nation - Arizona - USA
Grand Canyon - Arizona - USA
Pacific Coast - San Francisco - USA
Golden Gate - San Francisco - USA
Old Route 66. Conquering the desert. West - USA.
Miami Beach - Florida - USA, with my buddies
Dallas - Texas - USA, with my buddies