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    Help, respect, learn, teach, give, receive and +
    Wonderfully curious with big heart and the will to make the world a better place.
    We are Mario (28) and Johanna (26) we are two friendly and quiet guys from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We consider ourselves people with strong values, principles and convictions, respectful with others and tolerant, and we appreciate that from others. We love to have good and positive relationships with the people around us in whatever context where we move.

    We strongly believe that always we can learn and teach something from and to others.
    We really like being lined up with a sustainable and healthy life. We really enjoy being with our friends (the new and old ones) and we really enjoy having deep and good conversations with people that surround us, We believe that the whole life is about having good conversations.

    , Traveling is a state that we love because it teaches us about people, landscapes, stories, emotions, and life. It makes us to feel alive and awake of this beautiful planet we all share.
    We were living in Australia, Ireland and Germany for a while in order to study but fundamentally to discover the culture of these amazing countries, and these they were wonderful experiences, because of the places, but fundamentally because of the nice people we have met.

    We really enjoy helping people, and we are volunteers at non profit organizations for 10 years (AFS and YFU) those organizations run intercultural exchange experiences all around the world, and we love helping in this cause.
    Now we are in Sweden taking a gap year in order to travel and discover new cultures and ways of living, before starting our doctorate.

    We are really Interest in:
    • Helping others
    • reading
    • travelling
    • learning
    • dreaming
    • doing sports (Crossfit, Running, Cycling)
    • Keeping a healthy and a sustainable life

    Music, Movies, and Books:
    We like all types of world music, rock, pop, tango, etc, and we love to read, Some of our favourites writers are f are Stephen Covey, Dale carnagie and Robin Sharma.

    Teach, Learn, Share:
    quietness, cleanliness, good vibes, tidiness, and a great intercultural experience.
    We can teach you guys how to speak in Spanish or german.
    we could share stories, drinks, books, ways of living and experiences.
    We would really love to find to a quiet and friendly place, with great people.

  • Bereiche, die uns interessieren oder in denen wir anderen etwas beibringen können

    Interessiert uns:  

    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit

    Bereits etwas Erfahrung vorhanden  

    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Mario (28)
    I have grown up in a small farm in the countryside, in the north of Argentina, and my family used to run a restaurant there. I have experience working with customers, doing hand working, working with animals and plants, vegetables. fruit trees, doing building work, etc. and I really enjoy these things. As well I like cooking and doing works at home, painting, cleaning, etc

    I have experience helping in projects related with construction, gardening, renovation, and I have worked in two hotels in Germany in the reception, service and in the kitchen as well.

    Professionally speaking, I have a Licenciate degree in Law and another one in Human resources, a master in Management and a specialization in Project management. I was working in differents companies developing process, auditing, leading projects, and working in all the positions of Human resources.
    I speak fluently spanish, English, and German. i have studied French and now swedish

    Johanna (26)

    I have grown up in Buenos Aires, I have experience working in two hotels in Germany, in the service area, reception, kitchen, cleaning the rooms, and in administration. In Argentina I was doing a lot of comunitarian work with my church. I enjoy as well cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids (I have two little brothers).

    Professionally speaking, I have a Licenciate degree in IT, and Management, and a specialization in Project management. I was working in differents big companies and banks, in IT positions.
    In the last hotel where i was working in Germany, i was in charge of the IT systems and the delivery orders and systems.

    I speak fluently spanish, English, and German, and now i am learning swedish
    Both of us:
    We have a great ability to learn and we are responsible, dynamic, and always eager to face challenges.
    ourprimary qualities are the following:
    -Strong interpersonal skills: we maintain a pleasant and friendly demeanor in every situation we find ourselves. we are respectful and tolerant toward others.
    -Loyal and sincere: we are loyal and committed to others, as well as sincere.
    -Flexible and easily adaptable: Our life, work, and educational experiences far from our native cities have shaped us into people who is easy-going and very adaptable to change, no matter the circumstances.
    -Well-rounded and versatile: we always perform to the best of our abilities. we also aim to develop skills in different areas in order to obtain well-rounded and multidimensional perspectives on various issues and situations.
    -Proactive: we take initiative to develop new projects and make improvements where necessary.
    -Passionate about work and life-long learning: we enjoy both independent and group work.

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    Deutsch: Fließend
    Englisch: Fließend
    Spanisch: Fließend
    Französisch: Gute Kenntnisse
    Swedish: Grundkenntnisse

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    Dieser Workawayer gibt an, dass er/sie dir gern seine/ihre Sprache(n) beibringen oder selbst eine neue Sprache lernen würde. Bitte wende dich direkt an ihn/sie, um Einzelheiten zu besprechen.

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    29 & 28

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    We really love meet new people, learn languages, learn new things, and spend time in the nature.

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