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    I'm into theater, dancing and filmmaking. I love boardgames and yoga, and I pretend i can play instruments. My uke and I are getting there!

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    Oaxaca, Mexico - von Jan 2022 bis Apr 2022
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    Hello you!

    I'm Anna from Denmark.

    I have about three months from Jan-April 2022, before I start my studies, where I get to travel again. Score!

    I travelled using Workaway in 2019 with my partner Robert, but he is busy so I am going on my own this time. We visited Canada and Mexico for six months and had some amazing Workaway experiences.
    We did babysitting, farming, a few building projects, some airbnb-prepping and a lot of moving stuff around. I am all down for that again but also want to see if I can help out with some animal care, a passion of mine, though I am allergic to cats - why universe?

    I am hardworking and want to feel proud about the job I do. With the right guidance and instructions I am self-propelled but I love to listen and learn always.

    I think my personality is a fine mix of both chill and structured. I have an education as an 'International producer in culture.' (very fancy title) Which basically means I know how to organize, structure and keep an overview of a project. Maybe that could come in handy?

    I am really into theater, performing arts and filmmaking and would love to be involved in those kind of projects. I went to a theater school for two years involving a lot of so called physical theater.
    I have a laidback yoga practice and love to read. I like to go on walks and be near mountains, Denmark is a very flat country so I have been missing out on mountains my whole life.

    I am looking for places surrounded by nature with hopefully some animals nearby. I would always love to learn new skills, new languages and new ways of viewing the world. Stretching the comfort zone is a goal and going home with a backpack of experiences is a must.

    I do eat a plant-based (Vegan) diet, meaning no animal products like eggs or dairy in anything. I am always open for a dialogue about how it would work at your place, so lets figure it out!

    Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions :)


  • Interessengebiete

    Yoga / Wellness
    Leben im Camper-Van
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Darstellende Künste
    Film & Fernsehen

  • Bereiche, die mich interessieren oder in denen ich anderen etwas beibringen kann

    Interessiert mich:  

    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet

    Bereits etwas Erfahrung vorhanden  

    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe

    In der Lage, anderen etwas beizubringen:  

    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Robert's good with a camera, and is currently working on his comedy skills in different ways. He goes camping with his brother a couple of times a year and have some knowledge about camp life. He's gotten some paint skills during our travels, have some work experience as a gardener and is excellent with animals and kids. He works hard and are always willing to learn something new!
    Anna newly graduated as a producer in culture and has experience in project managing, marketing, and cultural entrepreneurship. Her three months internship was spend working with a variation of film production. She is good at organizing and she too is up for learning anything new.

    We are a solid team!
    We can tell you about Scandinavia and learn you some Swedish and Danish or write you as a character in our next movie script! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Danish: Fließend
    Swedish: Fließend
    Englisch: Gute Kenntnisse

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    I would always love to learn new languages, any language really. I've have been told I 'have an ear for it'. I had spanish for 3 years in gymnasium though it didn't stick and my duolingo situation is complicated pending between french and italian. I could try and teach some danish, my mother tongue, or some swedish which I learned from living in Sweden for 4,5 years.

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    Will update soon!

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    • Allergien
      Cats, but I do take allergy pills :)

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      Plant-based (Vegan)