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    I'm back after a few years away from workaway, Wow it's been a weird few years hey.
    I can't bring myself to delete my old about section from 2017 but will just add a little extra here as my hobbies, interests and beliefs are still mostly the same but a bit more fleshed out.
    I'm currently looking for a project In the UK that needs help with any of the following:- planning food production/veg growing/mushroom growing/art projects.
    I have a list below of things I can offer and things I want to learn..quite a few have switched around...for example I have forgotten a lot about astronomy and now very rusty on the guitar whoops!
    Although have learnt a lot about regenerative ag, food production, cobb, soil biology, mycology and mushroom growing, forest garden design, permaculture design, foraging and plant I.D.Propagating plants (Dont ask me to I.D nekid trees though please and if you coud teach me how to identify trees by bark so I can know them in the winter that would be great!) I'd also love the chance to learn some animal husbandry, especially sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs..I can tell you what I know about keeping Quails but don't have much experience with bigger animals.

    I'm currently studying garden design with the aim of combining rewilding and formal garden design with the hope of sneaking more foraged wild plants into our gardens and urban areas. I know formal rewilding is a bit of an oxymoron but I'm sure you get what I mean!
    I can bring my microscope and a mix of mushroom cultures if this an area of interest for you.
    Can also offer video editing and graphic design.

    My ideal placement is one where there is a mix of directed tasks and freeform of whatever skills/project needs arise and a peaceful environment.
    When the work day somehow just melds into evening tasks which then extends to chatting around a fire..with people in motion either chatting, guitarring, drawing and just being in happy contentment, or being free to just hibernate for the evening and read is when I have been happiest and the reason I'm back on workaway looking for a project to help. If you have aproject with this feel, please get in touch.

    Hi There, I'm Laura and like to think that I'm happy, helpful and hardworking person. I'm interested in permaculture, sustainable living, eco building and plan to learn more and get some hands on experience to be able to build my own self sufficient space within the next few years.

    I spent last summer visiting various off grid places to experience the lifestyle and meet the inspiring people that have already lit the way for others.
    After moving out at 18 and knew straight away that I didn't want to be tied to a house that didn't suit my (or most humans) needs and to give up so much of my time and life to pay for this.
    I found out about permaculture through trying to become semi self sufficient from a small garden, biointensive gardening led me to Masonabu Fukuoka and Bill Mollisons teachings. I used these methods in my tiny garden to produce a lot of food, it eventually spread to the front garden..and then my neighbours garden!

    Nearer Plans...
    Now further on the path to becoming self sufficient, I learnt a lot last summer about producing and storing food, preparing land, and now wish to expand on practical skills.
    I have enrolled on a carpentry course which I will complete on the 30th of August (2018) after this I will spend the next year helping on building projects and gaining knowledge and experience specifically in natural building methods, aquaponics, solar and energy systems, electrics, water catchment, passive heating techniques, there is always more to learn!

    Near Plans...
    One day in the near future I will have my own slice of paradise and create a place where people can come to learn and practice the skills they need to become self sufficent, thank you to all the projects already doing this, this is how the future changes, one life at a time, one person altering their path for the road less travelled, as more people travel this road it lights the way for others.
    It's easy to feel overwhelmed these days, but the future is not doom and gloom and mass extinction, it is people quietly leaving this current broken political and economical model, prioritizing and supplying their own needs, living with and restoring nature, working it out for themselves, working with others who feel the pull to live a more natural life. This is a very exciting time to be alive, a time to be proactive and not become paralyzed by fear or endless choices.
    "Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."
    Bill Mollison

    How can I help?
    I have experience of growing herbs, veg and fruit I have also made a fair few raised beds by myself (very basic construction skills, but this is something I'm willing to build on!) I'm also fond of bad puns and realize this could be a deal breaker, so best to be open about it now!
    I have a little knowledge of running a market garden and would love to expand on this further including planning, implementing and marketing. I have experience of building with cobb.
    I enjoy cooking but I'm a little out of practice, I love to cook for others but its basic for just myself, I relish the opportunity to cook some tasty food for others!
    I'm good with animals and have recently conquered my fear of picking up chickens! I enjoy making things, fixing things and helping out where ever I can, I'm happiest digging about in the garden, getting muddy with cobb and learning new things.

    Hobbies/Interests things I can help with..
    Playing guitar (I'm a little rusty!)
    Hula hoop and poi.
    Growing fruit and veg
    Painting (Arty and diy based!)
    Jewellery making and wire wrapping (general fiddly tasks!)
    Weaving and sewing
    Star gazing and learning the mythology of constellations
    Getting stuff done!
    Plant propagation, cuttings etc

    Things I would love to learn more about
    Agroforestry/forest gardening
    Foraging and plant ID
    Soil building and regeneration
    Water capture and alternative energy
    Natural building methods
    General Diy
    Solar and energy systems
    Thermal and passive heating methods
    Natural pools ponds and water management
    Natural medicine, beauty products, natural dyes
    Preserving food
    Keeping animals
    Plant propagation,, taking cuttings, magicking lots of plants from a few!
    Wood work, whittling
    New crafts
    Yoga, Tai chi, slack lining, surfing anything to improve health, brain and balance.
    Creative determined people and the things that have inspired their journey

    I can bring smiles, a good attitude, my own bedding and a tent
    Thank you for reading I hope to meet you soon.

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    Growing food
    Constructing pretty, unnecessarily intricate bamboo supports
    Building, planning and planting raised beds
    Diy - painting, scraping, hammering, I'm really handy with a tube of bathroom sealant! (I'd be very happy to have a chance to improve my diy skills)
    Hula hoop tricks and dance, poi
    Jewellery making
    Caring for animals
    Pro chicken catcher and egg collector
    Top tidier
    Physically fit and quick to learn
    I am learning about permaculture

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