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    Hello! こんにちは!
    I am Korino (氷之). (You don't have to call me by my very long official name ;). All my life I've been fascinated by languages and cultures from around the world and as I've been studying many languages in my free time, I'm also hoping to see as many places as possible! Being able to understand other people and learn new things are what brings me happiness: I'm aware the world is a big place and there is nothing more humbling than learning how much you don't know yet. That's why I cherish every experience that makes my small perspective a little bigger. As a recent graduate of Japanese studies who is hoping to apply for a PhD soon, I want to use this time to practise my languages and enjoy the freedom of travel as much as I can!

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    I could be called somewhat of a language-nerd; others call it an obsession xD. I have taught English and French as student jobs before. About my language journey: My native language is Flemish Dutch. During complusory edcuation, I studied the other national languages of my country, French and German, as well as English. At university I majored in Japanese (currently studying for JLPT N1) with a minor in Mandarin Chinese and also took a class in Korean during my exchange at Tohoku University. In my free time, I have studied Danish to an intermediate degree, took up the beginnings of Italian, as well as dabbled in the artificial languages Esperanto and Toki Pona (of which I have unfortunately forgotten a lot already). I can also read (but not understand) Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian, Akson Thai, Arabic and a little bit of Hebrew, as well as the transliteration system zhuyin fuhao (aka bopomofo).

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    Language is my expertise: I've worked student jobs in language teaching before and have been learning different languages both in school and independently since I was 10.
    I'm also creative: I mostly make music and write (both fiction and non-fiction), but I also occasionally do craft projects, embroidery and drawing. I actually want to get better with my hands, so I'm aiming to learn more about carpentry, gardening: general work around the house.
    I enjoy cooking a lot and like coming up with my own recipes and learning recipes from different cuisines (as well as enjoying their taste!).
    I'm also good with children: I've helped raise my sister who is ten years younger and tutored children during my student jobs.
    In my free time, I enjoy organising creative projects with my friends from around the world, like "writing fests", and I've helped organise a musical festival when I was in high school, specifically contacting managers, arranging contracts, welcoming the bands and being a stagehand, so I have some experience with projects and organisation, but I would not call myself a professional.

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    Music and writing are my passions: together with my best friend I make an experimental mix of electronic and metal music in our own little band. My research at university has focused on late 20th century Japanese pop music and my PhD research which I'm currently working on is about fluid gender expressions among electronic music pioneers in Japan. I've always Loved 80s New Wave and Synthpop, but I also enjoy music in many other genres. I Love discovering music from around the world, especially in different languages. Currently, I listen mostly to bands from Europe and Asia, but I'd Love to discover so many more!

    As for writing, I write novels and short stories in my free time for which I'm always inspired by folklore and history from around the world (currently, I am working on a novel inspired by the great modern Wuxia novels from the golden age in Hong Kong, though I am mixing in elements from Korean and Japanese culture with the utmost respect. It is a story simply for me and my friends to read).

    I'm also a D&D player ^^.

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