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    Welcome to my profile :)
    I've graduated highschool this year and want to experience a little bit of the world before going to university. That's why I decided to travel via workaway and get to know new people, countries and cultures. But don't worry (if you do)- I did manage to save some money by working various jobs, so I can afford it and I also do have insurance. Right now I'm travelling solo, but I am generally a sociable person and like working in groups.

    I come from a small village in the alps of Austria, so I know a thing or two about motivating myself and spending quality time in nature, maybe I got my love for reading that way. I also really like walking barefoot and dying my hair in my free time. However, I'm also into sports- I've been skiing and snowboarding since I'm able to walk. But I also want to try out summer sports and I would really love to learn how to surf. Up until now my only "summer sport" has been hiking.
    I think I like snowboarding as much as I do because of the adrenaline kick it gives me. I've already done bungee-jumping and paragliding and I hope to have many more exciting experiences! Even though I am adventurous I also value quiet time and I'm a calm person to talk to- I like having a good discussion and enjoy just having a chill night.

    Another thing I've liked doing back home in Austria is working as a waitress, because even though the job can be exhausting, it's also very rewarding. I got to meet a lot of new people and I like the smile people give you when you bring them their much-wanted food.
    That is a thing I want to continue doing while staying in a different country: bringing a smile to peoples faces and doing something useful.

    I have travelled to Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain before, but only for short periods of times. I have travelled to South Africa for 3 weeks this July, which has been amazing. I got to meet a traditional healer and I drank home-brewed beer. I have learned a lot more about the cruelty of colonisation and Apartheid, but I also realized that this country has huge potential.
    I hope to be able to experience other cultures as well and hear the stories of the people living there.
    Another thing is, that I really want to improve my Spanish and I would be happy to help with either English or German- I speak both of those languages fluently. I can also teach Maths, I actually gave private lessons throughout highschool. I have worked with kids as a ski instructor and I have a little sister- I know how to handle children with patience. I know a lot about cleaning too, especially windows, bedrooms and kitchens, as I have cleaned the apartements my family rents for several years. I have done another thing for my family quite often: cooking! But I have to say that I mostly cook vegetarian and I really like onions.

    I also like music and know how to play the Basoon and the Zither, but sadly I won't be able to delight you with that, because those instruments are just too expensive and heavy to accompany me on my travels.

    If there is anything else you want to know about me: feel free to contact me :)

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    German is my native language and I would be glad to help someone learn German and/or improve their German. I have studied English since middle school and I took the Cambridge Advanced English Exam C1 two years ago, which means that I am at a native speaker level. I'm happy to teach some English and help with improving someones English skills. I want to keep my level of Spanish and also improve it, as I have learned it for 3 years in highschool and have also graduated in Spanish on a B1 level. I would be grateful for any help with my Spanish.

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    My family rents apartements and I have cleaned them for several years. Especially the bedrooms, windows and kitchens.
    Cooking was also one of my chores at home, so I know a thing or two about that, but I mainly cook vegetarian. I also like to bake.
    I have worked as a waitress in hotels and restaurants in summer as well as in winter. I have only carried plates in the beginning, but I worked my way up to being a waitress with collection and have worked behind the bar as well. If wanted, I will gladly send the latest reference.
    I have completed a course in order to be a kids coach for skiing too and worked in that profession for a little bit, but sadly covid made the ski resorts close down. However, I have some experience looking after children.

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    The description mentions board games and that reminded me of card games. Those are actually things I want to learn more about. Sadly my family didn't teach me most of the common card games and I would like to learn them.

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