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    Hi there !
    My name's Camille, I'm a french young woman, stuck at home because of Covid, trying to find meaning in all sorts of works, arts and small travels. I lived in southern Italy last year, where I graduated in social sciences, culture and journalism. I speak fluently french and english, try to maintain my italian, and I'm also a beginner in german (high-school level) and korean (self-taught).

    Languages fascinate me, and I hope to learn as many as I can during my travels and through all kind of experiences.
    I'm an overly curious person, who finds interest in many many fields. My biggest passion must be the sea, ocean, marine life and everything that has any connection to it (scubadiving, sailing, underwater photography), but I'm also a music freak, a cooking enthousiast, an art lover. I love litterature, fashion, hiking, dance, japanese and pop culture, film making... I could go on and on. What's certain is that we must have something in common !

    I feel completely in the right place when I'm travelling, it's one of the only things that really make me happy and make sense to me. I've been around in western Europe, never had the occasion to go any further than Egypt, but I'm very willing to change that in the short future.

    I'm a hard worker and passionate learner. I value independance as much as community. I'm not so much a loner, for I feel very comfortable in social situations, but I definitely need my time with myself. I like to think that I can bring something to anyone, from a steady hand to a long, passionate conversation. Or even something as simple and essential as a shared moment of silent contemplation.

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    My main skills are "intellectual", meaning that I never had the occasion to truly learn any specific manual work.
    I'm a good teacher : I've been giving english, french, history, litterature lessons to teenagers for two years. I also know how to take care of young children and babies, being the middle child of a 4 children family (my two twin brothers are 6 years younger than me) and my mom being a child educator. I've also worked in schools for a few months this year.

    I grew up in the countryside, and know how to take care of a small garden, though I would love to learn how to properly grow any type of plants (recently, my interest is on medicinal plants, which I find properly incredible) and work in a field. I'm a good home cook, and I have great interest in vegetarian food (although I'm not vegetarian myself). I'm also really into music, and I can sing and play the ukulele quite well !

    I have a diploma of lifeguard (french BNSSA) and first aid (PSE1), and worked for three summer as a pool and beach watcher and campsite animator. I'm graduated in first level scubadiving (with a guide, up to 20m), which I adore practicing. Also, I've worked as a bartender and waitress in a pub for a couple of months.

    My best skill, I would say, is that I learn and adapt very quickly. I can do quite physical work if required. I'm strong and healthy, not afraid to get messy, hardly complaining. But as mentionned, I'm mainly a good cook, nice teacher and solid multi-task young adventurer !

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Französisch: Fließend
    Italienisch: Fließend
    Deutsch: Gute Kenntnisse
    Korean: Grundkenntnisse

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    I've lived in Italy for a year, have a school-level in german and I'm fluent in English ! I learn languages because it actively nurrishes my happiness and makes me feel accomplished. My current goal is to become somewhat familiar with Korean !

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    Let's make a rapid, non-exhaustive list of some stuff I have real interest in, shall we ?

    Cooking. Gardening. Sea life. Sunrises. Art (Renaissance, Sacred, Impressionism, Dada). Wine. Books. 70's rock'n'roll. Musicals. Make up. Coffee. Languages. Modern circus. Drama. Cinema. Poetry. Japan. Horse riding. Card games. Dance. Ukulele. Train travels. (Hitch) hiking. Scotland. Pop culture. Filming. Writing. Singing. Animals. Mountains. Party. Sewing. Hosting big meals with friends. Planning trips. Making trips. Youth hostels. Rain and snow.

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