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    22.10.2019 - 01.01.2025

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    unterwegs auf Reisen

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    Ive been doing workaways, in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain Morrocco and Germany since January 2018. When I need money I work as a professional carpenter in Switzerland.

    I'm now back on the road, this time on a bicycle. Currently I'm heading south from Berlin. Please read my profile and feed back to see if we might work together.
    So long as there are honest, hardworking people and nature around me, good food, exercise and the opportunities to grow, I am open as too where I go.

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    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Proffessional carpenter; especially frame work, out door buildings. I specialise in using reclaimed materials. I like to build big. I've built log cabins with chainsaws, and have experience with a wide range of power tools. I like to build strong and rustic. I'm experienced in using recycled materials. Upcycling wherever possible.

    While I'm not a finishing carpenter, I can do some finishing jobs, like installing windows, doors and simple staircases.

    Most of my experience has been in Canada and America. I've spent a lot if time in Switzerland, working as a professional, also as a workaway, and supervisor of other workaways.

    From December 2019 to March 2020, I was in Morrocco. Here, I taught English and started a roof garden above the school

    Concrete; good knowledge and experience of simple work, floors posts and beams.

    Stone work some experience. Limited tiling experience.

    Plumbing and electrical I understand the principles, and have some experience, I'm good in drainage work.

    I have three years experience installing fire sprinklers; heavy pipe fitting and can do simple welding.

    Painting; lots of experience and a good knowledge. I won't paint indoors, as I find the fumes harmful. Outdoors maybe okay, depends on job. Preparation indoors and outdoors I'm okay if there is the correct safety equipment.

    I have installed clay on walls and I'm good at repairing concrete walls and stone walls.

    I love animals and I am good with them. I was locked down in Spain for 10 weeks on a horse breeding (with dancing horses) farm. I have limited experience in riding, and I am very comfortable around horses.

    I have some gardening experience, and lots of experince building garden structures.
    I have plenty of experience with bicycles, off-road cars, MTB and I love all motorcycles.

    Ten years experience as a PADI master scuba diving instructor. First Aid trained. Some experince sailing and working on boats.

    Diving resort owner and manager. I managed 40 staff and up looked up to 64 guests on a remote Philippines Island.

    I enjoy getting my hands dirty and trying new things, and I enjoy hard work. In areas I lack knowledge or experience, I'm able to follow plans and instructions from those who do.

    If I have more experience then I can teach people who are willing to learn.

    I bring a lot to all the jobs that I work on and often can find creative solutions to problems.

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    English: Fließend

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    Hallo, I am Paul born in Liverpool and educated around the World. I am a strong 55 year old, single and a world traveller.

    In my 20's, some years before the onslaught of the digital age, when people talked together and wrote letters to each other on paper with real pens, I escaped the rat race.
    For the next five years I traveled extensively; working in construction (paid and voluntary) around Australia, America, Canada and the Artic.

    In 1994, after a diving holiday in Asia I ended up living the Philippines, on a small island with no drinking water, cars and electricity. Here, with my then wife, before it became fashionable, we built (from the foundations up) and later managed a community based eco diving resort. Check it out at

    On Apo Island I gained a lot of experience in living with nature. We collected rain water in 120,000 ltr system of water tanks, installed solar power with inverters, we kept our garbage foot print to a minimum and ecologically disposed of what we couldn't use.

    Additionally we ran a scholarship program, which helped 20 local children go to university. And amongst the many projects we organised, was the world's first community based dive ranger program for local people. Which, unfortunately was hijacked by a local government body, to garner international funding.

    I left the Island in 2007 to pursue my dream of writing book (which I'm still working on). I lived in the Northern Philippines and Malaysia for some years.

    In 2010, circumstances lead me I to come back and live the UK. I've done a variety of jobs; carpenter, personalised transporter of cars around Europe, in a factory....

    In my spare time, I cycle, walk and hike in hills. I read a lot, do yoga and workout.
    I like to ride motorcycles and all bicycles.
    I prefer peace and quite, I don't really like to be around noisy crowds, though when the mood is upon me, I love to dance and see live music, all music is good.

    I can work in a team or I am happy by myself. I love thinking out of the box and coming up with solutions.

    I'm interested in Yoga, aravadic healing and look to expand my knowledge.

    As always when I travel I look forward to the experience, learning and meeting new people. I am interested in working on a start up eco project. I would like to build a treehouse, the last one I built was in the summer holidays when I was 10 years old!

    The less commercial your place is the better. I like wilderness, mountains and camping, wild or tame.

    I love dogs, cats, horses, and have two rescue cats from Swissland, Alex and Ruffy, getting spoilt and fat with my mother in Liverpool.
    I am open for house sittings, so long as it's quite and for at least three weeks.

    If you offer daily yoga and or martial arts, this would be good. I have a basic knowledge of yoga and Karate and I am very interested in learning Tai Chi.

    If required I can cook, though I have a limited mènu; vegetable soups, anything simple with eggs, home made yoghurt and few other simple dishes.

    Without the correct tools I can improvise to a certain degree, and will be able too repair some tools. Having good tools on site is important, if the host want to see work progress.

    I respect honesty, clear communication and straight people. If I find the right people, place and atmosphere, were there is a genuine exchange of energy, and we can all grow, I'm willing to stay dor longer.

    I don't have insurance and if a host requires this then they will have to pay for it, likewise if specialist cloths are needed then the host will have to provide. As a volunteer, doing professional work this is only correct.

    If you think my profile suits your project and we can develop a symbiotic relationship, please contact me.


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      No processed foods. Prefer vegetarian okay with some meat and fish.


August 2020, Berlin, sweat lodge that I assisted on.
August 2020 Berlin, 'sacred' fire pit
July 2020, Framce. My bike and home, outside Charles X, cháteaux.
June 2020 Spain, heading north on the Via del la Plata.
May 2020, Huvela Spain, stepped path and small terrace; built with limited materials and tools.
May 2020, Huvela Spain working on a horse farm.
April 2020, Huvela, Spain, brick partition wall between two horse stables.
February 2020. Laattaouia, Morrocco, Roof garden project. Chairs and table, made from pallets. Reclaimed rocks used for the flower beds.
June 2019, Sint Job, Belgium. Wood storage area built from recycled materials.
June 2019, Sint Job, Belgium. Wood storage area built from recycled materials.
September 2018, Interlaken, Switzerland. Finishing off a greenhouse.
October 2018, Istlevald, Switzerland. Framing a bathroom.
June 2018, Interlaken, Switzerland. Completed kitchen project.
March 2018. Interlaken, Switzerland. New stairs and landing.