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    Argentinien, Brasilien, Kolumbien

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    27.02.2019 - 16.06.2020

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    Hey! My name is Sebastian, and I'm currently travelling in Brazil after spending two months in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started my trip in the end of February and want to travel until next year sometime.

    I am an outgoing guy that loves to laugh, smile and have fun. I tend to connect well with people and love to spread good energy around me. I love to adventure. When I get my "business card", in lack of better words, I think it will say "adventurer" on it. Not just for my joy of travelling, but for my joy to adventure into, experience and ask questions to and about all the things this life has to offer. My curiosity is endless, which also makes me a great asset to potential workaways, as I will be very willing to learn and contribute with all my heart and my energy. I am on this platform to experience, learn, share, connect and with those values devote myself to help in whatever project I enroll on.
    I want to take all that the world and life has to offer me, live like a sponge, learn and absorb, so that I can give back to the world in the best way possible.

    Im very interested in meditation and yogic philosophy as a way of living. I find that yoga has helped me a lot, and I find that I at this point know quite a bit about yoga. However not in the sense that yoga is normally described in society, where the focus is mostly about physical exercises where the goal is to get fit and/or work out. That is not the purpose of yoga and I think many people would find great joy to integrate in their lives other aspects of yogic practice.

    I love to ride motorcycles, and I hope to be getting one of those in Colombia in the coming months to travel around. I also enjoy riding bicycle, my longboard, ski/snowboard. Being from Norway, the first thing many people ask me here in this part of the world is "Muy frio por alla, no??", and then the conversation starts, hehe. Many people cant believe it when I say it gets up to -25 where I come from! The looks on their faces is priceless.
    I was born in the cold, and I do love the mountains in all its glory, even when its -20 degrees celcius. It is something special about the snow and the cold, about seeing nature changing so much yet still living, which I will forever hold on to. For now though, I am keen to live in the heat for a while.
    For many years I've wanted to go to South America. The Spanish language, wonderful nature, very interesting animals and birds which I like a lot, musical culture, incredible funky fruits and veg, and kind and warm people were some of the many reasons that called me here. I eat a plant-based diet so its absolutely amazing to be here and try all the amazing fruits and vegetables there is in this part of the world. I also love to cook and would like to experiment more with this art.
    I wanted to experience something totally different in life, and I felt that South America was the right place for me. Im happy to say that it still is the right place for me!

    As a workawayer I see myself doing many things. With an open mind and a will to help, I can do pretty much anything. Im definitely very good with people, and would be great to work with receiving guests and/or working in reception. I would also love to work with and learn more about gardening/carpentry/adobe/planting/eco-construction. I have been working in a carpentry company of a friend of mine in Norway, and know a thing or two about rehabilitation, demolition and construction. As well my father works in the carpenter-industry, and I've learned some things from him too. I am no expert, but I can for sure be of help regarding those areas.

    I also know a lot about leadership/marketing/branding/communication after both working-experience and studying, and I'm very happy to help with businesses as best as I can and come with new ideas. My focus will always be in a environmental, ethical way. I'm creative and I always find a way, especially when working together with likeminded people.
    During my travels I would love to learn more about running a hostel/guesthouse/community which I have a dream of creating in Norway and also in South America.

    I speak fluent Spanish after a round trip last year to Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, as well as a good amount of time in Argentina this year, and now after about 3 months in Brazil I speak Portuguese at an understandable level too.
    I hope this platform will let me help out where I can, and connect me with a lot of great people and awesome experiences!!


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    While workawaying I hope to work with various tasks, I believe I can be of great service in a lot of areas and I'm always willing and eager to learn new things. I will help out where I'm needed, always flexible and open.
    I am a practical guy, and I usually manage to think myself to the best solution whatever the challenge is. In terms of really basic skills like carpenting, fixing stuff etc - I know how to use a hammer, nails, brushes etc, and as mentioned I have been working in a carpenter company, so I do know a few things about rehabilitation, construction and demolition. I am easygoing and I'm a person that adapts and learn very fast.

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    Norwegian, Swedish, Danish(understands), Portugese, English, Spanish

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    I make a good impression that lasts, and I am really easy to get along with. I like to laugh, wonder and can talk about anything.

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      I eat only plant-based food, which means no meat, chicken, fish, butter or milk products. However - this is my choice for my body, in my life, and I will never impend any of my beliefs upon anyone else that eats meat. Im not bothered by it and dont have a


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