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    Interlaken, Switzerland - von Jun 2022 bis Aug 2022
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    My name is Haley and I have a deep inner desire to travel the world far and wide. Allow me to describe myself. I am a young women often called an "old soul" and have the desire to travel the world and experience other cultures as a local rather than a tourist. I am fascinated by other cultures and all they have to offer and teach me. Being apart of a family and community makes me ecstatic and giving love to those around me as well as receiving love lights up my soul. Hard and fulfilling work gives me satisfaction with life and makes me feel whole. As well as connecting with nature and being in touch with my surroundings. I am a firm believer that travelling the world and getting experience around the globe can teach you more than just sitting in a classroom. I am a pescatarian (I only eat fish, no other meat) and believe that food heals the soul and feeds the mind. I am very passionate about not consuming meat products and have done a fair share of research as to why humans should consume this type of food. On the lighter side, I am extremely sarcastic and value having a sense of humor very much. I love the small things in life as well, such as eating dinner together, spending time chatting and even just sitting in the same room together. On the other hand, I do consider myself quite independent and do enjoy my alone time to recharge my social battery. While I enjoy small talk, I also love participating in deep conversation to really get to know each other. I find it quite entertaining. I plan forming meaningful relationships with those I meet as I globe trot for the next year or two, hopefully that next person is you!

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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe

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    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I am skilled in a few areas; I am not an expert in anything, but I am versed in a few skills I have learned over the course of my life. I am a quick learner and have a desire to learn new skills as I start my journey traveling the world.

    - Computer programs
    - Photography
    - Website creation and regulation
    - Social media management
    - I have taken a computer science course, I know how to function a computer/ Tablet/ Phone. From social media to computer programs I am proficient in almost anything technology related.
    - Being born in the age of technology, I have grown up with all kinds of devices and am a quick learner when it comes to new programs.

    - I have babysat for 7+ years with children ages 2-10
    - I love interacting, teaching and learning with children and creating an environment to foster their young minds
    - I have had experience with nightly routines and putting kids to bed.
    - I love caring and nurturing children and can teach English or help converse with children who are trying to improve their conversational English.

    - I have been playing piano for about 5-6 years on and off.
    - I can teach piano, but I currently teach myself by memorization.

    - Soccer (futbol) was my childhood sport and I continued playing in high school up until now.
    - I have a passion for the sport and love sports in general
    - Being active is one of my favorite things and I believe that exercise is important on a daily basis
    - I know how to play just about any sport and enjoy playing with anyone.

    Farm experience/ Gardening
    - I have grown up visiting my grandfather's farm year after year and learning all the functions of his farm.
    - I have learned how to tend to farm animals such as the zebu (miniature cow) that he raised
    - I know how to garden and have grown up around a tangerine grove and watched as he harvested annual fruit.
    - I am comfortable around all kinds of animals (horses, cows, dogs, cats, birds etc.)
    - I have personally owned a multitude of animals, including dogs, cats, rodents, ducks etc.
    - I know how to ride horses as I have attended camps throughout my life that have educated me on tackle and more

    - I have grown up making home cooked meals with my family and have grown to love cooking.
    - I am a pescatarian and know how to work with tofu, as that is a part of my daily diet.
    - Being creative in the kitchen is incredibly exciting
    - Cooking is a vital part of family bonding and brings communities together.
    - To feed the body is to feed the mind and eating healthy is incredibly crucial
    - However, I believe that everything in moderation is good
    - I know how to operate kitchen appliances and utensils
    - In my previous job I was worked as a chef in the kitchen and served hundreds of guests.
    - I learned to make specialty meals to accommodate allergies in guests and was very good at following directions in the kitchen.

    - I worked for a resort and helped in the housekeeping department for a few months
    - I have learned how to turn over and keep clean rooms and cabins.
    - I can thoroughly clean kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

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    Englisch: Fließend

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    I am interested in learning - French - Spanish - German I am capable of teaching - English

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    I am a super curious person and an open to learning just about anything. I hope to bring a few things to the table myself. I really enjoy playing any card games (I grew up playing card games) and board games. I do enjoy watching T.V. or reading a book in my down time to recharge at the end of the day. I absolutely adore day trips and love little adventures. So travelling on my time off to the surrounding areas will be something I hope to do. Arts and crafts is also something I am fond of doing with others, whether that be drawing, painting or building something. Back home my dad and I would make spoon rings so I enjoy all kinds of crafts. I am also an active person so I love hiking, kayaking, swimming, snowboarding, biking and more!

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      I am a pescatarian- I only eat fish and no other meat