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    I'm Giacomo and, if I had to pick only one word that describes myself, I would choose curious.
    Since I was a child the most valuable things I learned were from deconstructing the items I owned to understand how they worked.
    I believe it’s very likely the same for countries: I’d rather live in a place instead of just visiting it.
    Learning through observation and making things it’s what led me to change both many jobs and many hobbies, since when I felt I knew enough about a topic, the initial thrust of enthusiasm often faded away.
    Now I’m confident enough to leave and help others with the things I already know, perfect my social skills and learn something new.

    Hello everyone, I'm Silvia, I'm 31 and I'm ready to start my next journey!
    The most important thing that I will take with me is my job; I've been a professional dressmaker for over 10 years now.
    It may seem a bit naïve but I have committed to this activity with the precise intention of changing the world: one dress at a time, in fact, I hope to convince people to drop fast fashion, harmful for us and the environment, in place of more ethical and aware purchases.
    I would like to embrace even more the motto "Reduce Reuse Recycle" and perfect it from my future hosts!
    I hope, along my way, to become one of those who take care of bodies and souls of those who decide to leave their own country, looking for a better life. One of the most rewarding experiences was teaching a refugee how to sew: I’d like to see his smile again on many other faces!

    As you may have noticed from our presentation, I Silvia can hardly keep my feet on the ground, while I Giacomo am very practical.
    But our path converges on a common goal: acquire a greater awareness.
    The more we will understand and identify ourselves with the surroundings, the more we will appreciate and respect what is different from us.

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    Here Silvia: If I’ve to describe my abilities, I would say that I’m a really versatile person and I’m able to learn new skills in a pinch.
    My life has not been particularly adventurous, so more than practical crafts I’ve always focused on my communication.
    I think I am a very empathetic person, with a strong ethic, fascinated by the power of dialogue and confrontation.
    I love people, and I have always done my best to be comfortable among the most diverse ones.
    I like to talk through the internet: over time I have focused on online communication, especially through Facebook pages.
    Since life is not only about chitchats, I also get by with cooking, in household chores, I like to unleash my creativity and, at the same time, I’m not scared by heavy work.
    I love sharing my knowledge, whether it be teaching Italian, my mother tongue, or tailoring techniques, my greatest passion.
    And who knows how many new skills I will learn during my journey!

    Here Giacomo: One of my main hobbies was photography but overtime I slowly switched to videomaking and it evolved into real work: first working for a broadcasting company and later on teaching the trade to other people.
    However, I love working with my hands and not just with my mind.
    Among my jobs, working as a blacksmith and construction worker, aiding my brother with his house renovation project and crafting custom furniture, taught me skills such as woodworking, metalworking, electrical works and general construction.
    Since I’m cheap, I often did small housework on my own, such as painting, gardening and fixing stuff from computers to forniture.
    You can find my passion for science and experimentation in everything I do, especially cooking: I always try new dishes and recipes replacing common ingredients with something more available in the place where I am.

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