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    Hi! I am Emelyne, a French native from Brittany (the celtic/buttery/mostbeautiful region of France). After some time spent in academics/research in England, I have decided to see more of the world, to go learn from people and places, feel useful, and share good moments!! My background is in wildlife conservation and community engagement. I am absolutely passionate and curious about all tools/techniques/mindsets that contribute to sustain or regenerate ecosystems, people included. But above all else, I love to discover and get inspired by new cultures and traditions, meet passionate people and new non-humans teachers of all sorts, share a good laugh and live adventurously.

    I am quite creative: I love to have the constraint of using what's available around me to create art and/or useful installation (like an insect hotel; you'll find a picture on my portfolio of the one I've designed/set up in a french castle). I have created my first art collection during lockdown, using an old tapestry technique and 100% second hand/scavenged from charity shops materials. I also trained myself on graphic design and got a pretty good grasp of the Adobe suite. I like doing DIY things and have a good eye for decoration.

    I have a can-do attitude, positive mindset and chilled personality! I am very adaptable, hard-working and open-minded, having done all sorts of jobs (working in hospitality, as English teacher, house/street-keeper, and even as a military police officer) & spent quite a lot of time on the road, mainly in France and South Africa, but also Rwanda, Uganda, Comoros, Nepal, Kyrgystan, a lot of European countries, and my birthland near Australia, New Caledonia.

    I have recently found a new voice, as a children book writer. While searching the literature for my new-born niece, I discovered that children books on ecological transition / social & environmental justice and regeneration / women empowerement, were rare and some are even downright depressing (like "a polar bear picking up on its raft an orangutan and other endangered friends to go hang out on a desert island with the dodo, an extinct species, and look at the sunset together" type of thing...), giving children very few hopes and keys for the future, and motivation to become change agents. So I have set to write my first three engaged, not oversimplistic stories, through which I want to give children a sense of hope, possibilities and call on the nurturing of their imagination, creativity and connection/engagement with their growing selves (especially for girls), communities and Nature.

    What else could I say.. If I am to be missing on a day off, you will probably find me at local craft markets, asking a tons of questions, or else hiking, snorkelling/diving, learning about plants & other wildlife in the area...
    I love my country and love to share stories and traditions with people who like the 'French touch'. Of course totally cool if you don't! I do want to hear your stories though, and hopefully make some new ones with you!!

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    Kunst & Design
    Heimwerken & DIY
    Politik & Soziales
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    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet

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    • Happy to help with posters, presentations, infographics, promotional content. Good skills on graphic design: Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop + After Effects (see some few examples in my pictures; the plateform doesn't allow me to share pure illustrations, but am happy to do so on demand).
    + Video editing (Premier Pro).
    -> I travel with my own computer with the Adobe Suite 2020, a good camera and a gopro7 that makes quite nice footages.

    • I have good people skills and some experience in hospitality (mainly eco-backpackers and community-run lodges in Africa, and B&B in France)
    • A strong work ethic and can-do attitude for any kind of odd jobs.

    • I have a strong research background so I can definitely help with scientific writing, proposals, etc. I could also help in designing social sciences and ecological surveys (although it's been a while I haven't put these particular skills in practice, my last research having been focused on online trade, so I would need some time to dive back in, prior hand)

    • Ongoingly learning about permaculture and like getting my hands in the soil. Some farm animal husbandry skills + experience of beekeeping. I make some of my own natural cosmetics/treatments, and like to share & learn new recipes.

    • Some DIY skills and particularly love upcycling, repainting furniture, etc.

    • I am not a social media wizard but I have some knowledge and can stretch myself in there if needed!

    • I have some beginner skills on Wordpress that I am keen to develop by doing (currently setting up my own blog with DIVI on wordpress, and helped an NGO in the UK updating its blog for a couple of months)

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    I am eager to become fluent in Spanish! Interested in Dutch as well + I am always keen on learning as much as I can on the local language where I am working. I could teach through conversation both English and French. Teaching a class would require some skills development on my side but am eager to learn!

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      Yes, I have been diagnosed with a few food allergies BUT nothing life-threatening. I am very flexible in community; and know what to eat less of to not get head/stomach aches and fatigue.

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      Red meat and tuna are difficult for me to eat, but I will always be grateful for a meal and keep fussiness aside.