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    Hi! :) I’m Daniele and I’m 24 years old.
    I'm currently living in Barcona after some months of backpacking and Workaway experiences through Spain and Catalunya, but I'm always looking for new adventurous people, so feel free to text me if you want to share whatever crazy ideas and projects!
    I was studying in Turin for two years and a half, then Covid spread out and I had to go back in my city living with my parents and I felt that my life was interrupted and paused and now i want to take it back doing someting good for myself!
    People around me say that I’m a sunny, positive, motivated and dynamic person, and I’d like to add that I’m very trustful in humanity. Maybe i could be a little bit dreamy for someone, but trusting the world around me is what makes me move. Positivity is my engine and i cant let myself lose that.
    I love to be amazed by the little and simple things that in everyday life are taken for granted. I love nature and any outdoor activity, i've been practicing free climbing (in nature, i've never been in a gym, but i would love to try) since one year and canoe at a competitive level since I was ten.
    I’m from Italy, precisely from a beautiful island called Sardinia. Right now my main goal is to make new life experiences, the more varied the better, I want to challenge me with new realities: i feel the need to learn new things and skills.
    I've traveled since october 2021 to December. Then I've decide to stop some months in Barcelona, probably until may or June and maybe look for a job while being focused on my on-line studies. it's crazy how plan and perspectives can change, one day I was traveling and now I have a daily life here with new people and experiences! but that's the beautiful part of life!
    If you are in my area just text me and let's catch up! no reason needed, let's just do it!
    if you have adventures to share even better!

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    What can I say... I've always studied (with good results!), I’ve never worked a lot but this summer I occasionally worked as a waiter (when needed by the restaurant) and I loved it!
    From this job I understood how much I like to work in contact with people… for someone working in the catering world could be stressfull or very hard… but for me was very enriching (I have to thank for that the good vibes that were in the restaurant, I know that it’s rare, at least in my city.)

    But my main experiences and skills come from my activity as a student representative… I had the possibility to talk in front of a big audience and I learned what it means to have the responsability of hundrends of student in a context of burocracy and duties. I've worked to organize politcal events but also lots of social sharing moments as parties, music and cultural events.
    I like to do things as better as I can, whatever the task is! That's the main thing I can ensure about me! I can make mistakes, maybe a lot of mistakes, but
    I promise I will do whatever I can to improve my abilities and to finish my work as best as I can. I will put all of myself in everything I’ll have to do!

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    always up for new lenguages! right now my gol is to improve my Spanish, learn German and maybe try to experience some Catalan.

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    I'm really interested in sport!
    Especially those who involve outdoor activities, this year I've been doing lot of mountain trekking, and mountaing biking, swimming (in the sea!), jogging!
    This all by myself.. I've already mentioned free climbing and canoeing (particularly I do Canoe Polo!)
    Also this year ive starting being interested in bushcrafting and preparedness (notice that i just like the idea of being self sufficient and independent, im not into some kind of ideologies or conspiracy theories ahahha) but I dont know much and REALLY wanna learn more about that!
    What else? Im graduated in political sciences with a special focus on the globalisation challenge, i do read everyday about international politics, and issues, and I'm really into social challenges.. in my life i would like to work in the field of immigration.. in Italy it is very challenging, especially for the intollerance due to the nationalism and the spreading racism. I would like to do someting for improve the integration in a cauntry that could be multicultal and mestizo in a very good way.

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      I'm intollerant to gluten and lactose! But notice that I AM NOT celiac, so I can eat gluten (like pizza or pasta) one time per week!



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