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    Hello, My name is Daeun Lee, 21 years old South Korean.
    I am an Engineering student and worked in Korean IT company as a broadcast channel presenter and voice actor. I also worked as a freelancer translator and English teacher.

    As you see, all of my jobs were related to the area of "communication". This shows that I am quite interested in cultural exchange and sharing insights with a lot of people and language / media was one of these tools.

    Beside of cultural exchange, I would love to challenge for various activities like cooking, gardening, housework and construction work-with the experience of fixing J47 aircraft engine, I can apply to physically demanding jobs-- Together!!

    I feel happiness when I give help and socialize, share opinions/insights. Any chance to broaden my perspective is always welcomed.

    This was the reason why I made so many international exchange student friends in Seoul.
    And among them, I became friends with my precious German friends whom made me decide to travel Germany.
    Although I have indirect experience to German culture through my German friends, the more I get to hear about Germany, intrigued me so much that I had no choice but to buy my flight tickets to Berlin eventually.

    I heard Berlin is one of the most exciting and beautiful city in the world and I would really be appreciative to socialize with locals friends in Berlin and experience local culture, share my Asian culture as well.

    Wish to hear from you and Bis Bald!

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    Firstly, since I grew up in countryside, it was certain tasks for me to do cleaning, cooking, gardening, and even household maintenance.
    When I was in volunteering camp of Berlin 4 years ago, I used to cook for 10 coworkers in there almost everyday and they loved my Korean dish.
    I am also a huge fan of baking, I know how to make South African dessert 'Milk tart' and the other bakeries--if you have oven, I can make them for you.

    Second, I can work on household maintenance and outdoor labor
    --For example I used to fix aircraft engines and plane cowls in my major practice room (including rivet work)
    Also, my dad is working on his dome house building project and I participated by cutting materials, painting, piling up bricks for years now,

    Third, I have various experience in childcare and education.
    Starting from 2018, I volunteered in a Kenyan orphanage to take care of kids aging from 3 to 15 years old. In the daytime I taught them computers and science and in the night time I sang lullaby for toddlers.
    When I came back to Korea I took a babysitter job and continued until I moved to English Entertainment presenter job for children's show.
    After that, I worked in English learning institutions and there I created musical class for children and let them enjoy learning through dancing, singing.
    I have passion for children and even young students, so if you have children, I would love to spend quality time with them!

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    *I am fully vaccinated.

    Just to add more, I love taking records in any form. So if you want to make a video for memory I would love to join! Or I can do it for you! I know how to edit videos with certain apps and set up creative events in there.
    Also, I once worked in agency as a model and featured in my college school magazine which led me to have a huge interest in photography and modeling. I am regularly updating my profile/ studio pics on my Instagram -@dannyjenny2020. If you're interested, let's follow each other!

    Do you also love walking around and cafe tour? Perhaps we can do that too!
    I love contemplating in a cozy cafe, writing daily diary in my leisure time.

    Since I used to explore around night of Seoul(capital city of South Korea) by cycling, I am planning to do cycling trip in Berlin as well.

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