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    Hi ! I'm Camille, I live in Brittany, in western France

    During this summer, I intend to visit Denmark and Sweden. I have traveled a lot with my family, but I have never set foot there, even if those countries have always attracted me. I can't wait to discover new cultures !
    I love to meet new people and share each other's experiences around a drink (or without according your preferences of course haha). I believe that everyone has something to teach to others. I really look forward to heard about your stories :)

    Let's talk about me ! I have always live in my parents house, in the city of Lorient. I have two big brothers that I love. I'm very comfortable about family environment, especially with warm and funny home. I'm however so happy to become independant ; next year, I will leave there for my medecine/chemistry studies.
    I think I'm an easy-going girl. I seek tolerance, open-mindedness and communication. I hate and avoid conflicts. I like sharing chill and great vibes with everyone and laugh a lot, I hope it will be our case.
    On a daily basis, I love theatre, listening rock music, cooking, crafting, playing piano, going out with my friends, watching animes and series, practicing a bit of sport too.
    I enjoy parties in town such as the peaceful atmosphere of a forest in the middle of nowhere. I guess I'm a flexible person haha.

    During my trip, I would like being surrounded by local culture as much as a single week per work-away provides it. I'm really open to your suggestions of activities to do, although I have already inquired about it : I hope you could indicate me (or join me ?) for visiting the cities, canoeing or hiking, picking berries, or to enjoy a sauna for exemple (please tell me it's still common in summer...?)
    I'm also very interrested about your way of life : I heard about the hygge in Denmark or the Fika in Sweden, I'm curious to feel it with you :)

    I'm pretty involved in ecology struggle, but I have a lot of progress to do. That's why I want to learn new behaviours for a better mode of consumption. France is less commited in environment stuff than northen Europe, so I'm sure you have a lot to teach me. I'm already vegetarian (by the way, if you're not, it will not be an issue : I can easily settle for your side dish and cook my own green protein). I am comfortable with vegan meals too.

    See ya !

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    This is my first experience as a work-awayer, so I don't have skills often asked by guests : I don't know how to do carpentry or build a fence for exemple, but I'm ready to learn ! Be free to teach me whatever you can, I'm very motivated and happy to help.

    Nevertheless, I enjoy taking care of children and animals. I have done a lot of babysitting since my teenage years, I have a good feeling with kids. Then I have always got a cat. I'm definitely a cat person, a dog person, a rabbit person, or "add-any-animal" person, so no problem to give love to your pets :)
    Next, as I already said, I love cooking, but only vegetarian/vegan dishes. I'm of course okay as well to share with you my recipes, and I hope you could teach me back your own
    Then, I have a lot of creativity to express by drawing, painting, sewing, making origami, on any support with any technic. I'm crazy about DIY. I would be happy to custom, or perhaps design something together ?
    I have also worked for the cafeteria of my high school as a kind of waitress/stocks manager ; I have had to oversee the place, to serve drinks and sweets, and to handle the stocks.
    I can finally cut wood, garden, clean and tidy up the house, or achieve any task you want.

    When I'm working, I'm independant, you won't have to look after me all day long, even if I prefer working together for a more pleasant moment. I am serious, conscientious, I like job well done. I am obviously careful to clean my workspace after I have finished. I am not affraid about hard work.
    Finally, I'm really not upset about comments you may have, I think communication is the key for a healthy environment and it permets me to progress, so feel free to tell me everything you want.

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    I would like to improve my English, but I also think learning a new language is always a great apportunitie ! I can teach French if you want

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    In this covid period, I'm awared about the importance of safe behaviours. I guess it will be complicated to respect all distances and other measures if we live together, but I always keep them in mind in public. I will also get a PCR test before each work-aways.
    Moreover, please excuse me if I am compelled to cancel my trip at the last moment because of health situation.

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      I'm vegetarian : I don't eat meat or seafood.