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    There are a couple of things that bring me motivation in life. First and foremost, I just love travelling and exploring new places. It brings me happiness and refreshes my mind from the daily routine, as well as it brings me joy even when the day may seem to be the dullest day ever. Furthermore, I love learning! Learning about different people, nations, cultures, languages, places and lots of other things which help me to understand how the world works a little bit better. Furthermore, learning also shows how diverse and beautiful our world is. Learning is a huge part of my life, which usually comes together with travelling hand in hand. Now, in 2021, we live in a quite complicated time which makes such things as travelling and exploring new places harder. Nevertheless, sometimes even going to a place that is near to you and exploring it, helps you to understand better what surrounds you and makes you even more content than some very long and distant travels. In the end, that is is just my recipe for happiness and motivation. I believe that different people may have other ingredients in their recipes that catalyse them, as well as bring them joy.

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    Until this moment, I had the opportunity to experience a lot, from working in different positions to living in different countries. As a geography and spatial planning graduate, I am quite experienced with GIS software (ArcGIS), some designing tolls, as well as Microsoft Office Suite. All the years that I had spent working on my degree helped me to advance my writing and public speaking skills, as well as get more familiar with such social research techniques as interviewing and conducting surveys. Furthermore, in all these years I had the opportunity to volunteer at music and film festivals, which contributed to the development of communication and management skills. On the other hand, I also had the chance to try myself working in the hospitality and retail sectors, so such positions as a waiter, cashier, housekeeper and other similar positions are quite familiar to me. Working in these sectors helped me to develop my organizational and communication skills even more. In the end, having to combine studying and working also helped me gain a better grasp of multitasking and time management.

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Lithuanian: Fließend
    Russisch: Gute Kenntnisse
    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Französisch: Grundkenntnisse

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    As I love learning about different cultures, I think the best way of how to understand them better is learning languages. As currently I reside in Canada, I would love to get a better grasp of the French language. That would be a great and fulfilling experience, which could hopefully help me to explore not only new cultures, but it would also help me to meet and know better people in Canada, Europe, Africa and elsewhere where French is spoken. So anyone who could help me to learn this beautiful language, pourriez-vous m'apprendre un peu de francais? In return, I could teach you some phrases in one of the oldest languages in the world. Intriguing, right? If it is, just hit me up with a message and we can become language companions!

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    I am down for any board game. Just tell me how the game is played and I am ready to play! Even though I am not a huge geek for board games, but I really enjoy playing various board games, from Monopoly to Uno, and from Alias to various other board and card games which do probably need no introduction. Other hobbies that I have I would say are more 'outdoorsy'. To name a few, they would be hiking, skiing, cycling and swimming.

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