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    I am currently on work away in Las Galeras República Dominicana. My first language is English.
    Soy un hablante principiante de español y estoy feliz de poder ayudarte a practicar inglés.

    Mein nächstes Reiseziel:

    Arizona, United States - von Mär 2022 bis Mai 2022
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    Greetings, world family!

    I value human connection most, which is at the forefront of my travel desires. I am a heavy lifter and strive to work to my entire abilities. I most appreciate relationship-building wherever possible. The amount of people's strength and generosity in assisting others and, most of all, their grace when they most need it humbles me.

    With the benefits of being rooted in various communities and exchanging mutual support over the years, I've lived a diverse, rewarding life. Now traveling beyond limitations indefinitely, I can support people and their communities by working and volunteering where I'm needed.

    My most enriching extended travel stays so far have been in Senegal, Japan, Mexico, across the U.S., and most recently, the Dominican Republic.

    About me: I am vaccinated and received the booster for Covid-19. I will respect and abide by your safety rules as a workaway host.

    When not touring and traveling, I made my home base in Los Angeles. I raised my daughter, lived a life of community and service, performance and teaching. The lessons I've learned in each of those spaces have helped me grow and thrive. And at times, changing course entirely.

    Through my travels, I allow for a greater sense of involvement. Please explore my skills section below for more information. There are many sections, but they are all titled to make it easier to find what you need. I can also respond to messages with any questions you may have.

    I've been connected to the community throughout my life through volunteer service. We have all experienced unexpected turns in life. Many of my earnings have revolved around personalized service to people across several industries during twists and turns.

    I love helping people clean out, organize and be their accountability partner. I'm a heavy lifter who has successfully helped give people a restart in their lives when tasks have become overwhelming. Sometimes we need some hand-holding support and I'm just that type of person in service to others.

    I'm a long-time pet and house sitter for those needed care for their home and animal children.

    I have a background in theatre performance and stage management. I've enjoyed a career touring as an ice show skater and coach. I also managed a fitness studio where I created popular workout programs.

    I've worked on the Internet remotely when I was raising my daughter in her younger years. Today I can perform copywriting and content writing for small organizations and businesses.

    I earned top trade sales in the U.S. for a well-known luxury brand. I've worked in large and small event productions, restaurants, bars. I served, cleared, and cleaned in the houses of celebrities and served as a dressing room attendant for the performers at the Hollywood Bowl. I've cleared brush on properties where wildfires are common.

    A volunteering environment can bring people together and create a sense of community. (you can view my volunteer involvement in the skills section)

    So, if you have an idea that might fit my experiences and skills or are willing to share your talents to continue your vision, please reach out! Let's not forget to play!

    Update November 10, 2021: ¿Dime a ver?
    After four months in Las Galeras, I ended my volunteer project earlier this week. I provided care for 24 ADORABLE rescued cats and their sanctuary facility during my stay. I performed extensive yard work hand pulling weeds and maintaining the garden, providing a greater understanding of the peaceful value of moving meditation. Together with other shorter-term volunteers, we painted and patched ceilings, prepared guest rooms at the hostel, and on occasion, prepared breakfast for overnight guests. Kind people, beautiful sunsets, and stunning night skies are forever memorable. As I continue a little longer with my stay here in the Dominican Republic, I'm preparing and looking forward to what's next!

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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof

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    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Betreuung von Tieren

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    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe
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    More details reflecting the "Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn" section:

    *Hospitality and Tourism:
    I have lived and worked most of my life in Los Angeles, where hospitality and tourism are huge industries. As a member of several event planning committees, I have also provided hospitality through event food and bartender service and VIP hosting and taken care of performing talent (stage manager and backstage dressing room attendant). I have participated in planning and executing many community events.

    *Pet and House sitting:
    I have experience taking care of people's cats and dogs, birds, rabbits, fish, gerbils, and turtles. I have taken care of people's homes and apartments, keeping things tidy, secure, and clean.

    I've taught dance and ice skating to children and adults. I've developed original workouts to instruct groups and individuals. Previously, I was a creative movement instructor and managed a boutique studio. I have tutored children with homework and English with ESL students at our local recreation center as a volunteer. My experience as a volunteer daycare worker ranges from infants to children up to 10 years old.

    As a mother with an adult child, I have experience nurturing and promoting creativity. While my child was in elementary school, I helped with fundraising ideas such as movie night, art play, and sports activities and volunteered in her school during events. I have decades of experience caring for children at home, babysitting, tutoring, daycare play, teaching ice skating, creative movement, theatre, arts, and crafts. Additionally, I have served as a chaperone for school and church events. As a mother who raised her daughter on her own (now age 27), I also know and empathize with what it takes to raise a child independently.

    *Art Projects:
    I have a theatre performance and stage management background. I enjoy creating art from various materials. Group projects that leverage art, such as community activism and charity projects, are my favorite. I am especially interested in learning from people who up-cycle and create found object art and any other art projects that can be shared and learned. Furthermore, I am interested in working on any physical movement art project requiring improvisation or choreography as in performance art.

    *Community Volunteer:
    Providing tenants with outreach and casework through the -Los Angeles Tenants Union -Support and protection of our neighbors living outside through including additional support for our vulnerable LGBT community members -Street Watch LA -Assisting local organizations with the distribution of food through the -Hollywood Food Coalition -Community event planning and event execution through the organization -Peace Day LA -Direct action disruption street theatre focusing on housing education, policy change, and renter rights -Provide tutoring to low-income elementary school children (including ESL), through our local parks and recreation department -Support and outreach for low-income single parents through the -Single Parent Network -Animal shelter volunteer at -Best Friends of Los Angeles

    *Performing Arts/Fitness/Instruction:
    Theatre performance, Touring Ice Show skater: Leader of groups and private lessons, instructor for pole dancing and fitness (original workout using indoor cycling bikes), wellness coach, boutique fitness manager, stage performer (dance, theatre), choreographer

    * Practical computer skills and experience:
    Internet researcher, copywriting, content writing, administrative work, customer service, data entry, social media management (non-profit); Digital App Artwork (hobby)

    *Sales/Marketing: As a top sales representative, telesales representative, brand ambassador, and advisor for clients

    * Radio guest coordinator and researcher for an author who hosted a weekly show that promoted authors

    Serving as a restaurant food server, bartender, cocktail server, host, restaurant/pub assistant manager, cashier, catering captain, server, bartender (heavy lifting, setup, service, and breakdown), large scale events for concerts, corporations, and communities

    *Home maintenance:
    I have some small tasks around the house (such as painting) but I am intrigued by the idea of learning how to build, repair and renovate. -It's even been my pleasure to hand detail fine automobiles!

    *Provide house sitting, care, and love pet sitting (cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, birds, fish) for you and your family.

    *Housekeeping and deep cleaning, Organization of personal belongings

    * Gardening: I particularly enjoy pulling weeds! Planting for personal landscaping projects is all I have done so far, and I'm keen to learn more about gardening and farming.

    *The Farmstay experience: none yet, but strongly desired and actively pursuing

    *Companionship for the elderly:
    As my neighbor aged, she had difficulty doing things for herself, so I spent time caring for her. In addition to cooking, cleaning, and organizing her home, I made sure she checked her insulin levels and took all of her medications. As well as enjoying her Salsa music, we shared quite a few dancing sessions. My purpose in being there was to be with her as companionship, enjoying her life story and sharing giggles, and she was certainly mine!

    -I cared for my grandmother during the months of her ultimately successful cancer treatments, including bathing, hair, nail care, housekeeping, and making her feel comfortable. When she was unable to travel to her regular salon, I styled her hair, and we had a humorous time seeing her in her brand-new "do."

    *Cooking family meals: I have basic cooking skills. I also prepare a few special meals I share and clean up after myself. I like to prep and clean up so others can create. To become more expansive, I am especially interested in learning more from others. I'm always available to prep the food and clean up afterward!

    I have many transferrable skills and open to new adventures with you!

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    Englisch: Fließend
    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse

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    I am a native English speaker. I know a bit of Spanish. I practice to become fluent. I am interested in learning languages together.

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    Regarding Workaways involving Children:

    Our children can be our greatest teachers, and I enjoy nurturing them and spending time with them. In my teaching style, I promote kindness and empathy, letting children take things at their own pace, so that they can trust and participate.

    Children and teenagers spend most of their time with me learning movement (dance, skating, and creative play). With my babysitting experience, I've cared for children of all ages.

    One of my volunteer activities has been tutoring elementary-aged children who are also ESL. In my neighborhood YMCA, I supported day care for children up to age ten.

    As a school volunteer, I offered a variety of ways to assist activities during the elementary years. I am always interested in hearing about children's experiences and exploring different parenting methods.

    After my daughter turned age 12, we decided to homeschool rather than continue attending public schools near our home. Together, we found a way that worked, and I have been able to assist others contemplating or beginning homeschooling. Every child is different, so there is no single method of instruction.

    I look forward to being a part of your workaway!

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