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    Being in the fresh air, staying active, climbing hills, reading, yoga, Gaelic studies and chasing faeries.

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    Scotland, United Kingdom - bis Sep 2090
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    Update: January 2022
    I'm officially fully jabbed and boosted!

    I have spent the last decade in Portland, Oregon, USA, originally, I am from central California; I have worked with tools, the earth, and children for all of my 31 years, children more so, but not for lack of want. I grew up with a professional gardener, climbing apple, cherry, and apricot trees; asking endless questions, in our hillocks of roses, about compost and why apples seemed to be a part of everything we did. That professional gardener was also a travelling, professional artist, going on long tours of shows, I was always there to lend a hand when it was time to paint the walls of the displays, or fix some minor problem. We lived in a semi-rural village, and had horses living down the street from us, that I was always keen to brush and hand feed vegetables. At the time, my best friend’s family owned the shop in town, we spent many happy afternoons and weekends stocking shelves, sorting the back room, and learning to count change at the register whenever our teachers would come in. When I was 10 I spent a year at a prestigious prep school, where I was given daily care of my own horse, mucking out her stall, exercising her, as well as daily riding lessons. When I was 12 I entered a school that had woodworking as well as metal working in the curriculum, Waldorf School, I was taught to make pottery, toys, shields, a long side how to respect tools, and safety measures. In high school, I was part of a pioneer class, where the students were just as much creators of the school as the teachers were, going as far as to make a classroom or two of furniture out of repurposed building material. Other classes that were offered were things like: archery, car mechanics, cooking, fencing, rock climbing, jewelry making, rock carving, and basket weaving along with the normal subjects.

    Now comes the question of: But why Scotland? I’ll tell you right now - it’s not because of any book or TV show. I have always been interested in genealogy, my own family’s being of a special interest since we have several dark horses in the branches of our family tree. Everything I look into, everyone, always ends up being Scottish, or, having been born outside of their parents homeland - fighting to be Scottish; but no one ever got back after the clearings. The more I found, the more pulled I felt, the more homesick I was for a place I had never been, the more sure I was that I had to go - even if it was going to be the disappointment everyone warned me it would be. I went, and Scotland was more beautiful, more heart warming, more of a home than I could have ever dreamed up. It has been a rocky road finding a more permanent way to be there, pandemics being the most inconvenient, but I’m still determined, I still feel the pull, and the homesickness.

    This is all to say; that I grew up doing things by hand, I love doing so, I know a handful about various things and am eager to expand that. I want to live a simple life, I am happy in my own company, or in the company of others; I aim to learn as much about Gaelic culture as I can, and live in the Scottish Highlands until I turn into the clay.

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    Englisch: Fließend
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    Gaelic (Scottish): Grundkenntnisse

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    I am a fast learner, quick in motion as well as crisis, moreover, I absolutely love working, learning, being active, and feeling purposeful. Pre-COVID I worked at an Earth based Nursery & Preschool where I was one of three teachers at any given time, looking over as many as 20 (18 month - 5 year old) children at a time. At this school the garden was vital to our curriculum as well as our nutrition; our wheat made the bread we had all year, our tomatoes were not only a bonus to our lunches and snacks but also how we showed our love and devotion to our community. The kids learned about the cycle of life, the rhythm of the work and also the gratification of the harvest. Our landscaped backyard that we were constantly and consistently working in, was a world away for our students as well as teachers. I didn’t think picking up English Oak leaves by the bushel full, would be my favorite part of the day, but watching the kids dutifully doing the same, hearing how they understood why we had to pick them up, and that it was everyone’s responsibility, was unspeakably rewarding.

    Before I got to the preschool, I worked as a yoga facilities manager; fixing lights, painting walls, installing new paper towel holders, thinking of cost saving solutions, along with a long list of other daily, stocking and maintenance tasks. Alongside that I was a nanny to an infant for two years; reading books, rocking to sleep, changing diapers, making meals, going on planned outings, potty training and a bounty more. I also, briefly, worked at a plant nursery; watering plants, restocking potted plants, giving recommendations to customers, retaining (sometimes hastily) given knowledge. Previous to this, all my job experience consisted of hospitality, everything from a seating hostess, to a person who hands out flyers on a corner, to bartender and server, to Innkeeper, to Lyft driver.

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    I am a very positive person, I love rainbows and sparkles and getting my hands dirty and smiling from ear to ear while I do it; I walk a very odd, fine line between lavishly feminine and rigidly practical - it's interesting :) I am very active, I can often be found doing yoga, going on a run, or, in balance, laying in the sun like a cat, beneath 700 soft blankets in a good book/film. I read mostly faerie tales, folk lore, Celtic history, or heart wrenching fiction. I also very much enjoy singing, which is not reflected in the quality of my voice, mostly in enthusiasm, and aim to see as much live music as I can when in Alba :)

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      Potatoes (It's painful for me too, but I can have sweet potatoes and yams), Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Diary, Refined Sugar, Sulfates, Phosphates, Whey Protein, Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas

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      I do eat meat, but have absolutely no problem going pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan; having dabbled in all of the diets at various times of my life :)