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    23.09.2015 - 05.10.2019

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    I'm Anna from Canada! I grew up in a big family, and love being around people. I also value times of solitude, and believe in a life of balance. Being outside, and getting down in the dirt is where I really feel at peace. I spend most of my time outdoors, and love anything to do with exploring, and being at one with nature. I love to garden, and learn about sustainability, and nutrition. I have a strong interest in herbal medicine, and holistic healing. I have a strong passion for environmentalism, spirituality, community, and living a life of quality. I live my life as healthily as possible, causing as little negative impact on the planet as I can. I practice yoga, meditation, and love to bike, and walk through the woods. I am very good at spending time alone, and can also be very social and love getting to know new people. We all have such intricate stories, and I would love to hear yours, and share with you my own. I am Vegan, and I love to cook, as long as there is mutual respect, my lifestyle will not interfere with yours. I love animals wildly, and would be honoured to spend any time with your pets! I find cleaning relaxing, and love to organize. I have lots of experience with childcare, and love children. I have worked with my family's painting business growing up, and have five years experience with professional painting, and have no problem working hard, and doing physical labour. I also play the ukulele, and love music, creative writing, I paint, and love all forms of art. My goal is to meet different people from around the world, share what I know, and learn from what you know. Hopefully meeting people with similar interests along the way, sharing moments, and helping each other as much as we can!

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I have lots of experience in cooking, and dealing with food and am certified for food safety level 1. I took culinary classes during my five years of secondary school, and find a lot of joy and energy for work in the kitchen. I have a passion for healthy eating, and creating nutrient rich meals. I have done intensive research into nutrition, and human biology over the past three years of being vegan to guarantee success on this lifestyle. To make sure I'm taking care of my body in the most optimal way. I can be flexible in situations where certain food are only available, but for the most part I eat only plants.

    I have gardening experience through my own home and mountain garden, that we've had for the past three years. I have a passionate love for plants, and meet any work in the garden with a smile. This year we had a lovely yield of tomatoes, lettuces, root vegetables, squashes, various fruits, peas, and plenty other earthly treasures! We currently just garden to feed the family, but gardening on a larger scale is a huge interest, and I would love to learn more about it. I also have done some landscaping work, and plant care over the years. I love to compost, and work as sustainably, and respectfully with the earth we are given as I can.

    I have worked in childcare for the last ten years, and love spending time with children. I've looked after many different ages, (two months old to ten years) and find connecting with different types of children very rewarding and inspiring, child development and care is one of my greatest passions. I love to play, get active, have fun, and approach children with a deep understanding and respect for what they have to teach us, and provide nurturing care in return. I was raised by fabulous parents, and instil all their wonderful attributes and qualities when I am caring for children. I believe in spending as much time unplugged as possible, getting back to nature and our roots to learning. I would love to help your children with English, and take care in whatever way you need.

    I have a high skill set in painting. Completing jobs from start to finish, working carefully, and taking all proper procedures to create a lasting, quality paint job. I have grown up with a father who painted houses for a living. As we grew he would take us with him to his job sites, and teach us all that he knew. We began many years back with our own rooms as children, and slowly move up to the more serious paint jobs. Eventually getting to the point where we would paint full exteriors of houses, completing countless jobs in the past five years. It has always been a great opportunity to work with family, while learning valuable skill sets, and completely wonderful transformations for happy people, and their homes. There is such a joy and satisfaction in completing a paint job.

    I love to work with textiles, and have vast experience in sewing and textiles. I have worked with an organic cotton textile company for the part three years, we make sustainable, reusable products that are good for you and the earth. Working with fabric is fabulous, and I can mend anything you have laying around the house. I love to get creative with it, and love spending time making my own patterns, and fabricating all sorts of lovely things!

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    English, and little Danish

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    I am a very open minded person, and am also interested in using this to learn more about life, and expand my horizon. I am adaptable to anything, and always focus on gratitude, and happiness.

    I am a hard worker, and put my full focus and heart into whatever I am doing. I am also open to constructive criticism, and of course if there were any misunderstandings to arise, I will be fully open to talk about them.

    I am a very honest and open person. Living my life as genuinely, and naturally as possible. I love to discuss philosophy, and have thought provoking conversations.

    I do not drink, smoke, or use any chemicals. It's fine if you do, I have no problem with whatever lifestyle choices you may have. I just say this, so you know I take my health very seriously, and hope to connect with people mutually interested in healthy living.

    Please contact me with any further questions, so we can begin a conversation, and get to know each other!

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