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    Hello, thank you for taking time to read my profile :)
    My name is Anna, I'm from Czech Republic and have Canadian dual citizenship. I've started Workaway during my grand American adventure this year - I've done studying and volunteering in beautiful Alaska and Western Canada (Yukon and British Columbia), and finished my dreamy trip in Mexico. My time has been so special especially thanks to experiencing different Workaway and Wwoofing stays, which taught me a lot about myself and motivated me to live a life that I truly want for myself and live according to my deep values and principles. For that reason I feel so thankful for those experiences. I left my heart in Pacific Northwest, I'm now forever drawn to places with wild ocean, tall majestic trees and extraordinary wildlife... The way I felt in those beautiful wild places is something that will stay with me forever. I'm longing to come back and explore many more places in North America. But right now I hope to continue experiencing adventures through Workaway stays here in Europe! 

    There's so much yet to be learnt and tried in life, which is such an exciting thought!! Currently I'm very motivated to learn about organic veganic farming, wild foraging, self-sufficient lifestyle, wilderness survival skills, building mini houses, riding boats/sailing, saving marine life, way of organizing life in smaller communities...among many other skills and wisdoms! 

    I am still a University student and plan to study Environmental Humanities in Venice. But I look for a way to combine my Masters which offers Dual-teaching options, with doing Workaway(s). I know it might be a unusual but basically it puts me into a similar situation as digital nomads. Not the best one and I'm aware of that, but I'm so very motivated and dedicated to do Workaways. I can't leave this community with such an amazing spirit. I never liked the normal lifestyle of a student, spending too much time stressing over digital books as well as I don't enjoy parties and  drinking alcohol... I'd much rather remember my Uni years as time when I was weeding, digging dirt and spending some quality time getting to know some lovely hosts from Workaway and being true to myself :)


    So, if you're interested in learning about me, this is my attempt to summarize myself with words.. :) I am a soul searcher, a sensitive person that struggles to fit in with most people. I refuse to follow expectations of the society, I don't care about being succesful and never plan to do a corporate job. I just want to live simply and beautifully, and be truthful to myself. If I will be able to help some kind people during my lifespan, I believe that I will lead a meaningful life. Iam an avid volunteer and love any kind of projects that bring about change to local communities I love seeing how small projects can have a lasting impact for communities and for me as well. I want to dedicate my life into bringing about social change which will be in my power. I believe that care - for other people as well as for other non-human entities - could make this world a better place. My life philosophy centres about our interconnectedness with nature and animals. I strive to do the least harm to other species that we share our world with and instead try to connect with them on a deep level. I believe this is where all those extraordinary life possibilities start!

    I love:

    • Nature - Nothing compares to being in the nature. I believe in our post-modern western society we don't have strong connection with land and water which makes us destroy those wonderful natural wonders...My big life goal is to lead new generations towards ethical change that would give end to our destroying of planet. I believe we all love nature and don't want to participate in its destroyal. I think of the possibility of becoming independent environmental educator later in my life!

    • Ocean - I am absolutely amazed by all those beautiful creatures and species that live in our oceans, that desperately need our help as oceans are in danger. I deeply love whales and find them special. It was a dream come true to see humpback whales as well as orcas and I would be just delighted to continue learning more about them, volunteer in a place where I can be closer to them and other sea animals.

    • Sustainable lifestyle and veganism - I care about the environment and try my best to live sustainably. I am anti-consumerist, but it is very hard, but at least I try not to support fast food and fast fashion industry, big exploitative companies...I am dedicated vegan mostly because of my deep love for animals, I am horrified of the cruelty of commercial meat industry. I am very supportive of animal shelters and sanctuatuaries and would love to take part in those kind of projects. But my biggest wish would be to stop this mass-scale cruelty that has no place in our world. At any case, I know I will be vegan for life for them (animal victims)

    • Social Justice Politics - I am studying lot of Social critical theory. I consider myself a political person, kind of a rebel who doesn't want to participate in societal injustices. I try to fight against the social ills happening in our society by following my moral beliefs and volunteering. I am antimilitarist and live according to nonviolence principles.I believe speaking up on those matters is important. I tolerate other political opinions, but cannot accept any form of racism, sexism or homophobia.

    • Art in all forms - I love art in all forms and it brings me passion to do anything creative. I love drawing and painting, doing crafts etc. I'm also consumer of art, I've always loved reading, both fiction and non-fiction.I also really like music, especially punk, indie and folk music...

    • Community life - I am kind of discouraged by the neoliberal individualistic ethics in our current world. I feel the loss of connection and solidarity among people that turned us into lost and unhappy people... I believe in community life being a way out of this darkness. I would truly love to experience something like this through Workaway :) Nonetheless, I am also a big fan of spending time on my own. I often struggle to find balance between being on my own and socializing, but when I meet people that I feel comfortable with, I am unstoppable! I love long deep conversations and believe to be a good listener. I am always up for meeting new people and learning about people's stories.

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    I took part in international workcamps and back home I try to get involved in many volunteering activities - helping disadvantaged communities, homeless people, rescued animals and environment. I am definitely not afraid of working with my hands! On the opposite, I always took lot of joy in doing manual work in nice outside setting. I am open to almost any kind of work, altough there are some types of work I would refuse to do because of ethical beliefs.Some things might be new to me, but if that is the case, I will be excited about the opportunity and try my best! :)

    • I worked as receptionist in international hostel back home in my hometown

    • I was a tutor for children for a couple of years, helping them with Spanish and English language. I especially like to teach through playing games, or combine teaching languages with listening to their stories and being a friendly figure to them. I'm no good at being a strict teacher to be honest :)
    I was also volunteering with Roma children who grew up in disadvantaged environments - we organized some fun weekend trips for them. I am really interested in innovative methods in education promoting multicultural values and studied it during one course in Alaska and got some wonderful inspiration from there.I'd love to continue getting more experience with it

    • I cooked plenty of vegan food for lot of people with the amazing Food Not Bombs community. I love vegan food and enjoy to share this passion with others to show them how they can stand up against large-scale violence and injustice by changing their eating habits while still eating delicious food. I would be so happy to cook and bake lot of stuff for my hosts - but it will be always be 100% vegan...

    • I've done some gardening work but I still have a lot to learn. I'm very passionate about learning it, so if you show me how, I'll ve more than grateful about working on it :)

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