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    I‘m home!

    My internship at the kindergarten is over. September, October and November 2018 I have spent in Ireland. I went there by train, buses and ferry. Two different workaway projects, two different families: a vegan family with one child and a family with five children, for of them are homeschooled. I met wonderful people and saw a lot of West Cork, while cycling around for a few days (couchsurfing, buddhist centre Dzogchen Beara).
    I found out that workaway suits me very well, so I'm already dreaming about (and planning) my next trips to other countries: Denmark (Bornholm in February and March, Faroe islands in April), Norway/Sweden/more Denmark (in March and May).
    Hello people from all over the world! I am Ursina from Switzerland.
    At the moment I am working in a kindergarten for one year (age: 2-7). But not a normal one. The whole year we are outside in the forest. Literally everyday :) I love spending time with children and being outside. Before this internship I graduated from high school.
    After my whole life spent in school (and getting more and more critical with the school system), I wanted to work with my own hands and not to study at a university. That's why I worked for one month on an organic farm in the Swiss mountains. I loved it and that's why I am looking for similar experiences. „So she is on the wrong platform“, you might be thinking. „Wwoof“ would be better for her. I understand your thinking, but I've changed (sounds really dramatic).
    Veganism became a huge topic for me. I‘m not a strict vegan, but when I cook (and buy) food it‘s usually vegan.
    I say usually, because I am not the person who says: I can‘t eat this or that (because it contains dairy). I say: I don‘t want to eat it. If I really feel like eating a bit of cheese, then I will do it. It‘s not an interdiction. I go by intuition!
    Here are the topics I am into/I would like to learn about:
    -Alternative ways of education (unschooling/homeschooling/freilernen..)
    In high school I wrote my final paper, in Switzerland we call it Maturapaper, about unschooling. I interviewed several families who unschool their children. I have met Arno Stern and visited two presentations from his son, André Stern. If you are into that topic, you might know them. Maybe you even unschool your kid(s). Even though I already know pretty much about the subject, I would love to meet more families with similar "living-styles". By the way: Sorry for my English. I haven't used it for about a year and now I need some practice. Be patient with me :).
    -FOOD: from the ingredients (origin) to the final meal (how to prepare it)
    -All kinds of an ecological and fair way of living (minimalwaste, secondhand, fairtrade)
    -Learn new languages and improve 'old' ones
    -Meditation, dancing, yoga..
    And last, but definitely not least:
    -People: their feelings, hopes, wishes, fears, actions and more!
    What kind of stuff do I do in my free time?
    I am a nature person. I like to be outside (garden, forest), go for long walks, read or just see the beauty of nature growing and flowing.
    On my free days I see my friends and family. I go to the local stores in my little village to buy mostly organic food. Then I prepare meals or bake different things with these lovely basic products
    (->organic and seasonal is important for me).
    I love to chat with the people from my village and talking about new products. Saying this, I sound like a granny (nothing against grannies).
    Once a week I work in a little cinema, where we show movies that aren't normal/mainstream. And all in original language ;) I like to watch movies in my free time. Mostly more special/independant ones.
    Music and dancing is very very important for me! That's also why I like to go to concerts.
    What else is important for me?
    A place/room where I can be by myself. Reset, relax, reorganize. Painting or writing down stuff helps me to clear my mind. I like and need time by myself.
    I have already been twice in Ireland and I have to say, that it's my "dreamland". But still I am very open to every other country. Important for me is that (if it is possible) I don't have to take the plane. I am not scared or something like that :), but it's just the worst for our environment. Argentina (Patagonia) is still on my goal list. In the future? With a ferry?
    I might sound pretty fundamental for my age, but I just tried to describe me the best way.. and in the end are trust, acceptance, curiosity, enthusiasm, honesty, intuition and openness some keys in my personal life.
    This was already way more personal, than I wanted it to be. So for even more deeper stuff just contact me.
    I look forward to meet , work and discuss/philosophize about life with YOU!

  • Habilidades y conocimientos que quiero compartir o aprender

    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Mantenimiento general
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales
    Práctica de idiomas
    Proyectos artísticos
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    So here is what I have to offer:
    If you have read my description, you will know that I love to spent time with children. I can't really describe why. Maybe just because they're such honest, curious and fabulous beings. Even though it's not always easy (I am not that naive ;). But every relationship needs work, doesn't it? For me a child is equal to an adult. I respect them as I respect every other human.
    So childcare is really my thing.

    What else?
    Cooking, cleaning, gardening, working outside in general..
    In the end the most important thing for me is that it 'works' between you and me.
    I am more of an allrounder and open to all kinds of work.

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    German: Fluido
    English: Fluido
    French: Fluido

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    Please don‘t text me like that:
    Are you free that or that date? This is not personal and I probably won‘t come and work at your place.

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Me and Rosa.
Cooking and eating vegan food hmmm...
Workaway in Ireland. In the woods with Norah! Autumn 2018.
Fire festival summer 2018.
Photo booth in Duisburg's train station. At night.
For the climate🌱
How I would like to live ✨ credits: Phoebe Wahl
In the woods once again: workaway in Sweden. With Marisa and Mio. Spring 2019.
A part of summer 2019