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    Hey everybody ( :

    It has become true! After finishing my studies in Geography and working for a food co-operation with about 8.000 members I can finally start my year of free journeying ( :
    I am ready for hard and light work, making new friends, getting to know new sights of life, lending an ear, discussing, learning, teaching, bringing in myself, ... everything which will make the time during hosting me a special one or at least an ease – for both of us.

    Why Workaway?

    I am very excited about the concept of workaway for I was seeking after a possibility to visit Great Britain AND to have a daily task to do. I mean it is one thing to wildcamp in the nature and beeing out there on my own but it is another one to get in touch with the people and therefore not to get lost in my very own thinking, judging and awarness about this stretch of land. Additionally workaway seems to be another quality of getting to know the people. Helping them, working with them and living with them for some weeks or months is completely different to just say hello and a few days later goodbye. In my oppinion the best way to get befriended is witnissing the ups and downs with each other in daily life - not hiding them or running away from them.

    About me

    I am a positive thinking guy – at least the most of time ( ; I can handle with working/beeing on my own for some time as well as working together on a project. I am physically fit and experienced in basic maintenance, working with wood, some plumbing, repairing bikes, playing the guitar, cooking, tidying up, singing, talking about everything under the sun, ... . So many things ^^
    I lived in a shared flat for ten years (from two up to five members) and build many things there with my flatmates and on my own. Sometimes it took a while but every project yielded experience.

  • Habilidades y conocimientos que quiero compartir o aprender

    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Mantenimiento general
    Vida en una granja
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    in prompts

    ...playing guitar
    ...constructing and building with wood and metal parts (for small as well as for bigger groups)
    ...driver license
    ...some juggling and acrobatics
    ...basic knowlegde in photography
    ...geoinformatics and some other things related to my studies
    ...serving customers
    ...repairing bike
    ...some plumbing
    ...general maintenance

    education, labour experience and things like that

    ....Some metalworks in a small company which manufactured and assembled band conveyors
    (holiday job during my early teenager-years)
    ...Unskilled labour in a sawmill -> 2 weeks
    ...Civil service in a university medical centre (assistant for nurses) -> 10 months
    ...Studying geography -> 8 years
    (especially soil science, geoinformatics and water management)
    (we can talk about the length of my studies face to face ^^)
    ...Cleaner in an organic grocery store -> 2 years
    (part-time job in my early university years)
    (I got my own key for the shop because the job should be done when it was closed - means during the night hours when nobody was there but me)
    ...Salesperson in the same shop but another store -> 6 years
    (part-time job for the rest of my university years and half a year as a permanent job)

    volunteer engagement

    ...Singing in a chamber choir
    ...Volunteering in a kids camp
    -3 times guiding groups up to 10 kids (at the age of about 7-10 years) with a partner
    -4 times cooking for the whole camp with a crew consisting of 6 people (70-120 persons)
    ...Volunteering unregularly in a local initiative concerning about global equity, sustainability, ... and connecting similar initiatives/associations/persons/... with each other for synergy effects
    (driving equipment around, cooking, cheering up the hard working/volunteering people there, sharing different kind of views, lending an ear, ...)

  • Idiomas hablados

    Alemán: Fluido
    Inglés: Fluido

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  • Algo más...

    Learning and teaching

    I am very curious. For that it would be a pleasure if you decide to share your knowledge with me - no matter whether it is about painting a fence, constructing a roof or practising yoga. The other way around I will try to bring in my own knowlegde everywhere I can. I would also try to teach some of these things if you wish so ( :

    What do I want/wish?

    ...learn new things (especially crafting skills and folk songs ^^) with people I don't know yet, become aquainted with them, sharing sights and stories and have a great time
    ...get to know Scotlands landscape - and the welsh one, and the english and the ire too ( :
    ...have some time of my very own to calm down, think and feel about my recent experiences in life, practice songs, write friends at home, ...
    ... evolve myself ( :

    What can you expect from me?

    ... First of all a curious german guy who seeks for something he doesn't know yet ( ;
    ... A young man who wants to help you. But *psssst* for that he needs to know THAT he is helping you - so tell or show him ( :
    If you are fine with that you will find a companion who knows about the concept of sharing and caring, loves a smile more than thousands of words, is reliable, ready to work hard as well as constantly and willing to learn the things he needs to accomplish his tasks.

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