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    Hey there! :)

    Am Lisa, a 27 years old professional horticulturist with tree surgery skills.
    Am from Germany, and I just have been travelled for about 2.5 years. I started in Ireland on the 7th January 2019 with traveling. Later I got to Wales, where I had lived until March 2020, for half a year I had a permanent position at a local plant nursery in Snowdonia, as I thought I would maybe like to move and live there permanently. Only two weeks before Corona broke out, I decided to carry on with traveling in UK, because the numbers of cases seemed at that point still quite low in that country, and doing workaway again.
    I was then self isolated for 9 weeks at a welsh host near the english boarder, while first lock down happened. When lockdown lifted, I moved to england, staying there for half a year and helped with taking care, strimming an outside area, helped with cleaning holiday cottages aswell. Finally I got to Scotland, that I have loved!

    My intention of doing workaway was to meet nice people, learning new skills, train my old skills, and explore the landscape and historical old artefacts.
    I love to be outside in nature, like my job and hobbys show. Sometimes I'm going on festivals, especially with folk rock music, irish rock and pirates rock.
    In my free time I like to meet friends, write poetry and do some adventures outside, like caving and climbing.
    I love social evenings with a glass of wine / tea, playing some board games infront of a fire, having nice chats and laughs, or just relax sometimes in my room. :)
    Am every time looking for a nice adventure, and at clear nights to sleep outside with my sleeping bag.

    I grew up in Dresden, east of Germany, next to the Nationalpark Saxon Switzerland. Beautiful sandstone rocks are there. Since I was a 5 years old girl, my father took me with him to Via ferratas, and since I was 10 years old, I have loved to go hiking in the higher mountains, like the Alps. Mountains are inspiring places for me. There, in the nature, people can find silence and freedom. But the sea is also beautiful and means freedom, I have felt that during my four years living in Kiel (North Germany at the coastline).
    All in all I would say, I'm an open minded, honest and friendly person. The world is an important place to learn about myself and the others.

    I'm also a quite independent person. Since seven years I have lived fare away from my parents and the rest of the family.
    Also the household is no problem for me. I enjoy cooking aswell and do that a lot. Not a matter if with meat, vegetarian or vegan, I have plans for every thing. :)
    In Germany in Dresden, I worked sometimes at medieval markets, contributing in the performances, doing some kind of acrobatics.

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  • Que habilidades tienes?

    In Germany I did an apprenticeship in horticulture with the specialty "ornamental plants", learned in Kiel Botanic Garden. After that I was for one year employed as a horticulteur at the same place.
    Before I had done my apprenticeship I already got an inside: A volunteering ecological year in another Botanic Garden in my home town Dresden.
    So all together seven years of gardening experience, mainly:

    -potting, digging, watering, planting
    -taking care of plants in general
    -also can create flower arrangements
    for vases, tubs, hanging baskets etc,
    and love that

    Unfortunately don't have much experience with vegetable, as this is in Germany an extra specialiced apprenticeship. My specialty are ornamental plants, and additionally exotical plants from different climate zones, as I got teached and worked in the Botanic Gardens.
    But would really like to learn more about vegetable, and with a good advice I am sure to do a good work.

    - also gained some insight of tree
    climbing (tree climbing license
    with hand saw)
    -have very good experience with
    chainsaw on ground (have a chainsaw
    license and regular practise, also with
    cutting trees)

    So I would be happy to volunteer a bit with tree surgeons.
    Am also able to do other kind of soft landscaping work, like:
    -hedge cutting
    -experience with pruning adult
    fruit trees
    -very good with chopping firewood
    by axe, am very fast in that

    Also household is no problem, I have lived since seven years far away from my parents.

    - Also: a little bit practice in agriculture.
    Two weeks on a farm as I was 16 years old showed me to milk cows, how pigs live and how to work with some machines. Sometimes I helped friends on their farm (without animals) and
    they showed me how to drive a
    -I have finished my driving license
    (November 2018) before I
    started my traveling, and since then
    haven't driven anymore, so I would be
    quite unsure with driving on the busy streets
    -Since I do workaway, I also have some experience with preparing rooms for guests / housekeeping, as I have done it at 4 different workaway hosts.

    Now, after that years of living in uk and travelling to ireland, a lot of people said that my english is very good. I would say it's enough for communication and deeper conversations, and words I don't know I try to describe.

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    Idiomas hablados
    Alemán: Fluido
    Inglés: Fluido
    Welsh: Principiante
    Español: Principiante
    Francés: Principiante

    Más información sobre tus intereses idiomáticos
    Am interested in learning some scottish words, and to get better in welsh :) Also to learn spanish, and french. (Currently am very bad in this languages)

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    Update: Currently I moved back to Germany, to Kiel at the north coast, where I have had lived before my travelling already for four years. Am applying for a permanent job again.
    But I am open for workaway requests, in my own home country, or ideas for working holidays in other countries in future, when I can learn some usefull skills with it. I like to train my wood chopping, but also want to learn carpentry.

    I'm also interested in beekeeping (no previous knowledge), because would really like to have my own bees in future and helpful to learn about them, also two pigs and some hens, maybe some dugs aswell. So am very happy to get more experience, knowledge and tipps of taking care. Also permaculture is a big field of interest.
    Timber Frame Building work is also something I would love to learn more. :) Maybe I can use it later for myself.. :)
    DIY is something I would like to train/learn as much as possible, to be able to life an independent live, also skills who help to life in the wildness /surviving skills.
    I'm interested in fishing aswell, but have nearly no experience with it (just some drepressing, with catching some sea weed!)
    If you have a sailing ship, I would be very happy to learn more about it! I was sailing on a bigger ship with two masts once for a week, that was amazing, and as I lifed at the german north coast I saw all that amazing ships every time, but never learned a lot about them! (How to take care, how to fix, etc..).^^
    But I also have lots of more interests, and am happy to learn something new, especially in a new culture.

    At some point I also hope to will see the northern lights. :)

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