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    Hello! I am a 22 year old university student studying English literature and studio art in Dallas, TX (graduating this may 2022). I studied one semester abroad in Rome a few years ago and can't wait to go back - go back into new parts of the world that is! I've dreamed of traveling ever since I was a kid reading fairy tales and I wrote "vineyard worker" on my middle school "what are you going to be in 10 years" letter.
    Because I live in a city, I often feel this overwhelming desire be around natural beauty; every opportunity I have to immerse myself in the rare spots of nature hidden here in the highways of Dallas TX or to watch the seasons change color in the trees outside my window fuels this need in me to go out and find new experiences of beauty!
    I love everything that is beautiful and I think I find happiness in an active perception of the world. I want to do Workaway because, rather than passively touring, I would like to be apart of the world I am in in every moment, involved in the community, part of the landscape, internalizing every part of the life that I have. I really enjoy listening to other people's stories and learning how to ask questions that matter to them.
    I want to find different ways to express myself, to share my individual perception of the world with others and to receive others experiences! To be allowed to see life through someone else's eyes, to be able to sympathize in something I could never imagine by myself, is such an amazing gift that I want to learn!
    Journaling and drawing are ways I have found I can meaningfully share with others. I like to try to draw other people as well as interpretations of my thoughts or of things I've read and I would love find places to apply my art in a way that benefits other people! I love reading as well and exchanging the thoughts inspired by the things I've read. I would love to hear your stories and incorporate them into how I see this amazingly diverse world.
    I apologize for how long this is.. but if you have any need for writing assistance in English, I can do it! I will hopefully learn another language when I (eventually) live in another country.

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    I can draw, write, and pick up any type of visual art. I have a bit of experience with printmaking, painting, and ceramics. I like to give attention to aesthetics and design. Though I don't have much experience with digital design I do take photos for my university newspaper and I like to experiment with personal photography. I think creating a peaceful and pretty atmosphere is important to us as humans who are effected by our environments.

    I also love nature; I try to be eco-conscious and only buy second hand. I like to collect recyclable surfaces and draw on them! I took an ecopsychology course and am absolutely convinced that the earth needs to be a bigger part of my life, a more intentional part of everyone's life maybe! I am graduating university this spring in Dallas, Texas so I am very excited to travel and find a more green-saturated part of the earth to live in!

    I have a lot of experience working in service industries, like restaurants and resorts near my school, but I have always wanted to do something more expressive, and possibly with a greater positive impact on the earth and on other individuals. I am self motivated, hardworking, and definitely know how to clean.

    I spent the summer of 2020 living with a wonderful elderly women helping her garden, clean, cook, and organize her collection of old art and heirlooms. I like organizing and cleaning and making any place more pleasant and pretty to live in. I think that our surroundings have a big impact on how we are who we are.

    I spent summer of 2021 in Hawaii working on a beautiful fruit farm with the most lovely group of new friends! I can weed and mulch for hours in the sun as long as there are starfruit near by to pick when I'm hungry :) and chickens to talk to. I learned how to make coconut and pineapple candy and lilikoi butter. I also gave some drawing lessons to the granddaughter of the farm owners in exchange for lei sewing lessons and water colored their two dogs which was lots of fun.

    I worked on a self-sustainable aquapontics farm in Georgia for a few weeks and learned about recycling water, planting melons, building a deer-proof fence, lawn mowing, and cleaning and organizing produce for a food pantry.

    I also have been babysitting and pet-sitting since I was a kid. I can find creative ways to entertain kids and can teach about drawing, making sock puppets, reading and writing English, and swimming (I have been a lifeguard before). I love animals and have taken care of dogs, cats, and chickens.

    I have been reading a lot of novels and poetry and am absolutely in love with every single author I read. I would be ecstatic to share what I am reading in the moment or exchange interpretations, recommendations, theories and beliefs with anyone! So much Romantic poetry talks about Nature and I feel it is absolutely necessary I go into nature to read it properly!

    Right now, I am learning about photography and using databases to catalogue pre-Columbian and African art. By the time I see, I will hopefully know lots of things about technology!

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    I am fluent in only English, unfortunately. I took some classes in Spanish and Italian but am afraid they might have slipped through the cracks of my brain. I am definitely willing to attempt to learn anything new!

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    I love landscapes, staring at them, pretending to be them, drawing them, throwing up my arms and running through them; I started running recently and find that it's a nice way to explore a new location - and maybe feel free! I also like bike riding, hiking, or any sort of outdoor activity. I do yoga occasionally too and would love to learn more about it! I have this dream of learning to fly an airplane, or just fly in general, but my wings would probably melt in the sun.
    I love dancing alone and dancing with people and watching people dance! Really any sort of self expression and art, I love. I am unavoidably drawn to music (is the world made of music - I don't know) and am excessively appreciative of everyone who can play an instrument!
    Also, I used to spend time taking care of domestic animals and have a dream of working on a wildlife preserve at some point in my life. The way animals move and the unique personalities they have amazes me.
    I don't mind hard work at all, in fact I think I like the challenge and reward that comes from it; I like being able to get up with the sun and walk outside into golden-greenery. I would love to increase my knowledge of the earth and the way nature works. I would love to meet new people and learn different perspectives and stories and (?) worlds! I think it is so amazing how we are all people and yet have such different brains; I want to experience that more.

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