Arctic adventures, husky dog sledding, snowmobiles & Aurora Hunting near Kiruna, Sweden

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    Hi, My name is Craig, and I am Scottish, living in Swedish Lapland for nearly a decade. I came here from Scotland with my sleddog racing team of seven Huskies. Things have changed somewhat, and now I have more than 60 huskies. We have bred some world-class bloodlines to create many excellent dogs, and we have rescued around 20 dogs, many of whom we have found good forever homes. The dogs are my life.

    I live in a cabin next to the dog kennel in a beautiful boreal forest. We have internet, electricity, a nature toilet, shower & sauna and are only 15 mins from the nearest town Kiruna. The area is idyllic for walking & camping which we share with Brown Bears, Moose, Reindeer, Wolverines, Foxes, Rabbits, and much more wildlife like the pleasant mosquitoe. We have nearly 100 days of daylight in the summer and the awesome Midnight Sun. The winter brings the enigmatic Northern Lights and transforms the landscape into an icy snowscape of freezing rivers and lakes so we can cross them on dogsled & snowmobiles. Lapland truly is a land of extremes, Beautiful & Bright but sometimes Dark & Delightful. If you are looking for adventure, you have come to the right place!


    - over 23 of age
    - driver's license preferred
    - non-smoker preferred

    To make handling the amounts of messages easier - PLEASE KINDLY STATE IN YOUR MESSAGE:

    1. DURATION AND DATES OF YOUR AVAILABILITY - the minimum stay is 2 months (no shorter stays are accepted, period!), there is a lot to learn and the dogs should not be exposed to continuously changing staff as that's not good for them; ideally we prefer for people to (and they tend to) stay for 3+ months

    2. YOUR PHYSICAL FITNESS - these are sled dogs and they are incredibly strong and excited :) you will be working out a lot through the day, carrying 20kg buckets, handling the dogs (especially in the morning they are absolute firecrackers!!), etc


    4. SKILLS: veterinarian, plumbing, electrics, building, machine skills, Tractor, digger, lorry etc, handyman, any other skills you have that could come in handy


    UPDATE: 23/10/2022

    WHEN: 15th December to 15th February (non-flexible minimum)

    WHO: Individuals & Couples considered
    - has experience working together and in a team
    - is respectful and loving to dogs (obviously :))
    - has good interpersonal skills (meaning being able to welcome a group of guests, show them around the kennel, do small talk and just generally radiate a positive and kind vibe - but also have good communication skills in a team, talk about issues, work things out, come up with good suggestions, etc)
    - can handle living by nature's rules (darkness, less comfort than "normal" lifestyle, the cold)
    - has attention to detail (very important!! leave a tool out in the snow and you won't find it again till the end of spring, fix something shabbily and it'll freeze and break, drive too adventurous and have an accident, put two dogs together that don't like each other and end up at the vet)

    - the simpler maintenance tasks around the kennel: feeding the dogs, cleaning their runs, grooming them from time to time, socializing them, walking the old ones, potentially taking care of an injured dog, socializing the puppies, cleaning snow
    - welcoming daily guests and helping them change into our winter clothes (and making sure they return all the mittens, neckies, gloves, and head torches after tours as these love to magically disappear =D), being the MC in our tea(-/party) hut keeping an eye on the fire and making tea, chitchatting with the guests, picking up guests in town and dropping them off again
    - with time also other tasks where more knowledge is required: help to do some dog sled tours, driving the snowmobile, re-making the trails after fresh snow, taking groups out for snowshoeing and aurora watching, going on ice fishing tours, etc
    - also: visit the world-famous ice hotel that's just 25 min over the frozen river away from us, learn about the indigenous Sami culture, visit the Sami museum with reindeer and the oldest standing Sami church, visit the world's biggest iron ore mine and see how a city is moving away from being swallowed by said mine in a 20-year moving project, learn a lot about yourself as a person, see how flexible you are in unusual conditions and meet a lot of interesting people resulting in great friendships, see Abisko, Narvik and all the other interesting locations around, be away from all the madness of the world, politics, social pressure, stressful life, etc, experience a lifestyle of being on the fresh air all day, legendary tea hut parties :); learn a lot about dogs, genetics, habits, characters, body language, etc; experience cuddling and falling asleep with the pooches, see aurora so often you won't even bother mentioning it anymore :)) etc etc etc

    WHERE: sled dog kennel, staying in a simple but comfortable 6 people caravan right next to the dogs, shower in a separate building, compost toilet in a separate building, good WIFI
    PAYMENT: the fee is not high and is supposed to cover basic expenses during the stay. Being a small kennel that puts dogs' comfort and well-being first, we don't do mass tourism and our huskies are not just a number. They have names, family trees, characters, each their unique traits, back stories, insider jokes, inter-personal connections, about 372553 nicknames, and all kinds of other stuff :)

    You will embrace a challenge, have excellent interpersonal skills and be compassionate, mindful, and caring to the dogs and your team members. The winter here is challenging, the light is short (that affects your body and mind more than you might think), and the days are long and very cold. Although spring is now around the corner and we can already feel the "mighty" heat 20c of the "long" summer (8 weeks) approaching :)
    Lapland, however, is also a never to be forgotten beautiful wilderness with the most vibrant colors you may ever see, the majestic aurora borealis that often shines above our heads. Together with a fantastic bunch of Huskies who are forever there to hug you when you want to cry :)

    We are now looking for a capable COUPLE to join us from around Mid Dec 15 until Mid Feb 15 - this is our busy period - As it takes quite a while to learn all the skills and knowledge to work here, you will be handling the simpler tasks in the kennel - feeding and cleaning the huskies, perhaps picking up and dropping off the customers, and maybe doing some tours.
    That doesn't exclude the possibility of doing some dog sledding as well, however, please do not expect to do just the "fun Instagram activities" because as fun as they look, there is a wealth of knowledge and practice behind them (thus we make our team in September which (mention Cloudberry in the title when messaging us) gives enough time to learn all the different things needed), and mistakes can turn dangerous very quickly in the unforgiving arctic nature.
    We do however also do fun stuff, we have puppies that are being trained and socialized, and you can bring dogs to stay overnight (you will be staying in a 6-person caravan right next to the dog runs). You will be able to experience Swedish Lapland in the best season and get an arctic experience without the long commitment and preparation.


    if you want to come for the winter season, you need to arrive at the latest by mid-September to be able to learn everything, and the season ends in mid-march to the beginning of April so it is good if you can stay until then; Please also mention the word blueberry in your message so we know you read this as we get a lot of very long messages and its hard to keep up. Work will be more intense in the winter time but in return, there is snow landscapes, northern lights, sled tours, snowmobile tours, ice fishing, and other fun stuff others have to pay for :)


    19/6/2022 UPDATE:

    Currently, your typical day looks like this:
    - feeding the dogs and cleaning their cages
    - train and groom the dogs
    - taking the dogs out for a longer walk, or shorter runs around the kennel
    - caring for old or ill dogs
    - take some over for a sleepover if you like :)
    - washing and repairing overalls, boots, gloves, and other winter equipment
    - various small repairs and maintenance tasks of cages, dog houses, the changing room, etc

    Soon we will also start training the dogs on the ATVs for the winter season again as well as training lead dogs and puppies!

  • Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Ayuda en proyectos ecológicos
    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Cuidado de animales
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Mantenimiento general
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet
  • Objetivos de sostenibilidad de las NU que intenta conseguir este anfitrión

    Objetivos de sostenibilidad de las NU que intenta conseguir este anfitrión

    Objetivos de las NU
    Fin de la pobreza
    Hambre cero
    Salud y bienestar
    Educación de calidad
    Igualdad de género
    Agua limpia y saneamiento
    Energía asequible y no contaminante
    Trabajo decente y crecimiento económico
    Industria, innovación e infraestructura
    Reducción de las desigualdades
    Ciudades y comunidades sostenibles
    Producción y consumo responsables
    Acción por el clima
    Vida submarina
    Vida de ecosistemas terrestres
    Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas
    Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
  • Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    We have an unlimited amount of cool things to see and do here. You will learn how to train, control, and drive a big team of Huskies. I will teach you how to look after a large pack of nearly 60 Alaskan Huskies. You will learn how to drive a 4WD ATV in off-road conditions, in all weather through beautiful forests.

    If you would like to go camping, I have everything you need to have an enjoyable experience. I can happily take you to some lovely secret local spots with no people, just beautiful rivers, wildlife, and landscapes. Oh, and you can take a dog with you for the company should you wish.

    You will learn in the summer which berries & mushrooms to pick and eat. Living in the forest has many benefits.

    I will introduce you to the indigenous Sami people and their culture. Then, you will meet Sami friends of mine and perhaps help feed their Reindeer. If you are lucky, you might also be invited to some local home-cooked Sami cuisine.

  • El anfitrión ofrece una paga acorde al salario mínimo

    El anfitrión ofrece una paga acorde al salario mínimo

    Este anfitrión ofrece alojamiento y paga.

    El anfitrión ha indicado que pagará al menos el salario mínimo por hora de su país por cada hora trabajada y que también ofrecerá alojamiento. Pide ayuda con un negocio o una actividad empresarial. Ponte en contacto directamente con el anfitrión mediante la mensajería de la página para obtener más información y detalles sobre el salario ofrecido. Cualquier acuerdo con el anfitrión debe cerrarse por anticipado.

  • Ayuda


    It's not so important that you can do the following because I can teach you most of it. However, where you can excel is always a bonus. What we do here is unique and bespoke, and there is always something new and exciting to do and learn. Ideally, I would want anybody interested in coming to be here for a minimum of 3+ months as it takes time to learn what needs to be done as well as meet, understand, and help with the dogs in a good way.

    Most of the time, you will be helping with the Huskies, training the young dogs' basic skills, looking after the puppies, and feeding and cleaning the dog runs. In addition, you will learn how to drive a dogsled & a snowmobile if you are here in the winter and an all-terrain 4WD vehicle in the summer.

    If you have any photographic or video/ social media skills that could be useful as we have professional DSLR cameras, drones, and stabilizers that you could utilize. The landscape is very photogenic in Lapland, with the Midnight Sun in the summer and the enigmatic Northern Lights in the winter. A driving license is also advantageous here as we are situated 150km north of the Arctic Circle. That said, it is not as remote as it sounds, but it can be should you want to escape all humanity for a day or two.

    I am looking for the right people immediately to come and help with the summer chores & maybe winter also. You will be provided with accommodation and good food. You will not be asked to help with core business-related activities.

    Let me know if you have skills in these areas: yoga/meditation, digital art, programming, vet skills, building skills, and mechanical skills.

  • Idiomas

    Idiomas hablados
    Inglés: Fluido
    Catalan: Principiante
    Swedish: Principiante

    Este anfitrión ofrece intercambio de idiomas
    I am interested in improving my Swedish & Spanish but also other Languages.

  • Alojamiento


    The accommodation is a simple cabin or caravan. It is clean, has everything you need to cook, and the bed is comfortable. The restroom and shower are in another building nearby. You also live in the dog kennel with the Huskies, which is exceptionally special. Furthermore, you are allowed to bring dogs to your cabin and have them stay overnight as well.

  • Algo más...

    Algo más...

    In your time off, you will have the opportunity to go wild camping, trekking through the forest, or even part of the famous Swedish Kungsleden. I will take you to see some incredible places and do some cool things like Icefishing in winter or berry/mushroom picking in summer. We will walk through gorges and secret waterfalls and visit the clearest lake in the Swedish mountains. We occasionally also do trips to Norway and Finland.
    As I said previously, there is an unlimited amount of cool things to do here in the Arctic. Suppose you come in the summer and stay for the winter - in that case, I will help you in attaining your professional Snowmobile license, which is valuable and essential in other Northern territories.
    Or, of course, you can go walking through the forest with the Huskies. Whatever you wish.

  • Un poco más de información

    Un poco más de información

    • Acceso a Internet

    • Acceso a Internet limitado

      Acceso a Internet limitado

    • Tenemos animales

    • Somos fumadores

    • Puede alojar familias

  • Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    I have a decent internet connection.

  • Espacio para aparcar autocaravanas

    Espacio para aparcar autocaravanas

    We can accommodate pretty much any size of vehicle.

  • ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    Más de dos

  • ...

    Horas esperadas

    Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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