Join our small self-sufficiency clan building project with young crew in the scenic area of the Hassberge, Germany



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    Back online - after half a year situational reconsideration 10-May-2021

    We are small selfsuffiency project with young crew in the scenic area of the Hassberge in lower Franconia... we are a real-life-permanent-LARP-steampunk-technomagical-kind-of-thing... :-D we don't wanna be and live like "Modern-Man" is imagined or supposed to live... we just want to be ourselves and stay free and over time we hope to form a unique culture and society of our own, that is really us - maybe a civilisation. Damn that would be awesome!

    At the moment we are just beyond bootstrapping - our Colonies Infrastructure is setup now. We have our own Roof, Heat, Electricity, Water, Food and Gear...

    Our core-colonies agricultural sector produces fruits, fruits-based products and processes serveral natural Resources for our Clans Industry.

    Our Industry is producing components for the regenerative energy sector (reactors/generators) and dedicated to fleetbuilding for the nomadic branch and technical products for the colonies and export market.

    There are certain Hunter-Gatherer Aspects integrated into our way of life, so for example we are exploring and researching nonharmful and noninvasive Methods of Mineralextraction.

    The Goal is the Resurrection of archaiic tribal social organisation in tune with Nature and Technology for the Ages to come.

    Our fixed Clanfortress serves as hub of activity, trading post, supply base and permanent winterretreat. The whole Area in an Radius of roughly one-days-march is seen as our living-room, called "Homespace".

    We want to achieve this by selfconstructed decentralized and partly mobile Infrastructure build from the ressources provided within Homespace. Ideally some parts of the clan are always mobilized, while other parts run our colonies and stations. If one doesn't like the one he changes to the other - without loosing support of the Clan.

    We are living this way in this area for 4 Years now, and have mastered many problems in this time. So we have achieved complete Energyautonomy in Terms of Electricity and thermal Energy. Further we connect to the outer World with our selfconstructed Fleet of solarpowered Landships with virtually unlimited range und durability, with planned Lifecycle of 50 years. We wear our own fashion and tools of unique Design and make it through Winter by our own conserved supplies. We use our own communications equipment and systems within the group, because we reject most the spy-tech form outside :-)

    We don't use mineral-oil and nuclear fission-based Energy (fusion is ok). We don't use conventional cars and motortools, because we see them as symbols of foreign domination, narcism and disrespect of nature, which destroy society and the biosphere.

    Our Village is situated on a mountaintop, there is a big Castle Ruin about a hundred Meters form our habitat. The hab itself is the villages oldest building still inhabited, and was sadly vandalized with such modern (s)crap in the 20th century, long before our drop here, we will have to deal with that a later date. In the direction opposite of the Casle and hab there is a Swimmingpool , with one of the best views in the mountainrange. There is a small restaurant.

    Distance to:
    Ebern: 12km (next trainstation)
    Coburg: 25km (2nd trainstation)
    Bamberg: 38km
    Schweinfurt: 40km
    Erlangen: 80km
    Fürth: 90km
    Nuremberg/Nürnberg: 100km
    Würzburg: 100km
    Fulda: 110km

    With joining workaway we hope to break through the veil of todays censorship, social media, plattformism, antisocial filter algorithms, surveillance and control apparitions which define every Dark Age, and to end hereby the Isolation and Darkness forced upon us by these.

  • Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Tipos de ajuda e oportunidades de aprendizado

    Projetos artísticos
    Ajuda em projetos ambientais
    Ajuda em fazenda
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa

  • Objetivos de sustentabilidade da ONU que este anfitrião quer atingir

    Objetivos de sustentabilidade da ONU que este anfitrião quer atingir

    Objetivos da ONU
    Erradicar a pobreza
    Erradicar a fome
    Saúde de qualidade
    Educação de qualidade
    Igualdade de género
    Água potável e saneamento
    Energias renováveis e acessíveis
    Trabalho digno e crescimento económico
    Indústria, inovação e infraestruturas
    Reduzir as desigualdades
    Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis
    Produção e consumo sustentáveis
    Ação climática
    Proteger a vida marinha
    Proteger a vida terrestre
    Paz, justiça et instituições eficazes
    Parcerias para a implementação dos objetivos
  • Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    Oportunidades de intercâmbio cultural e aprendizado

    We offer freedom, comradeship and shelter.
    We help each other surviving.
    We try to build a clan-like structure in modern times.
    We do many things a little differently.
    We have a tradition in hospitality.

    Just drop in an meet us, exchange stories and have a good time... if you like it, we are open for more, at last you can't found a new Clan without enough People!

    If workaway offeres cultural exchange, we add to this: The creation and development of a new culture...

  • Ajuda


    In short: Everything you do with us to defend your freedom, defends our freedom...
    We always have some kind of gardening, harvest and/or gathering related workstuff here - the workintensity varies widely, but we only do as much as we are willing, we would just be happy, if we were no longer that isolated out here... actual real help would be priceless.
    We can't leave this place for long at the moment, because we have not yet enough crew for both, our fixed subsistency in the colony and our nomadic ambitions in the area. someone simply has to keep everything running in order to survive. Means we need crew :-D

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    Entre em contato com ele para obter mais informações.

  • Acomodação


    We have couches, and rooms, you could use your own tent...simply talk to us about what you would find nice :-D

    We have two individual rooms with fieldbeds, and lockable doors - always remember, our culture ist half-nomadic so we keep most equipment easy to redeploy on short notice. So everything is spartanic and light...

    We prepare the primary weekrations once a week, form which day-meals can be derived, on weekends there are often specialmeals, like Burgers or Steaks - additionally we have a supply-depot in-base, because the village itself doesn't have any such infrastructures, the depot serves as internal "Supermarket" just without this strange moneystuff. :-D
    Breakfast, Tea and Coffee are available at the main Kitchen/Gally.
    Because our ovens use mainly actual real fire, we cook the biggest meals in the evenings, for dual fuel/heat usage - for small snacks there are ethanol-fueled fieldcookers deployed. We are happy to show you the most efficient way to make them work, if you should not be familiar with those.

  • Algo mais...

    Algo mais...

    We live on top of a Mountain with fantastic view, there is a nice castleruin here, and a swimming pool only a hundred Meters away, the whole Area is spotted with Forests, Castles, Caves and Dungeons... beautiful little lakes and wild rocks... the small towns in the area look like from the medieval times... we have warm and mild climate.

    The place for the colony was picked carefully, with the help of a version of the Drake-Equation - it is no accident that we droped it here... :-D

    The Colony was erected the same way it is run, we came here with our first Generation Solar-Freighters to set the foundation. Our first Systems were in fact build from parts of the dismantled Freighters, just to test our for-us-by-us approach...and we have come far since then.

  • Mais alguns detalhes

    Mais alguns detalhes

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      Acesso à internet limitado

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    • Pode hospedar famílias

  • Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    Pode hospedar nômades digitais

    We have free and anonymized Internet Access, BUT we are surrouned by Germany - which means it is complicated to provide reliable free communications - our fiscal doktrine is incompatible to german contracting habits (24 months indeptment contracts , extremely high pricing and bad connection quality) , which are selfexplaining inacceptable to a culture which despises Dept-Enslavement. ;) - so you should use datastream compression, our longrange coms bandwidith varies with weather conditions.

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    Quantos Workawayers pode acomodar?

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    Maximum 0-3 hours a day, we dont have weeks anymore :-D

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