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    Hello! My name is Lilly, I'm currently a UK student from Hungary hoping to relearn my mother language. I am very much looking forward to reconnecting with my country and culture, I would love to do a farmstay or other such experience! I'm extremely adaptable and can multi-task very well, and I would be grateful to help out with any work that I can. I am constantly on the move, but would love to learn to commit myself to one culture. I adore nature and have a gripping obsession with forests, rivers and lakes - spending time there seems to solve all of my problems. I tend to avoid large cities and although some may describe me as a bit chaotic, I seek stillness, rather than chaos in my landscape.

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    I would love to learn Spanish and Hungarian fluently as well as French to an intermediate level

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    Although I haven’t had an extreme amount of experience travelling, I’ve had a lot of experience living and sharing homes with other families. Up until I was around 10 years old, me and my mother would live in different houses across Kent, depending on who she was au pair for at the time so I understand how to form a bond with a new family and fit in well with their own traditions which has made me extremely adaptable. I have also worked as a cleaner for a variety of different families as well as professional businesses such as solicitors so I have a proficient knowledge of integrating professionalism with friendship.
    I am quite quick at picking up the basics of languages as I am intermediate level is both Spanish and Hungarian and fluent in English. I have also been learning Russian, Hindi and Italian to a basic level. I am curious about every language I get exposed to and am fascinated with linguistics and ancient history so I would love to learn your native language and happily teach you mine.
    Although limited, I do have experience with teaching as I have tutored students in my school for geography, English and maths for two years and have also taught taekwondo to classes full of children aged 5 upwards as well as to a few children privately that have disabilities affecting coordination. I have also worked as a home-stay English teacher in Seville for a month for two 10 year old twins and a younger 7 year old. I believe this has made me extremely adept at communicating with a variety of different age groups and levels of understanding and am extremely self aware when doing so.
    Since I am estranged from my parents, I have learnt to live respectfully with others when money is tight so I am extremely practical and opportunistic with the small things. For example, when I couldn’t afford a chair, I took some free palliates from an industrial site and sawed my mattress smaller to build a wood and foam chair - it’s been going pretty strong.
    As a computer science student, I have some basic technology knowledge, I know some python and can draw little pictures with javascript.
    Being brought up in Hungary, I am very good with animals, whether that be as for pets or for food. I used to live with around 30 chickens, 2 dogs and multiple cats although I can safely say chickens are my favourite.

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    My hobbies including playing the guitar, practising taekwondo and experimenting with small personal technical projects here and there, whether that be formulating small chatbots, or learning about AI etc. I love walking and would spend the whole day outside if I could. I'm very good at card games and adore classic board games like Catan. If I play it too often I begin to make decisions as I would in the game! - Although this has made me pragmatic with how I spend my resources. I also learn languages in my free time where I can, attempting to learn Hungarian fluently has been the biggest challenge and I am also beginning French.

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