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    Sligo, Ireland - Desde May 2022 Hasta Jul 2022
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  • Descripción

    If quarantine or restriction of movement is required in your jurisdiction it would be necessary that I complete it at your home as I cannot afford a hotel quarantine. Thank you for understanding

    My name is Patrizio Di Bella, i was born in Rome in 2001 and i continue to live there, i'm self sufficient and currently looking for a host

    i'm interested in workaway because i would like to travel the world for some months to have new experiences before starting the university

    I've been studying IT since 2015

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    Deportes de aventura
    Deportes acuáticos
    Deportes de equipo
    Deportes de invierno
    Actividades al aire libre
    Trabajo de caridad
    Arte y diseño
    Dibujo y pintura
    Bricolaje y manualidades
    Películas y televisión

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  • Habilidades y conocimientos que quiero compartir o aprender

    Me interesa:  

    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Trabajo de caridad
    Práctica de idiomas
    Proyectos artísticos

    Ciertos conocimientos de:  

    Mantenimiento general
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Vida en una granja
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales

    Puedo enseñar:  

    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    *** Diploma di tecnico informatico (2020)

    - I am self-sufficient and i can cook for myself or others
    - I am reponsible of myself and what surrounds me
    - I am a gifted problem solver
    - I am direct and an efficent comunicator
    - I am a patient individual, always willing to learn
    - I am used to working with a diverse range of people, different cultures and backgrounds

    - I can use a drimmel
    - I can use a chainsaw
    - I can use a strimmer
    - I can use a lawnmower
    - Weeding
    - Collecting leaves
    - Planting vegetables
    - Grabbing fruts
    - Driving a tractor (not on a road)

    General maintenance
    - I can easily use any electronic device
    - I have soldering experience
    - I can use power tools
    - I find it easy to work with the wood

    - Cooking
    - Cleaning
    - Wall Painting
    - Hardcore Artistical Painting, free hand or geometrical
    - Taking the trash to the trash can
    - Basic sewing
    - Bed setups

    What i did
    - I participated in a course of sea rescuing with Concordia in Brighton U.K. with a duration of 40 hours
    - I participated in a course of packaging and localizing at Amazon italy with a duration of 10 hours
    - I participated to the mapping of the google maps in Google services in Rome,Cinecittà Italy with a duration of 12 hours
    - I participated in a course of cyber security at school called CyberSecurityNova with a duration Duration of 2h
    - i participated to 2 entire painting courses of about 200 hours
    - i can edit videos

    - Informatics expert: i know about server farms technologies design of the web and mobile, I can solve any problem about computers and software, i also own almost any microsoft/adobe program, i can program in c++, i have the basics in java and i own a photoshop license, i participated in courses like: Web design, 3d printing, Drone courses (these 3 courses i said are from FabLab rome), Arduino programming (with certification, by the school).

    - I am an artist
    - I can learn every language you can teach me
    - I can learn every song you can teach me to play
    - I have a great tactile memory
    - I have an open mind
    - I can make chainsaw scultures with wood
    - I am a perfectionist
    - I can teach you to talk italian, 10 phrases guaranteed

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    Inglés: Fluido
    Italiano: Fluido
    Español: Principiante

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    I'm interested in learning a third language and i could also teach my own language

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    Thank you for reading this far

    if you made it this far in my profile and still didn’t find something to start a conversation with, pick a number between 1-50 and i’ll ask you an “interesting” question

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