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    Alemania, Canadá, España, Francia, Portugal

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    15/05/2019 - 18/03/2022

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    Hello !
    I am now back in Europe, still on a Workaway basis.
    And it is precisely where you... no...where WE enter in action !
    I would be sincerly glad to help on all the ways you need and share various experience/skills:
    - Yoga : I practice since 2016 and took the 4 weeks Sivananda Teacher Training Course (TTC) on april 2018. I haven't taught much since then but I'd like to go back to teaching. I also had 9 months at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram of Orléans (France). This amazing experience definitely changed me and learnt me much about people, yoga, meditation, planning, cooking and myself.
    - Permaculture/gardening/farming/forestry : I passed my PDC (Permaculture Design Course) and am passionated by nature and wildlife. I had the opportunity to have time in my grand-parents farms when I was a kid, which gave me my first farming experiences. I always kept a close connection with earth, nature and simple things since then.
    - Cooking : I love cooking (also because I love eating good things ^^). I cook since I am a kid, but something in my mind got unlocked when I was at the Ashram: assisting in the kitchen almost everyday gave me a deep understanding of how cooking is just about love. I cook as often as I can, specially for other people.
    - Energetic healing : I am a certified Magnetism Practicioner and able to relieve various pains.
    - Meditation : I meditate daily and can for example give workshop ar lead silent meditations.
    - Renovation/DIY : Mc Gyver was my hero when I was a kid (and still is now), I am definitely solution-oriented. I have also been automotive assistance provider (helping people down the road with car accidents, engine issues, etc...) for 7 years which gave me some good abilities of improvisation.
    - Driving: I have been professional driver for 10 years (cars and trucks), it just became a natural thing for me.
    - And also : carpentry, painting, outdoor activities, housekeeping, shopping, , massage, computer, written communication, team management, law...
    About languages :
    - French: Native speaker
    - English: Fluent. I worked for years in international organizations and lived 5 months in english Canada.
    - Spanish: Basic/intermediate level. I am from south of France and have been many times in Spain on holidays or Workaway. I always did my best to learn more and more. I can understand conversations or news and make basic speeches.
    - German: Basic/intermediate. I worked 2 years in a German team, we were speaking English most of time but I took this opportunity to learn as much German as I could. I also learnt German at College, which was helpful.
    -Occitan: Fluent. The millenary language of Occitania (south of France). I am actually preparing an online Licence about this language with the University of Toulouse.
    I believe in infinite potential of each one: with sincere combination of our arms, legs, brain and heart everything becomes possible !
    Please note that I don't smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.
    I also am vegan and used to make (and share ^^) my own meals when necessary.

  • Tipo de ayuda

    Mantenimiento / bricolage
    Cocinar / compras
    Ayuda en una granja
    Ayuda en proyecto ecológico
    Ayuda en casa
    Ayuda con animales
    Ayuda de caridad
    Ayuda con idiomas
    Projecto artístico
    Ayuda informática / Internet

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    Customer attendance
    General maintenance
    Yoga teaching
    Language teaching
    Energetical healing
    Outdoor activities
    Animal care
    Vehicle maintenance
    Conscious shopping
    French teaching/
    Proof reading
    Web design
    Social networks
    Bike/hiking tours
    All what you show or explain me once

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    French, English, German, Spanish, Occitan

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Vegan cooking !
Making hay at the farm
Starting the forge at the farm
Building extension at the Ashram
Cooking at the Ashram
House renovation at Mallorca
I have even been mailman 4 days!