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    Cuenta individual

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    Albania, Bélgica, Croacia, España, Francia, Grecia, Portugal

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    28/02/2018 - 28/02/2020

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    Good Workawayer

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    Spirito, 35 Italian male...
    Blah... Too synthetic...

    Anyway, I ... I really hate this site...


    No, sorry, that was just a thought

    --- Update 23/12

    Open to go anywhere in EU in the following months.
    What I am not willing to do now:
    Long term (more than 2 months) project,
    babysitting, nursing,
    intensive digging and shit shoving,
    substitutive husband

    What I want to do:
    In the immediate I am quite unsure;
    normally I'd like to be involved in a project where I could learn something;
    but in the moment I don't even know if ... whatever...
    for me, now, seeing some new places is enough.


    Sorry but due to the strong features of the website,
    my attitude and the general attitude of the people,
    I may resolve in spamming very meaningful messages when needed.
    It doesn't mean that I don't care about you;
    It means that I cannot wait 21 days for an answer like
    "Sorry, we have no availability at this time."

    I have red what you have written at least halfway trough,
    when I am contacting you.

    No, seriously, no one is contacting you without having red your profile.


    Hello. I am a young good old fellow from Italy.
    I feel like I have been for too long on my own.
    I already had a few volunteering experiences, that's the real news.

    So now I am looking forward to travel, meet people, learn skills, share experiences... that's why I am here.
    I have been traveling in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Sweden.
    I love meeting people from all around the World, and I love anyone I meet.

    I can barely speak my own language, but if I try hard, I can put together 3 or 4 words in Italian English Spanish Portugues French Svenska (in order of competence).
    I love learning languages.

    I am not so bright, that's why I learnt to recognise the same stupidity that I see in me when I see it in others:
    That makes of me a patient, understanding, unjudging person.

    Being a bit dense, most of the time I just have to try to imagine what others want of me,
    But I am also a bit slow, so I always wait for the others to say what they want:
    In the end the task will be done on the right moment.

    (as a matter of fact, I will not list my defects here, if not by joke)

    I am of average dimensions, agile, strong as a fox. I don't eat much and I fit in a small space.
    When I start a job I want it done at the best of my possibilities.
    ( that's also why I hate when the possibilities are scarce)

    some more keywords:
    stoic, practical, easy-going, calm, precise, responsable, curious, spiritual, introspective...

    Sometimes I do scare someone (especially if it's dark),
    but most of the people don't flee from me, and I even think that
    (when they don't hate me) they find in me an enjoyable company.

  • Tipo de ayuda

    Mantenimiento / bricolage
    Cocinar / compras
    Ayuda en una granja
    Ayuda en proyecto ecológico
    Ayuda en casa
    Ayuda con animales
    Ayuda de caridad
    Ayuda con idiomas
    Ayuda informática / Internet

  • Que habilidades tienes?

    I am good with a computer.
    I am a handy-man: I like building things with my hands.
    I am was scholar: I can help with the studies.

    I learn quickly and I am always avidly pursuing knowledge.
    I am a jack of all trades and a specialist in nothing.
    For sure I can do all kinds of general maintenence and cleanings.

    What I cannot do:
    nursering, baby-sitting, music, driving

    Normally if there are people more confident than me, in the kitchen, I feel as I can only hinder the work of others.
    I can do anything ( I mean, a lot of non specialized things ).
    I am also good at undoing things: especially at breaking boxes; I can smash boxes all day (not that I like it).

    I will be avoiding tasks that I will clearly see harmful for the well-being of others and mine.
    I will refuse to do anything illegal, immoral or miserably twisted crooked or degrading.
    I will not do easily jobs that I will see clearly useless.
    To make it clear, I will plain refuse to saw wood with a rusty iron, dig the earth with my bare hands, break down rocks to scavenge for cement, scrape the pail with a stick to paint your house. If you ask me to do something similar, I will
    start thinking about killing, and I will lose my temper ( ...not sure in wich order).

  • Idiomas hablados

    Italian English Spanish Portuguese

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  • Algo más...

    Whatever I do I want it done at the best of my possibilities,
    but I am here mostly the "cultural exchange" thing, not to expiate my syns.

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      "Unstable persons": Delusional behaviour manic obsession narcisistic personality disorder schizoid, or any recombination of those words; I prefer avoiding

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